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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trump sends CNN to Siberia

President Trump just paid back CNN. The butt-hurt is loud, whiny, and entertaining.

This week, CNN turned into the Comey News Network, installing a Comey Countdown Clock two days before his testimony before the Senate.

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A side of beef refers to Hillary in Reddit_The_Donald land.

So why was CNN banished to the back row?

Let us review.

“Comey expected to refute Trump,” Gloria Borger, Eric Lichtblau, Jake Tapper, and Brian Rokus of CNN reported on June 6.

Oh boy, were there going to be fireworks, right?

“Trump has made a blanket claim that Comey told him multiple times that he was not under investigation. But one source said Comey is expected to explain to senators that those were much more nuanced conversations from which Trump concluded that he was not under investigation,” CNN reported.

Oh boy, Trump was about to become Comey Toast.

“Comey is going to dispute the president on this point if he’s asked about it by senators, and we have to assume that he will be. He will say he never assured Donald Trump that he was not under investigation, that that would have been improper for him to do so,” Borger said in an on-air report.

However, the next day, Comey released his opening statement – and CNN reacted by taking down its Comey Countdown Clock. The network also changed the headline of its quadruple-bylined blockbuster story to “Comey unlikely to judge on obstruction.”

CNN also added a correction and update, “This article was published before Comey released his prepared opening statement. The article and headline have been corrected to reflect that Comey does not directly dispute that Trump was told multiple times he was not under investigation in his prepared testimony released after this story was published.”

Comey testified on Thursday. President Trump and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis met on Friday, and held a press conference outside the White House.

CNN, the New York Times, and a few other Fake News outlets were sent to the back row, almost outside the venue. Well, he never promised them a Rose Garden.

From Breitbart:
“We were in the equivalent of Siberia, no pun intended, when it comes to where we were seated,” CNN’s Jim Acosta reportedly said on Friday evening. “That could be seen as an oversight on the part of the White House staff but it could also be seen as retaliation over the reporting we’re doing over here at CNN.”
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said it was “outrageous.” And Acosta, mustering up the courage mainstream media reporters never found while Barack Obama was president, said the poor seating assignments are “not going to deter us from what we’re doing over here.” Breitbart’s Matt Boyle has described Acosta as “a vehemently anti-Trump media figure in the heart of the opposition party’s mothership CNN.”
This has bothered me ever since.

Oh not the banishment of these fakers to the children's table. Fake News has consequences.

No, I am trying to understand what pun there was. Maybe he thinks Siberia is in Russia, or maybe Acosta thinks that Iohannis is the president of Russia. Even then it would not be a pun.

Maybe a reader can explain why the heck is that a pun? I sent him a tweet, but so far no reply.

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  1. I see no pun. He inserted that trigger warning to make people think there WAS a pun they might not be shrewd enough to see because he is nuanced on a higher, 4th dimensional plane. News by insinuation and fable is the CNN style. But only if you are a smart enough reader to read the invisible ink between the lines. [/sarc]

    1. An alternative interpretation is that he (they) is (are) dumb as a bag of hammers.

      Occam's disposable.

  2. Maybe the first time in history someone said no pun intended and actually meant it. Mark the calendar.

    1. I'm guessing "Comey Toast" is "comatose". (Good one, Don!)
      Siberia, last I heard, IS in Russia, and is not a pun, but a simile, or, perhaps more correctly, a metaphor for the nose-bleed seats in a stadium.

    2. Northern Asia.

    3. I believe Russia rules Siberia. From Wiki: "Siberia (/saɪˈbɪəriə/; Russian: Сиби́рь, tr. Sibir'; IPA: [sʲɪˈbʲirʲ] (About this sound listen)) is an extensive geographical region, and by the broadest definition is also known as North Asia. Siberia has historically been a part of Russia since the 17th century."

  3. Perhaps he meant "No pun present".

    Tremendous post. The point is that literally thousands of people in DC knew that Trump was not personally under investigation, yet somehow this was never made public. The Uniparty is real and needs to be destroyed.

    1. I don't spend much time watching TV but occasionally, while waiting for the tea kettle to boil, I will channel surf and come across something interesting. Yesterday it was Judge Jeanine Pirro making the same (obvious?) point on Fox cable, that of the many things about Trump that got leaked, not one of them was the FACT that he was not personally under criminal investigation. Now if that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about what is driving this entire fraudulent Trump-Russian connection business, what else could it possibly take to prove that DC is the fetid cesspool of America?

    2. Oh, it was made public all right, the enimedia instead chose to put their feet in their ears and scream lalalala I can't hear you at the top of their lungs.

  5. "Oh boy, Trump was about to become Comey Toast."
    It was buttered on both sides with a fresh 1/4# stick. Slid. Right. Off.

  6. Well, CNN *was* doing quite a bit of sighing into its beer.

  7. There's a couple of ways one could look at the no pun, 'pun' way as Sam L stated, or perhaps in this internet age as spelled 'Cyberia' which could mean one being ostracized somewhere out in the ozone,(sky seats), where you actually would have to do some work to get out the message.
    Who knows!
    Enough of early morning semantics, my brain hurts and I need coffee!

    cheers Sam C