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Friday, June 09, 2017

Race card expires for Democrats

The media slowly is admitting that the Democratic Party is in trouble. Kicking the working class to the curb in favor of minorities with grievances turned out to have a shelf life.

The post-Obama party finds itself out of power in all three branches of the federal government, as well as most states.

From Edsall:
Democratic pessimism today stands in contrast to the optimism that followed the elections of 2006, 2008 and 2012.
At that time, the consensus was that Democrats had found the key to sustained victory. The party saw its future in ascendant constituencies: empowered minorities, singles, social liberals and the well-educated.
Democratic activists saw the Republican Party as doomed to defeat without a radical change of course because it was tied to overlapping constituencies that they viewed as of waning significance — for example, older, non-college, evangelical white Christians.
Today, in a world of angry, fearful voters, it is liberal optimism that is at a low ebb — buffeted by a drumroll of terrorist incidents, rising levels of hostility toward immigrants and a broad animus toward difference, the unknown and the other.
Before 2016, no one, Democrat or Republican, thought that the man who would bring about radical change would be Donald Trump, except, perhaps, Trump himself.
For all the harm he has done, continues to do and proposes to do, Trump has successfully forced Democrats to begin to examine the party’s neglected liabilities, the widespread resentment of its elites and the frail loyalty of its supporters.
Blame Bill Clinton. He was able to cobble together enough aggrieved people -- African-Americans, Hispanics, gays, and any other group you could add an ophobic to their name -- to come up with a plurality of the votes in 1992 and 1996. The numbers grew until Obama managed bare majorities in 2008 and 2012.

Democrats saw their party on its ascendancy. Over time, white people would fade -- becoming just a plurality in a generation or two -- and Democrats would rule.

Here was the breakdown of the Obama coalition:

  • people of color (African-American, Hispanic, or Asian) were 41% of his votes
  • 29 or younger 22%
  • female 60%
  • unmarried 46%

Note the heavy reliance on sliver groups (with the exception of women). What happens when the 29 or younger turn 30? 40? 50?

Here was the larger problem with pandering to grievance groups: over time white racism, sexism, and homophobia faded.

Partly because of indoctrination (liberals would say education) and partly because of experience. Inter-racial marriages are more common than ever, particularly among whites and Hispanics and Asians. Also, the family accepts the cousin who is light in the loafers, just please don't kiss in front of every one.

In retrospect, Pajama Boy's talking points for Thanksgiving with Uncle Archie overlooked the fact that the family still accepted the vegan, anti-gun, whatever else is fashionable politically, goofy manboy even though he was a pain in the ass. They tolerated him.

Remember, Archie put up with Meathead (and the string of snobby liberals who invaded Bunker's bunker) despite Meathead's a freeloading ways.

Social issues faded. We passed equal pay in 1963 and Civil Rights the next year. Americans accept change. What they resent is the Democratic Party's insistence that religions accept abortion, gay marriage, and other things that are against what the values of the middle class.

Americans also resent every political debate becomes steeped in self-righteousness by liberals.

Questioning climate change is immoral? Says who? Godless university professors?

But most of all, people resented the failure by the Democratic Party to deliver security, a strong economy, and hope for the future.

Under Obama, Muslim terrorists killed without Obama doing a damned thing about it. His solution was always the same: give me your guns and don't be Islamophobic.

A government that cannot protect the people winds up being replaced. We are lucky to have President Trump for if he had lost, the chances of a fascist takeover in 2020 would have increased alarmingly. Instead, the Marxists are the fascists.

Democrats failed. They need a new plan. I suggest not calling 46 percent of the voting public deplorable.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Identity politics is inherently divisive.

  2. "The post-Obama party finds itself out of power in all three branches of the federal government, as well as most states." I see only two. Right now, the Left seems to have most of the Judiciary.

    Where's the ending to: "What they resent is the Democratic Party's insistence that religions accept abortion, gay marriage, and other things that are against what the"

    "A government that cannot protect the people winds up being replaced." One that WILL NOT is why we got Trump.

  3. Yeah, and this Kirsten "Every Other Word I Use Is F---" Gillibrand approach is not gonna win many rurals either.

  4. You just know that Bernie's Cavalcade of Commies is today minutely examining Corbyn's Raving Loony Leftard playbook for ideas.

    After all, they both had to fight doofus harridans.

  5. Oh man they now are so screwed with the "Trump colluded with Russia and he'll get impeached" lie collapsing upon itself and Crapweasel Comey. What is podesta's next move? and little communist insider traitor leaker criminal spy Reality Psycho is going to get run up bigly. Been a good week.

  6. Norman Lear created Archie Bunker (stole the character from a British sitcom) in order to ridicule blue collar workers. He was shocked that Archie was popular with all us rubes.

  7. You’ve done such an amazing job. I really love your article.