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Monday, June 12, 2017

No, Peggy, Trump gets the norms of DC. He rejects them

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal delivered the reliably safe Washington Establishment take on James Comey's destruction of the Myth of the Russian Bigfoot.

She ignored it, changing the subject to presidential norms.
On Thursday, Comey had to admit there is nothing to this crackpot conspiracy theory of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Before Thursday, Comey could and did feed this quackery through third-party leaks to a gullible press.

But under oath, he had to admit Russian collusion with President Trump was a big, fat, nasty lie.

Ignoring that bombshell, Peggy in a 1,350 word ode to Comey's testimony that mentioned Russia only twice. She did not use the words fire or firing even once.

Russia and President Trump firing Comey, of course, were the reasons for deposing Comey in public in a Senate hearing.

But Peggy centered on President Trump's demeanor.

From Peggy on Thursday:
In the end Mr. Comey appears to have done himself little or no harm, but he harmed the president by documenting, again and persuasively, that Mr. Trump does not understand the norms, rules and traditions of his job. As I watched, I wondered how many other appointees, officials and White House staffers are writing themselves memos.
Will all this damage the president with his supporters?
What consumes Blue America does not consume Red America.
Oh, President Trump and Red America understand the norms all too well.

Washington's ways are pretty easy to figure out. Nepotism, insulation, and greed are easy to see.

Wall Street no longer appeals to Gordon Gekko. The big money is in Washington.

How else does one explain Comey whose net worth is $11 million after a career of mainly federal service?

President Trump and Red America understand the Washington norms -- and reject them.

The norms are what got us in this mess of endless wars (we should have won this war by now), endless deficits, and trade deals that benefit the 1% at the expense of the working America.

President Trump's demeanor was a squirrel she wanted her establishment readers to chase.

She did not focus on Comey because she would have to admit he is a swamp critter who opposes the draining of the swamp we call Washington, D.C.

The wagons circle in Washington circles around a man many of them blame for Hillary's historic, billion-dollar collapse at the polls -- best symbolized by her near fall to the curb while trying to enter the rescue can after poor health forced her to leave the 9/11 commemoration.
James Comey’s written testimony outlining meetings and conversations with President Trump was telling and damning because believable. Whatever Mr. Comey’s reputation, and it is mixed — an intelligent, accomplished professional who is plenty slick; state-of-the-art Beltway operator with an image of integrity, yet trailed by suspicions of slight smarm — he is a careful man.
It is not strange for an official to take notes after a meeting or conversation with a president, and it is wholly understandable when the president is unusual, the circumstances heightened, the relationship potentially contentious.
It begs credulity that Mr. Comey would have tapped out elaborate fictions in a one-man note-taking plot to bring down a president. And he must have known it possible the calls and meetings were taped, in which case the contents would be used to destroy him if he lied.
Which was why President Trump warned him to be careful of tapes, which may or may not exist.

No one accused Comey of lying under oath. He is smarmy enough to mislead without lying, such as he did in his May 3 Senate hearing -- or as I call them, depositions for that is what these are.

The exchange:
Democratic Senator Dick Blumenthal of Connecticut asked, “So potentially, the president of the United States could be a target of your ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s involvement with Russian interference in our election, correct?”
Comey responded, “I just worry — I don’t want to answer that — that — that seems to be unfair speculation. We will follow the evidence, we’ll try and find as much as we can and we’ll follow the evidence wherever it leads.”
But he already told President Trump privately three times he was not under investigation. Comey deliberately misled the public. That was why President Trump canned him.

Instead of applauding President Trump for firing Comey, Peggy smacked President Trump for sticking up for General Michael Flynn.

From Peggy:
Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, wrote in USA Today that the desire for an indictable or impeachable offense by the president “has distorted the legal analysis” of the case “to an alarming degree.”
Mr. Turley’s read on the testimony: Mr. Trump’s conduct was “wildly inappropriate.” Asking Mr. Comey to lay off Mr. Flynn was “wrong” and “grossly improper.” But “the legal fact is that Comey’s testimony does not establish a prima facie — or even a strong — case for obstruction [of justice].” 
This is not the first president “to express dissatisfaction with an investigation by the Justice Department”: Bill Clinton did the same. Nor was it a surprise he wished to see the investigations end: He’d said so publicly.
Peggy left out that Clinton fired William Sessions as FBI director while Clinton actually was under investigation.

President Trump was not.

The norms today of course are to have the attorney general not the president do this dirty work.

And yet, Peggy didn't see fit to explain that to readers. Loretta Lynch's name also is not in the article.

Black, white, male, female, the cesspool of Washington attracts grifters who never leave. The Clintons. The Obamas. The Comeys.

Peggy Noonan.

Mine eyes have opened in the past two years. Donald Trump is a litmus test. So many I once admire failed.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. I've not paid the least bit of attention to Peggy Noonan for many years.

  2. Peggy, too, felt a tingle going up her leg when BHO was elected; the second time as well. Essentially, in her writings starting in 2008, she began to paraphrase and repeat Michelle's comment about her pride in America.

    1. Hear, hear!
      And I always remember how, when Noonan was one of Reagan's speechwriters, she repeatedly removed Reagan's line from his Brandenburg Gate speech "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" and Reagan had to keep re-inserting it. Told me all I needed to know about her.

    2. What is the citation on that?

    3. Dexter, all I could find was her praise for the 4 words.

    4. Dexter, all I could find was her praise for the 4 words.

  3. Me, too. I gave up on Peggy years ago. She's a Swamp Creature.

  4. Those grapes were sour anyway.

    Comey was supposed to provide the legal pretext that would lead to Trump being impeached. Instead his testimony ended up supporting Trump and damaging himself, Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation, and the Obama-era DoJ.

    -Mikey NTH

  5. The word Nazi is pronounced.....not see.....

    One wonders if that is a clue to the chosen nature of those who choose to....not see....

  6. As the second century AD drew to a close, the Emperor Marcus Aurelius in his meditations lamented the declining state religion of which he was the chief Pontiff. The temples were empty and in sore need of repair, including that devoted to the founder of the empire, The Divine Augustus. Even the inscriptions written on it's great doors of brass could no longer be read. New Gods from the East, many Orgiastic and appealing to women and girly men, were crowding out Jupiter and the Olympians. But as emperor He was bound to stand strong for the old ways.
    Peg once worshiped the old gods. As a talented acolyte she wrote golden words for their Pontifex, The Deified RR, to recite on great memorial days. For that she was made High priestess in his temple by the new poorly written WSJ of Moloch T Hater. But the lamps began to flicker in her silent temple, and she felt lonely. Worse, an indifferent statue of a gum chewing Texan god was put in its center, and drew no worshipers. So she put aside her purple Robes and joined the exciting new Cult of Obama Mediass, leaving her old boring duties behind to revel freely in heated Hope and Change orgies of regulation. lies and betrayal.
    Then, contrary to all the omens for the best and most important orgiast soothsayers, all of whom had predicted a 1000000 year Reich for Emperor OM the holy city on the hill was suddenly sacked by a rude barbarian who drove out the orgiasts. Peg immediately rushed to unpack her old robes, planning to join the retinue of the new monarch, perhaps write a few prayers for him, but Lo, hypocrite moths had destroyed them utterly.
    Now no one but the poorly written WSJ of Moloch T Hater sees or listens to Peg. To everyone else, she is Just another bag lady pushing her empty shopping cart here and there, from temple to temple. looking for a place to rest.

  7. Since Peg's got her Pulitzer, her journalism is unreadable.