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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Never Trumper learned nothing

Max Boot is one of those neoconservatives against PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP who are a drug on the market in DC, and not really wanted most elsewhere.

(I shout his name because I like annoying his critics.)

After a Democratic Party activist went hunting Republican congressmen, you would think people like Boot would pipe down -- or at least dial back the rhetoric.

But no, there is Boot with another personal attack on PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP.


"Donald Trump Is Proving Too Stupid to Be President" Max Boot declared in a headline.

Oh really?

So why did this stupid person beat Boot's fellow Yalie Hillary despite being outspent 2-to-1.

Boot offered a third-hand account about Trump meeting two pastors and not recognizing them as Presbyterian ministers. "The kicker: Trump himself is Presbyterian."

Then there was an interview with the Economist in which he did not know "priming the pump" -- in Boot's words, "The phrase has been in widespread use since at least the 1930s."

Actually, the cliché dates to at least 1819, according to CNN.

I suppose we can argue over the meaning of "widespread use," but these examples are tedious examples of trivia that are important if you are a contestant on Jeopardy, baby, but I cannot connect knowing Frederick Douglass died in 1895 with any important duty in a presidency.

But in his useless way, Boot retrofitted old false claims about Reagan's IQ for the presidency of a man whose policies Boot rejects.

Fair enough, I suppose, because it shows from whence comes Boot (and perhaps the Never Trump movement to which he belongs). After offering a few anecdotes, Boot went in for the kill.

From Boot:
There’s a reason why surveys show more support for Trump’s impeachment than for his presidency. From his catastrophically ill-conceived executive order on immigration to his catastrophically ill-conceived firing of Comey, his administration has been one disaster after another. And those fiascoes can be ascribed directly to the president’s lack of intellectual horsepower.

Impeachment as an IQ test.

Let us test that theory. In my lifetime, the two presidents said to be the smartest were Nixon and Clinton. One was impeached, the other forced to resign.

Boot's problem is that he cannot make a good argument against the policies of PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP, and so Boot reduces himself to schoolyard chants of stupid, stupid, stupid.

Had Boot actually followed the story, Comey told PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP one thing in private (you are not under investigation) but in public testimony hinted that the FBI was investigating Trump.

Trump had every reason to fire Comey for being dishonest -- under oath.

Only after Comey was asked point blank under oath if he told the president he was not under investigation did Comey tell the whole truth.

But Boot was dishonest in his column:
How could Trump fire Comey knowing that the FBI director could then testify about the improper requests Trump had made to exonerate himself and drop the investigation of Flynn? And in case there was any doubt about Trump’s intent, he dispelled it by acknowledging on TV that he had the “Russia thing” in mind when firing the FBI director. That’s tantamount to admitting obstruction of justice. Is this how a smart person behaves? If Trump decides to fire the widely respected special counsel Robert Mueller, he will only be compounding this stupidity.
Improper requests?

The shape-shifting anti-Trump arguments can make your head swim. CNN and the Never Trumpers promised us Comey would cal Trump out on being told he was not under investigation.

When Comey did the opposite, they scurried for a new lie.

Boot went on about Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord.
His speech announcing the pullout demonstrated that he has no understanding of what the Paris accord actually is — a non-binding compact that does not impose any costs on the United States.
Well, if it is non-binding, what is the big deal about pulling out?

That is a pretty lame argument.

Boot goes on and on. He ended with wanting to use the 25th Amendment to remove PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP because he is stupid.

The geniuses in Washington have not learned a damned thing since the election.

Trump won because he is not like them.

They lost because their rising debt ($14 trillion added since Clinton left office) and inability to tamp down terrorists or protect our borders were reason enough to dump Boot and all his buddies both left and right.

They are not stupid people.

But as the previous president might say, they are acting stupidly.

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  1. All hat and no cattle.

  2. President TRUMP, NOT HILLARY THE WILDEBEAST FROM HELL, was elected president. Sorry Max Boot doesn't get it. I did like his book, A Country Made By War. Oh, that was by Geoffrey Perret. He did The Savage Wars Of Peace: Small Wars And The Rise Of American Power, not quite as good.

  3. One of the many things about Democrats particularly but this #NeverTrumper is declaring Republican presidents stupid (particularly Reagan and George W and now Trump) while praising the superior intelligence of Gore and Obama (that's Gore whose grades weren't up to the same level as W and Obama who has made sure nobody can ever see his transcripts). And Democrats called Reagan an amiable dunce (even ignoring how much better Reagan could speak off the cuff than the super genius Obama, look at some of the You Tube bits of Reagan as governor of California and you'll see how sharp he was).

    But what I want to talk about is that the 3 dummies, according to Democrats, all had executive experience -- 2 were governors, and W also had business experience, and Trump has had all kinds of business experience to the point of even perhaps being the top real estate figure/developer in American history. That kind of experience should indicate none of the 3 is too stupid to be president ... but their executive experience, which Obama did not have, also gives them (and especially Trump) a different perspective on problem solving. Trump can look at the detail and imagine the bigger picture. It's the way he thinks.

    To my mind that makes Trump way more qualified with the right stuff kind of intelligence to be president than, for instance, Obama.

  4. "PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP (I shout his name because I like annoying his critics.)"
    I love it! I call him by his full name too, and lately have been referring to "Our President" because it makes me happy.

