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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

NBC stuck with Megyn Kelly

"NBC is Megyn a big mistake" was the title of my post when the network signed her in January.

Fox News did not even hold her to waiting till fall to go on NBC.

I don't want to call a woman a white elephant, but that is what the lady is right now.

NBC could change that.

But as Elizabeth Warren's people say, "How?"

NBC holding crisis meetings over Megyn Kelly
Oh is that Post story telling.

This crisis intervention comes less than 10 days after the premier of her prime-time interview show. Her first episode was a disastrous interview with Vladimir Putin -- and a CBS rerun of "60 Minutes" beat her in total audience.

Her second shows was an interview with Erin Anderson. Who? The audience shrank 43%.

Her next show is set for Sunday. It is an interview with Alex Jones of Info Wars best known for conspiracy theories that are not like the mainstream conspiracy theories of Russia meddling electing President Trump. I like how people who believe that are calling him crazy.

That third show is why people in Sandy Hook canceled an appearance by Kelly -- and why JP Morgan Chase pulled its ads not only from her show but from all NBC shows.

She is NBC's biggest prime-time mistake since "Jeff and Pink Lady."

The network bosses are aghast -- horrified as they realize they misjudged the audience and the advertisers.

From the Post:
Insiders told us that staff were in panicked meetings all day on Monday. “It’s a s - - t show. No one wants to withstand a whole week of criticism over this. There are a number of people who want to pull the interview.”
But another source told us NBC needs the controversy to shake up their Sunday night and to bring new viewers. “No one expected sponsors to pull out, but this is why they hired Megyn. They expect to lose and gain viewers and they want the buzz.”
The interview has left many at the network scratching their heads, but NBC News chairman Andy Lack was overheard telling fellow journalists at Tuesday’s Mirror Awards that the interview will air.
The problem is "the buzz" is that it is not buzzing. Alex Jones is as interesting as Erin Anderson. And about as well known.

Kelly is the worst hire since the Indians signed Keith Hernandez.

At least with Brock Osweiler, the Browns got a second round draft pick.

The network needs to realize it cannot showcase the woman in prime time because she is just not ready for prime time. The audience she built at Fox News did not follow her to NBC because they do not trust the network. 

She is not drawing NBC viewers because they are unfamiliar with her work. Journalism is built on trust. She did not build that.

Nope, the network just plopped this stranger into prime time and expected her to draw viewers -- all by herself. Might as well have Hoda Kotb interview Putin.

Actually that would be fun. NBC viewers know who she is. She and Kathy Lee Gifford host an hour of the "Today" show. Kotb and Gifford could ask him embarrassing questions about that gymnast he was supposed to be banging, while they kick back glasses of wine, and he polishes off a bottle of vodka.

You mess with The Donald, you lose. Ask Spy magazine. Rosie O'Donnell. Jeb Bush. Marco Rubio. Megyn Kelly.
NBC should pull the plug, shake it off, and groom her for her Today show gig.

She prove critics wrong by making it work on "Today." But she has to start a little lower and work her way up.

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  1. "Me-again" Megyn? No, that seems unlikely.

    1. Me-Me-Me-Gyn Kelly is a fucking retard.

  2. Big D, as many astute righties have noted, her ending has porn written all over it. One last big payday and then it's off to do traffic reporting at WHAG in Hagerstown.

    1. Ahhhh...But, the gender "Victim" angle has yet to be fully exploited (even though we did have some discussion in the summer)

      To wit: "The View" where hacks go to end.

      She could do something rational like sit on that 10M book deal/revenue and raise her own young kids while the old man supports them. But then, that's so 60's.

  3. I got that reference, Jeff and Pink Lady was on the tv one night when I was a young 18 year old, trying to score with my girlfriend. Both ended in confused failure.

    But I won't make the mistake of watching NBC news, ever.

    1. I grew up on Huntley-Brinkley, John Chancellor later. Sad

    2. Me, too. I remember Chancellor being escorted off the floor of a GOP (IIRC) convention, saying, "This is John Chancellor, somewhere in custody."

    3. Yep, the Cow Palace in '64.
      And Don, are you sure she didn't interview Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull? I mean, who is Erin Anderson? His wife?

  4. Wasn't Johnny Carson the last journalist at NBC?

  5. The audience she built at Fox News did not follow her to NBC because she lost nearly her entire audience at Fox with her incessant Trump bashing before she left.
    Fify free of charge.
    Love me some Surber

    1. Yep! Her treatment of him was just irrational and mean, to the point that no one could overlook it any more.

  6. Guys guys guys ... it was "Pink Lady and Jeff".

    Apparently they were deep into production of this new music/variety show thing before some genius realized that the host, Pink Lady, was two Japanese girls who didn't speak English. So Jeff Altman, who DOES speak English, was thrown in to try to salvage something coherent from the wreckage. The show, for unknown reasons, managed to survive for six months.

    1. Sorry, six weeks, not months. Maybe five weeks. I'm almost sorry I missed it.

  7. Was that a typo. Didn't you mean "NBC Suck(s) With Meghan Kelly"?

    Although they sucked without her as well.

  8. "The problem is "the buzz" is that it is not buzzing"

    Yeah, it is. Like a cloud of flies over carrion.

  9. The only viewers who know her are FoxNews people...and they've stopped watching even FoxNews...and WONT go to the "enemy" network to watch someone they think betrayed them.