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Thursday, June 15, 2017

What will they try next on Trump?

Wile E. Coyote had more luck with Acme products than the press and Democrats are having with their schemes to derail President Trump.

Let's go down memory lane.

They thought he would fall short of the number of delegates required to win a first-ballot nomination.

When he did, they urged delegates to vote their consciences, which they did and he won by an even larger margin.

Then they tried to push the candidacy of Evan McMullin -- aka Egg McMuffin, a particularly bland breakfast product. The stated objective was to deny each candidate a majority in the Electoral College, which would mean the House would decide between Trump, Hillary, and the Egg.

This made no sense, as Republicans held the House and would not abandon the party's candidate in favor of Hillary -- or even the Egg.

The actual goal was to help elect Hillary Clinton by weakening Trump in Republican and toss-up states.

As the polls showed Hillary with a 50-point lead, they bought fireworks to celebrate.

But of course, Trump won, and so they demanded recounts, tried to get Electoral College members to vote their consciences (they did and his margin increased), and even tried to talk Congress into rejecting the final results.

Then they said Trump hired hookers to piss on a bed Obama slept in - as they spun their sad, sick conspiracy theory about Russian meddling. It's enough to make the birthers and the troofers look sane.

I mean, Alex Jones is now less bizarre than the Washington Post. 

Last week, James Comey had to admit he is a cheap, sniveling low life who probably broke the law by sharing confidential conversations with the president. He was not even man enough to leak directly, as he used a third-party to do his sneaky dirty work.

The rat even flipped on the New York Times, calling a story he probably leaked a lie.

Yesterday, Jeff Sessions was the wooden stake through the heart of the Russian conspiracy.

So what will they do next to try to subvert our democratic republic and turn it back into the banana republic that Obama built?

Well, Democratic officials in D.C. and Maryland are pushing the emoluments thing in which renting a room for $1,000 a night at a Trump hotel is equated with buying off a ten-fold billionaire.

And Mueller is still special prosecuting.

Look for an obstruction of justice charge despite no crime.

They tried to use the 25th Amendment to oust him as president by declaring him crazy.

Impeachment would require a Democratic takeover of the House. Too early to give the odds on that.

If only Washington had been this harsh on Presidents Clinton and Obama. Instead, the former got away with perjury, and the latter got away with spying on political opponents.

But they posed no threat to the crooks in Washington.

President Trump does.

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  1. George Washington not only kept his farms, but actively ran them and expanded them. He made money from the products produced on the farm. Many products were sold internationally, including to the British.

    None of those that wrote and/or signed the Constitution had an issue with that.

    1. This was all done while he was President.

  2. If Trump was a Democrat and the Democrats controlled the House, he would be safe -- but Republicans fear the Media and always do what they are told against Republicans. Trump did nothing wrong (even by stringent, unfriendly legal interpretations), but Mr Surber is correct (by all I've read) that Mueller is extremely partisan, that he is totally lacking in any integrity and has no ethical foundation other than hating Republicans and supporting his best friend forever (his BFF like a 13 year old girl) and will talk a grand jury into ordering the arrest of President Trump.

    What scares me is that the truth does not matter, that Trump will be charged by Mueller ... and then the Media will carry on and carry on until the Republicans in the House impeach Trump and Senator McCain then gets to lead the charge to remove the President from office.

    If only the Republicans in Washington would support the president, we'd have a chance -- but the Media's constant lies and hatred are having an influence on the public and polls, however slanted/biased/fabricated keep saying so ... which influences people. The election made me so happy and now I feel worse about America and our nation's future than ever before. So sad.

  3. " If only Washington had been this harsh on Presidents Clinton and Obama. Instead, the former got away with perjury, and the latter got away with spying on political opponents.

    But they posed no threat to the crooks in Washington.

    President Trump does."

    Exactamente! Don hath nailed it again.

  4. Trump is uncouth and crass. He fights like a Democrat and was even a registered Democrat not that long ago. Therefor, he is reviled by some Congressional Republicans and tolerated, but easily abandoned, by many other Congressional Republicans.

    Most importantly, he threatens the niche of power that Republicans appear to prefer, that is, being second fiddle to Democrats.

    1. A summation devoutly to be appreciated! (Whichever Mr. Anon you are.)

  5. "He was not even man enough to leak directly, as he used a third-party to do his sneaky dirty work."

    They oughta name a catheter after him.

  6. If I recall correctly, Wile E. Coyote was also a trust fund whelp (no Acme products were free at the time), which essentially puts Sanders, antifa, the Dems, and the nevertrumpers on the same playing field.


  7. The Democrats know Trump will get even more solid majorities in his electoral states in 20 if the economy keeps improving and promises are kept, no matter their own soothsayers predictions that the forboding position of Castor and Pollux in the Washington Zodiac will do him in. The R should keep the house in 18, especially after recent events, maybe increase the Senate too. Will they want to squander this advantage and the once in a century chance it provides to drive the country to a higher economic plane on their watch, with Trump and his excellent cabinet in control, or destroy themselves with his base by acting on the unprovable opinions of a hired Washington slave? One wonders.
    Without presidential leadership Congress does nothing. If that is what they think "their "people" want they deserve their Fate and we who don't should just buy more ammo as the wise here have advised.
    Media delenda est

  8. The Uniparty R's deep in the swamp are helping the Democrats. Their numbers are not great enough to have any impact without the aid of McCain, Collins, Sasse, Graham, McConnell, and Ryan.

    Who heads the panels that keep the Russian myth alive? Republicans.

    And now they have a Ron Rosenstein (a Democrat assistant AG) and interim FBI Chief McCabe (wife rec'd donations from the Clintons and ran as a D in VA) and the connived for Special Prosecutor Mueller of the botched anthrax and Weapons of Mass Destruction disasters who is hiring ex-Clinton Foundation lawyers and donors as prosecutors (not investigators).

    This looks dangerous even for an innocent man. It would not be the first time Mueller framed an innocent man:

    Yes, this time I'm worried.
    ~Carolina Kat

  9. Hmmm... This could explain a lot of things:

    - Elric

  10. The democrats are as persistent as Wile E.

    Wouldn't it be nice if the Republicans were as tenacious.