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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Uh-oh. HuffPost has caught on to The Donald

HuffPost (nee Huffington Post) has caught on to President Trump's way of distracting the press.

Any time the press nears a substantive issue, he throws them off-scent with a tweet.

For example, on May 12, Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- or as the press likes to call him, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third, while whistling "Dixie" -- announced a return to get-tough policies on drug pushers.

Considering drug overdose deaths now outstrip traffic fatalities and gun murders, combined, that might not be such a bad idea.

But HuffPost saw the press did not want to discuss that -- and blamed President Trump for distracting the press.

From HuffPost:
Just hours after Sessions’ policy was revealed, the president tweeted that he may have taped conversations with his recently-fired FBI director, James Comey. With less than 140 characters, Washington was abuzz again over Trump’s potential ties to Russia, which Comey had been investigating.
This is a defining feature of the Trump administration: While scandal and squabble, palace intrigue and provocative tweets suck much of the oxygen out of the room ― and leave the impression of mass government dysfunction ― a wide array of fundamentally Trump-minded reform is taking place.
He knows journalists all suffer attention deficit disorder, and is exploiting it, right?

Trump doesn't want the public to know he is succeeding because -- um, unh, erm -- they might re-elect him?

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Having success and making a show of it are two different things and Trump knows this. Barack Obama did not.

  2. I like that last line. The press is in such a bind. Honest reporting might result in an outcome they cannot tolerate...

  3. PuffHo has twigged onto the truth, but just can't STAND it! Burns their butts, it does.

  4. The msm...a toddler mentality, almost all of them!

  5. And I blame this blog for not doing my household chores. Waaaaa waaaaa waaaa I cry. My wife is smarter than the Huffpo readers - she doesn't believe me.

  6. I'll say it again.

    When he was in tactics class, he was always paying attention.

  7. Substantive issues? Serious reporting? The HuffPo? A tenacious reporter working in the MSM is fully capable of investigating the most pressing events as they occur in ... LOOK! SQUIRREL!

    President Trump is the Ringmaster in the MSM's three-ring circus. - Elric

  8. It isn't ADD. The media is just plain old stupid. I would guess their average IQ is 106. Maybe.

    1. Missing a decimal point there my friend.

    2. "their average IQ is 106"

      You misspelled "cumulative".

  9. They say Roosevelt really understood the power of radio and used it to good effect with his Fireside Chats. That Kennedy was astute in the use of television.

    But Trump sure seems to be the master of Twitter. To understand it instinctively. Or at least how to use Twitter to manage the Washington "correspondents".

    1. Twitter haiku master.
      Wields it like a 10,000 mile long sword.
      It doesnt just cause abrasions, but it can knock the sense out of brain dead journalists right through the ether

  10. The Puffington Host may get it but it won't stop them from saying "Look, bird!" and chasing off topic.

  11. I get why many people are telling Trump to stop it with The Twitter, I really do -- but at the same time, this supposed downside would have to be YUGE to cancel out the obvious, continuous, and powerful upside.

    Most of his supporters seem to love Trump's use of Twitter, and the anti-Trump, establishment DC types don't, so that seems like an important data point too. Should I care what DC establishment people think about anything, any more? I'm torn... seriously, I'm not sure what I think about this topic. Leaning with Trump though.

    1. I'll start caring what the DC establishment thinks when they start caring about my interests and those of the country.