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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Waah -- lefty reactions to Comey testimony

Attention Whore James Comey released today his opening remarks to the Senate tomorrow, and admitted President Trump has done nothing wrong -- at all.

No impeachment, boys. Sorry.

Liberals are whingeing like the little girls they are. The whole party is nothing but trans-tweens holding a slumber party.

From Jonathan Chait:
CNN dropped its countdown to Comey clock when it learned he was not going to roll on Trump.

Trump Can Commit All the High Crimes He Wants. Republicans Aren't Going to Impeach Him
Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, or even before, Democrats have been waiting for the moment when the Republican Party’s indulgence would snap. In every incremental advance of the Russia story, many hear the ticking hands of an “impeachment clock.” But there is no clock, and there will probably be no impeachment, at least not based on the field of Trumpian misdeeds currently at play. To imagine Republicans might turn on Trump over the Russia scandal to the point of deposing him from office is to misunderstand how they have been thinking about Trump and the presidency all along.
The metaphor of the ticking impeachment clock presupposes some relationship between the evidence that comes to light and the behavior of Congress. There is little evidence that the two are linked. Or, at least, the link is so weak that there is hardly enough room for additional evidence to produce the necessary response in Congress.
Read the whole piece, and you will want to ban the participation trophy forever.

But trans-tween Martin Longman disagreed, perhaps overdosing on the Cherry Coke:
Trump Could Very Well Get Impeached By the Republicans
Jonathan Chait has made a seemingly safe bet by predicting that President Trump can commit virtually any high crime that he wants without fear of being impeached by his Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives. I don’t think Chait is correct, but he’s right about one thing. He says that “the impeachment clock has not even begun to move,” and it’s true. It hasn’t.
The way Chait crafts his argument is pretty standard. The Conservative Movement is designed and culturally inclined to support anyone who fights the Democrats and doesn’t deviate from the party line. While they had some doubts about Trump’s commitment to conservatism during the primaries, they have nothing to complain about now that he’s in office and fighting trench warfare against the liberal media and the moderates in his own party. As Chait puts it, “Trump is faithfully supporting the conservative agenda, so most conservatives faithfully support him.”
Girl fight!

Well, trans-girl fight.

Longman went on:
As a result, the Republicans have shrugged at nepotism and Emoluments Clause violations that would have aroused them to frothing madness had the Clintons committed the same acts. They’ve been fairly muted about Trump’s firing of Comey and other indications suggestive of a clear intent to obstruct justice. A lot has already come to light and yet the impeachment train hasn’t even turned on its engine.
He is as delusional as Bill Kristol crying Peak Trump back in the day.

The Washington Post switched from Trump demanding Comey stop investigating Trump to its backup fantasy:
The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that back in March, President Trump had asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to personally intervene in then FBI Director James Comey’s probe into Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor, as part of the ongoing Russia investigation. Coats at the time was on the job for less than a week.
According to anonymous associates close to Coats, Coats recalled after an intelligence briefing wrapped up with several agencies, President Trump asked everyone to leave but him and CIA Director Mike Pompeo. He began complaining about the FBI investigation into Russia and Comey’s handling of it, which led to him asking the DNI to intervene. This came two days after Comey publicly confirmed to Congress that the FBI was investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
The foot stomping by Jeff Bezos must have been loud when he learned Comey had nothing on Trump.

Feel their pain.

Observe how their power is gone -- their credibility evaporating like the Wicked Witch of the West when the bucket of water landed on her.

Most of the Washington press is now a worthless conglomerate of low-paid PR bitches for a Democratic Party degenerating into the final days of the communist party in the Soviet Union. How fitting that the Democrats lash out to the quasi-democratic successors to the Kremlin throne.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. well written and with passion too. But the networks have made too much money from this to let it go. they will just continue to make things up. Meanwhile Dodd Frank may get an ice pick in the liver delivered by house R. If so the S&P will continue to rise. Trump is making reality bearable again.

  2. Every (credible) source has been telling the Left for weeks there is no there there.

    What's that definition of insanity they love to quote?

    (actually, I always thought it was the definition of stupidity)

  3. As my young son says, "cover your ears, here comes the waaah-mbulance again."

    11 years old and he's got the commies figured out already.

  4. Oooooohhhhhhh, that burns Dems' butts!

  5. This evening's special at Chez MSM: A double nothingburger, large side of faux fries, and a small water (no ice), $39.99.