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Saturday, June 03, 2017

One abortion creates as much carbon as a big coal plant

That is right, ladies. Even one abortion will create as much carbon as a big coal plant does in one year.

Or ten.

Or longer.

It's science.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Mother Jones promoted its July 2, 2015, exclusive: "America's BBQ Grills Create as Much Carbon as a Big Coal Plant."

That is true -- because neither one of them creates carbon.

An abortion does not create carbon.

Driving your car does not create carbon.

Pedaling your bicycle does not create carbon.

Voting for Trump does not create carbon.

I cannot think of one human activity that creates carbon.

Carbon is a natural element.

Now in the story, Maddie Oatman referred to creating carbon dioxide. That is true. Humans do create carbon dioxide. That is how we live. We inhale air, take the oxygen from it, mix it with some carbon, and before you know it, we exhale the mixture as carbon dioxide.

This is not a matter of semantics, but rather matter of ignorance on the part of Mother Jones.

After nearly two years, someone should have changed Carbon to CO2.

But no one did.

No reader must have complained, which shows the expertise of its readers as well.

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  1. I know, Big D - apparently these people are thinking Big Thoughts and can't be bothered with minutiae like basic chemistry. So, a primer:

    Without CO2, plants die. Plants produce oxygen.
    Without oxygen, humans die. Humans produce CO2.
    But how do plants thrive in the Amazon jungle, with few humans or those evil smokestacks?
    Is it possible, Proggies, that a Higher Power had figured all of this out already?
    What if there were no coincidences?

  2. What does science have to do with being a global warming evangelist?

    1. Zero; zilch; zip; nada. Which is what a global warming evangelist has to do with science. Mutually exclusive.

  3. An unnamed source reports that Al Gore is starting a dating site for his cult. The source reports that it's name will be Carbon Dating. Back to Chet with the weather.

    1. And to protect the envitoment and burn less fuel, they will accomplish this via cell phone... Radio Carbon Dating.

  4. This goes way back. My mom used to talk about how liberals misused the word "creation" in order to take agency away from God and give it to men. She was right, of course.

  5. The key to leftist success: when words mean nothing, you can use them any way you like. If the other side does not catch on and demand exact meaning, it will always lose. Thank you for this excellent post.