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Friday, June 02, 2017

You will like "Indian Country"

Soldiers who served in Afghanistan and Iraq this century may have wondered what it would be like if those wars were in their own land. Kurt Schlichter imagined the same, and gives a very good and chilling account in his new novel, "Indian Country."

It's a fast-paced, well-written account of a brief war in southern Indiana. While the book leaves the reader satisfied when the good guys win, it also brought home just what went on (and continues to go on) in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Hoosiers fighting the Stalinists from the left are insurance salesmen and farmers, just as I imagine our allies in Afghanistan and Iraq were and are.

I intended to read a few chapters every night for a week. I breezed through 282 pages in two nights. His story telling is that compelling. The details and the dialogue are authentic.

As well they should be. Schlichter is a a terrific writer at Heck, let him describe himself:
Kurt Schlichter (Twitter: @KurtSchlichter), Senior Columnist for, was personally recruited to write conservative commentary by Andrew Breitbart. He is a name partner at a growing Los Angeles trial law firm, a retired Army Infantry colonel with a masters in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, and a former stand-up comic.
Following him on Twitter shows he still likes stand up.

"Indian Country" is a prequel to "People's Republic." The nation has divided in two -- the blue land of the People's Republic, and the red land of the United States of America. In the divorce, negotiators used state lines to set the new borders. Indiana wound up blue, and its southern half did not fit in with the Maoist/Marxist regime where you first must ask which pronoun a person prefers.

But what we consider silly stuff today is used to oppress a people who are hounded by fascists (AK 47-carrying hoodlums called People's Volunteers), Nazis (think "Police Academy" as the SS), and communists (really scary guys who know how to abuse their power).

The People's Republic also had a formidable army run by professionals who like German officers under the Nazis were wary of the new regime but loyal to the land. And they met the same fate Russian officers met during Stalin's purges in the 1930s.

The justification for the oppression is that the rural Americans are deplorable. The new nation must rid itself of racism, sexism, genderism -- all that deplorable stuff. The way you rid yourself of this is to eliminate the racists, sexists, genderists -- all those deplorables.

This is how Mao, Kim Jong-Un, the Taliban, et cetera, all operate or operated. Kurt Schlichter gets the modus operandi of evil. Sometimes evil uses the soft approach, controlling people by allowing them to use their cars only every other day. Sometimes evil uses torture followed by the threat of torturing one's children the next day. And sometimes evil just kills every civilian regardless.

The United States thinks it can get southern Indiana back as the two sides re-negotiate the borders. The USA sends Army Captain Kelly Turnbull in to organize an insurgency -- just as he did in Iraq and other places. He is a competent, hard-bitten, and courageous soul who makes Dirty Harry seem like a wuss.

In telling his tale, Schlichter does not gloss over the moral issues here. There is an eerie conversation between Turnbull and Lee Langer, a redneck rebel who lost his family in a Branch Davidian-style attack.
“You seemed a little out of sorts.” 
“Are we sharing our feelings now, Langer?” 
“See, I got a reason to kill these sons of bitches after what they did. But you? Why are you even here?” 
“To help you people help yourselves.” 
“Yeah,” said Langer. “But you know, whenever the government sends someone to help people like us, they aren’t really coming to help people like us.” 
Turnbull stopped wiping the pistol for a moment and looked over. 
“No, when the government sends people to help us,” Langer continued. “It’s really trying to help itself.” 
“I don’t work for your government,” Turnbull said. 
“No, maybe not, but you work for a government, and in the end they’re all more the same than different, if you get my meaning.” 
“I can’t make you people do anything you don’t want to do,” Turnbull said.  
“No, I reckon not. And sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. But I know where this ends for a not-so-nice guy like me. I’m just not sure where it ends for all these nice people who are fighting your war for you.” 
“Their war,” Turnbull said. 
“Yeah, their war. But you’re more than happy for them to be having it.” 
“My personal happiness doesn’t matter,” Turnbull snarled. 
“No, but I’m just wondering how you want it to end, if you even do. I figure I’m going to keep taking payback until one day they surround me and I go down fighting. That’s okay with me – it ain’t like I’m throwing away any great future. I always figured I was gonna end up in jail or bleeding out on a barroom floor with a knife in my liver anyway. But these folks? Do they think if they cap some PVs and some PSF eventually the PR’s just going to let them be? Just gonna walk away and say bygones are bygones? How’s this end? And why’d the USA decide to send you up here?” 
“I didn’t say I came from the red.” 
“You know, I’m country, not stupid, Kelly. You trying to take Jasper back into the red? Is that the plan?” 
“That’s above my pay grade, Langer.” 
“When an officer doesn’t want to answer a question, that’s what he always says,” replied the former Marine. 
Cold. Langer is absolutely right. But he casts his lot with Turnbull, and fights.