  5. Hey boot or whatever your real name is, we were voting for a president -- not a Jeopardy contestant. Moreover, I'll bet Trump would beat hillary to a pulp in Jeopardy 1-on-1.

  6. Trump is truly a moderate Republican. On some issues, mainly social, he tends liberal. On others, he is conservative or moderate.

    One would think that folks like Boot would be receptive of Trump.

    Either way I am done.

    If folks like Boot, Will, and, it apears, a lot Congessional Republicans continue as is, well ... they will not have my vote.

    No one will.

    The only reason I voted for McCain was because of Palin.

    I voted for Romney because he was not Obama.

    What Trump has done is show just how Democrat Boot, Will, Romney, and McCain are.

    They would have rather have Hillary than Trump.

    Eff 'em!

    1. Forgot to add ..,

      Besides Palin, McCain, in my view at the time, was not Obama.

  7. I really worry that all this Leftist rhetoric, which IMO directly resulted in the GOP ball practice shooting will continue until there is is the assassination of President Trump. The reaction will be worse than what we saw after MLK was killed. As Instanpundit wrote: "Just remember, you’re setting the stage for a similar campaign of massive resistance to the next Democrat in the White House. And it may not be limited to the bureaucracy. I mean if this sort of thing is okay, why not refusal to pay taxes, or a Tea Party mob occupying the White House? And that’s just at the top of the slippery slope of “resistance.” At the bottom? Bureaucrats and politicians hanging from lampposts while their families try to evade the mobs. Is this really where you want to go, lefties? And if you think this is “special” because you think Trump is unfit for office, what about the majority of Americans who think the federal government operates without the consent of the governed? If bureaucrats are free to ignore the law, why should they listen to bureaucrats?

  8. All these Democrat/RINO scribes still work "opinion polls" into their stuff as if they weren't garbage.

  9. Max needs to go back to Boot Camp. Needs "shapin' up".

  10. Question for Don Surber: Was there ever a time when you liked Max Boot? He favors war a bit too much for my taste, so I guess neo-conservatism is a bridge too far for this libertarian. He doesn't fit well with the Commentary bunch and he is Russian, you know. He jumps all over - writing for National Review, Commentary, Foreign Policy, LA Times, WaPo and The Gray Lady.

    But when a push becomes a shove, Mr. Boot is entitled to piss off whomever he pleases in our Republic. In that regard, the president and the writer share a similar viewpoint - except Max Boot doesn't expect my defense of his rights.

  11. I'm reading Nassim Taleb's 'Anti-fragile'. I keep seeing where Trump seems to be instinctively antifragile. This passage seems to capture the difference between Trump, a lifelong decision maker, and those like Boot, of the faculty lounge, Aristotelian.

    "As we saw with the exposition of the Black Swan problem earlier in Chapter 8, the decision maker focuses on the payoff, the consequence of the actions (hence includes asymmetries and nonlinear effects). The Aristotelian focuses on being right and wrong— in other words, raw logic. They intersect less often than you think.

    "Aristotle made the mistake of thinking that knowledge about the event (future crop, or price of the rent for oil presses, what we showed on the horizontal axis) and making profits out of it (vertical) are the same thing. And here, because of asymmetry, the two are not, as is obvious in the graph."

    Taleb, Nassim Nicholas (2012-11-27). Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto)

    And as Scott Adam's has observed, Trump uses a systems rather than goals approach. He has lots of things out there with small downsides, but sky's the limit upsides. Boot and others concentrate on those small "losses" when all Trump needs is one or two wins with no limit upsides.

  12. Boot is an intellectual historian with good academic creds. He seems to hate DT because he isn't sophisticated of speech or a writer of delicious prose nor does he quote scripture of the true believers whose sect Boot has claimed to be a Pontiff for some time. However as my Friend Cicero said toward the end of his life, he had unfortunately known many men renowned for their polished oratory and aristocratic credentials who had accomplished nothing for their country. Unlike them, Trump has a chance to be someone like say, Marius, who actually apologised to the senate for his lack of sophistication in speech, then handed them the victory over a crafty and violent foe which two previous aristocratic commanders had failed to produce.
    Perhaps what Boot fears is just that, success by an outsider with no standing among Boot's own peers, a homo nullo numero, to him, a man without rank, of no value. I really don't know. But i would say that if he is the Historian he says he is, he should know that history is written after events not before them. Let him rather criticise DT after he fails, which he has not yet done, than hope he does, as he most certainly wishes.
    Lastly, how high is the moral platform you are allowed to assume when you have supported a corrupt and vengeful person seeking high office solely to enrich herself
    and her friends? Has he not read the sainted Plato who says those who seek office for their own glory and reward are the worst citizens? Maybe not.
    Are The people who voted for Trump , having waited patiently for him to come directly to them in his own personal plane, after walking hours in darkness from their road blocked cars, to be despised? It was they, not Max Boot, who could feel He cared about the country, not so much himself, and I say this without gauze over my own eyes. They knew he would be better for them than the pampered Soft Power Genius from Yale and her slathering snarking swarm of eager thieves and academic hypocrites, all of whom were supported fully and without hesitation by Max Boot and his Priests of Never. So far they have been proved right, not the Booters.