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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ban DWI -- driving while illegal

As you read "Driving While Undocumented, and Facing the Risks" by Liz Robbins of the New York Times, count the number of laws broken.

I'll make it easy, using boldface.

From Liz Robbins:
Heading to church one evening in late March, a farmworker and her sister were stopped for speeding in the village of Geneseo, N.Y. They were driving with their five children in the back of the minivan. Two were not in car seats, as required.
The police officer, trying to cite the driver for the infractions, discovered she had no driver’s license, so he called Border Patrol to review her Guatemalan passport. Both sisters were undocumented immigrants. They were detained and are facing deportation.
The story is an editorial disguised as genuine journalism. The story ran with a picture of one of the perps looking pitiful, with the caption:
Carlos Cardona, center, with his partner, Karen Mayorquin, and their daughter, Kendra Mayorquin. Mr. Cardona, who works at a dairy farm, would like to obtain a noncitizen driver’s license so that he can drive his car legally, but New York State, which has the third-largest immigrant population in the country, does not offer those kinds of licenses yet.
Now, I am OK with licensing legal aliens provided said driver's licenses clearly state the person is not a citizen.

But as the myriad of traffic violations show -- speeding, driving without putting kids in child seats -- the illegal drivers need to stay off our roads. Break one law, you'll break them all.

Liz Robbins of the Times wrote:
Under a Trump administration that has taken an aggressive stance on illegal immigration, the moving car has become an easy target. A broken headlight, a seatbelt not worn, a child not in a car seat may be minor traffic violations, but for unauthorized immigrants, they can have life-altering consequences.
Getting in a wreck with five kids and two adults also can have "life-altering consequences."

Surprisingly, the story recognized that:
Outside of Rochester, Tony Bartolucci, a pastor, and his daughter were struck by an unlicensed, undocumented driver on their way to buying a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve in 2015. His daughter, Giana, 14, died six months later after brain surgery.
“It was the second time that he was caught in the country illegally,” Mr. Bartolucci said. “And both times were due to his being drunk while driving. Obviously, if he wasn’t in the country illegally, it wouldn’t have happened either. But I’m not going to make a political point about it.”
He believes in restricting illegal immigration and thinks that giving driver’s licenses to people in the country illegally is just “a non sequitur.” But at the same time, Mr. Bartolucci said, he has forgiven his daughter’s killer.
Of course a Christian would -- with the help of Jesus -- forgive.

But just because you forgive a killer does not mean you want to do away with homicide laws.

Strange beast, the New York Times.

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  1. Some years ago a van had an accident in my county, no one was injured but the driver had no license, no insurance, was illegal and all his dozen or so passengers were illegal too. The story seems to have disappeared from our local paper's archives, so when I tired to tell our country council we had an illegal problem, no evidence to back up my story. Seemly, even our sheriff's office didn't know about this incident when I questioned them.
    I know I am older than dirt at 72, but my memory about such things is not failing especially since at the time I was involved in stopping illegals from settling in MD after VA started kicking them out.

  2. They are everywhere, and they are a source of numerous problems. Even here in rural West Virginia. Check out the South Central Regional Jail website and you'll see them almost daily. Sometimes one or two, sometimes half a dozen or more per day. - Elric

  3. The NYT hates regular Americans. Just one unnecessary more reason to despise the NYT.

  4. "But just because you forgive a killer does not mean you want to do away with homicide laws."

    It also does NOT mean that a perpetrator is absolved from the consequences of his/her actions.

    "A broken headlight, a seatbelt not worn, a child not in a car seat . . . for unauthorized immigrants, they can have life-altering consequences." [Robbins]

    And well they should.

    1. These so-called journalists are nitwits. As if hauling little kids around without using seat belts and car seats can't have horrible consequences. I also bet the driver has had zero training in operating the vehicle.

  5. The comments were interesting. The first twenty or so that I scanned were, with only one exception, incensed at the illegal alien problem we are having. And these are Times readers.

  6. A friend of mine grew up on the Mexican border in Southern Arizona. When his Dad retired, he figured he could get by with just liability insurance since he never drove out of town. Wrong move. Twice, the old guy was run into by illegals and had to pay for his own repairs. These people are disasters everywhere they go.

  7. Damned straight.

    If Democrats weren't desperate for votes, this wouldn't even be an issue.