But Langer and his neighbors had other options. They could always pick up and leave. The borders were still open.

Or they could stay and adapt.

But both options were closing fast. The People's Republic wanted them dead. In the end, it didn't matter if the people were loyal or not. Like Stalin and Ukraine, the People's Republic wanted the land, and was willing to starve or otherwise kill the people on it to get it.

Jasper, Indiana, became the center of border negotiations, and the People's Republic was willing to destroy the village in order to save it.

The people of Jasper had other plans, and saved it.

What makes this story plausible is that the elements are already there. Marxists have de-humanized half of America (well, 46 percent) as deplorable which is code for expendable.

What makes this story compelling is Schlichter drawing on centuries of years of human experience to shape the story. He draws the parallels to the American revolution, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq.

His is a warning that it can happen here. German in 1932 was the best educated nation on Earth. Within seven years it had foolishly blundered into a war that would destroy it, and have its carcass torn in half from 1945 to 1989.

I don't want this fate. Neither do you. Schlichter's book may help roll us back from the cliff.

He's surely reaching a lot of peopl. His book hit No. 300 exactly on Kindle's best seller list after its release on May 28. That is excellent -- likely as good as it gets for a self-published novel.

Deservedly. The writing is sound. The tale is good. The moral is sobering.

"Indian Country" is here. You will enjoy this book.

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  1. Gonna have to consider getting it.

  2. It seems like this is only available in Kindle. Me no like Kindle. Curses, foiled again!

    1. Paperback may follow
      Watch this space

    2. No kindle for me! I will wait...

    3. If it's the Kindle device that you dislike, you can get Kindle app for iPad or computer. Hope that helps!

    4. I got the original (People's Republic) in paperback on Amazon. But BOY was it rough. Cruddy paper, no page numbers, a faded patch of print down the middle of the page, etc. Still a good read tho!

  3. I read it in 2 nights as well---very enjoyable! Not to nitpick, but I noticed a small error in your review:
    "In the divorce, negotiators used state lines to set the new borders. Indiana wound up red"....I think you mean blue ....

    1. Oops! Thanks. I shall fix.

    2. The mix-up is understandable, Reds claiming to be blue and true-blue Americans being called red--all because of an alphabet TV network and the coloring of a map its former-Cuomo aide mouthpiece used after the November 2000 election to explain the SoreLoserman-ticket's defeat.

  4. Note the flag flying upside-down. A signal of distress

  5. I read both of Kurt's books: the exact problem here is that he writes slower than I read. I'm looking for #3 already.

  6. I love Schlichter's articles at He is hilarious and doesn't mince words, calling Hillary Felonia Von Pantsuit.

    --Name one normal person who has watched the leftist freak out and said, “Yeah, I’m convinced. That severed Trump head Kathy Griffin is hauling around? Really makes you think.” It sure does – normal people think, “Thank you, Lord, for helping America dodge that drunken, malignant bullet the liberals fired at us.”

    But then nothing the liberals have done since last November’s humiliation has sought to expand the Democrats’ constricted base to include us normals. Instead, everything they have done seems designed solely to appeal to the coastal snobs and welfare cheats who are already committed to liberal fascism, and to demonstrate to everyone else how right we were to reject that pant-suited Chavez wannbe.--

  7. I finished it in a night. Was miserable the next day after reading for 6 hours and going to bed at 2am. Regret nothing. It was that good.

  8. The terrorist friend of former President Obama proposed his final solution of American's who would not accept the Weathermen's reeducation in the camps set up for that effort. 25,000,000 American citizens would have to be eliminated when they took over our country. And this was some time before the Left's political correctness went to the present extreme level.

  9. Finished it last night. Read Peoples Republic a couple months ago. Good reads.