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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Republicans stop taking the abuse

Georgia will hold a special congressional election in Georgia in 17 days. Republicans are playing to win -- smacking down Democrats for one of their many, many celebrity supporters crossing the line.

From the Washington Times:
Comedian Kathy Griffin’s anti-Trump beheading “art” has worked its way into Georgia’s June 20 special election.
A battle between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District heated up this week with an Islamic State-like execution photo shoot by Ms. Griffin. A Republican super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, released an ad Thursday tying Mr. Ossoff to his “celebrity supporter.”
“These angry liberals will go to any extreme to elect Jon Ossoff,” a narrator in the ad says. “There’s a reason 95 percent of Ossoff’s campaign donors are out-of-state liberals.”
The Ossoff campaign issued a statement demanding the ad, which airs in Atlanta, be taken down. CLF rebuffed the Democrat.
“The more Jon Ossoff complains about the [Griffin] ad, the more money we’ll spend broadcasting it across Georgia 6,” Corry Bliss, CLF’s executive director, told The Washington Examiner on Thursday.
The Democrat’s campaign called Ms. Griffin’s actions “despicable” and CFL’s ad “a disgrace.”
Democrat Jon Ossoff is more upset about the ad than he is about a Democratic celebrity mocking the beheading of a president.

From Talking Points Memo:
Corry Bliss, the Congressional Leadership Fund’s executive director, told the Washington Post that the group ran the ad because Ossoff had not explicitly denounced Griffin’s photos.
“Jon Ossoff has refused to denounce his supporter Kathy Griffin for over 48 hours after posting distributing images of her and President Trump. His silence speaks volumes,” Bliss told the Post. “To disagree with a president, or any elected official, on issues or beliefs is normal and often even celebrated in our democracy, but the actions coming from extreme liberals like Kathy Griffin have absolutely no place in civil discourse.”
The Ossoff campaign, however, told the Washington Post that the candidate had not been asked about Griffin’s photoshoot.
He had to be asked?

Heck, even Chelsea did not wait to be asked to denounce this.

People say President Trump coarsened society but Democrats long ago erased that line by mocking Ford's intelligence, Reagan's intelligence, Bush 43's intelligence, Reagan's orange hair," and now Trump's intelligence and "orange hair."

Republicans have stopped turning the other cheek.

Democrats are whingeing about how unfair it is.

Ha ha ha.

As for Miss Griffin, remember my postulation in "Trump the Press": Everyone who starts a feud with Trump ends up worse for the ordeal.

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  1. "Republicans have stopped turning the other cheek."

    They did not do this without being dragged in kicking and squealing. They used to just turn around and bend over. TRUMP refused to turn the other cheek. Hopefully, he taught the republicans something.

    1. Demonrats get to be as nasty as they want and Trump is smeared falsley as promoting violence when the vast vast vast majority of the violence comes from the intolerant leftards

  2. Remember all that talk about the need for civil discourse? Bullshit all the way down. They just want to clear the field for themselves.

  3. Love the Trump postulation.

    Love the democrats marinating in their own fecal brew.


  4. Replies
    1. Jerry Ford said, "Ronnie doesn't dye his hair; he's just prematurely orange.”

  5. If I ran the RNC, every election would feature representative film clips of all the great Democrat thinkers, such as Ashley Judd, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Nancy Griffin.

    1. Don't forget Hank "Guam will capsize because of global warming" Johnson. Ossoff worked for that genius.

  6. I just hope this isn't too little too late by the Republicans. Democrats have been beating us over the head with the same "Karen Handel is a spendthrift" and "Karen Handel is a loser" crap her three closest Republican opponents (who together just barely received as many votes as she did) were trying to take her down with. Ms. Handel advertised very little in the original election and still beat her opponents handily (Handel-y?); I'm doing what I can to help her do the same in the runoff. I just wish she hit Ossoff harder than he's been hitting her...