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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Media whinges that Trump undercuts their a-thor-A-tay

Neil Cavuto of Fox News and Fox Business News was the latest to dump on President Trump for tweeting.

Cavuto's statement shows why.

From Cavuto:
"Mr. President, it's not the fake news media that's your problem. It's you. It's not just your tweeting, it's your scapegoating. It's your refusal to see that sometimes you're the one who's feeding your own beast and acting beastly with your own guys.
"Look at the critiques you're now hearing from usually friendly and supportive allies as sort of like an intervention. Because firing off these angry missives and tweets risks your political discussion."
His problem is not with the Fake News Media?

Why does Neil Cavuto lie?


The Fake News Media in January reported that Trump hired hookers in Russia to sleep in a bed Obama slept in.

And Neil Cavuto says with a straight face that the president's problem is not with the Fake News Media?

How dare Cavuto think that his viewers are so dumb that they believe that?

What Cavuto is saying is shut up and take the daily deluge of Fake News and do not dare fight back,. Cavuto wants to strip Trump of his one defense against the lies.

Because Cavuto knows President Trump is effective, and Cavuto does not like that because he is a little globalist whose job is to tell Americans that everything is going to be all right even as the Chinese steal our economy, and the Mexicans overrun our states.

Trump gets around the oligarchs of the media through Twitter.

That is why Cavyto does not want Trump tweeting.

Too damned bad.

The media's credibility is 10 points below Trump's in poll after poll.

And for good reason. Not only do they lie about Trump, but they tell wickedly stupid lies at that.

Cavuto once was a daily watch for me. I liked his commentaries. But you know what? I stopped doing that last year when he began repeating Fake News Media lies about Trump.

I read this comment by Cavuto online.

President Trump gets around the news fakers using Twitter. Small wonder Cavuto is jealous -- and afraid.

Trump gets 10 times the audience -- and advertisers notice that.

So do cable companies. Cord-cutters are cutting into their profits. Those $2 per customer per month fees that Fox News enjoys will soon be a thing of the past -- especially if Trump gets a law or a regulation through that allows cable customers to pick and choose which stations they get.

When it comes, bye-bye CNN, MSNBC, and yes, Fox News too.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Cavuto is taking Megyn Kelly's place? I guess he'll have to dye his hair and get a breast reduction now.

  2. God I can't stand Cavuto's voice. I am surprised he is still on the air. Also the guy seldom has anything meaningful to contribute. A very empty suit.

    1. Having nothing to contribute has never stopped Cavuto from interrupting his guests. Also, don't forget that now that the Murdoch NeverTrump kids run the network his job security depends on keeping them happy.

    2. Exactly. He never gives his guests a chance to get their 2 cents worth in, which is why I stopped watching his show more than a year ago. Can't stand the jerk. Cavuto's problem is his refusal to see that he acts beastly with his guests.

  3. I still like Cavuto.
    Do watch Lou Dobbs at seven now. Watch a Dvr'd "The Five" at six instead of Special Report, although fast-forwarding through the commercials lets me see the Special Report panel (at least most of it).
    Really miss Redeye.

  4. Charles Payne is our choice. He is a reasonable guy and likes Trump. He only has one whining lib on and her rarely

  5. Guys like Cavuto (if he isn't simply a wuss sell out) don't seem to realize that part of keeping track of where you are in a fight is recognizing where the enemy is and making sure that you aren't helping him. Punching to the right is cucking for the left. Folks realize this now. If we knew then what we know today the Birchers would have been silently tolerated, and not drummed out of the movement. Trump and many of the rest of us may not be your idea of perfect conservatives, but if you come out against in public you have lost your right wing street cred.

  6. It was only 2008 when The Nation was advocating teh democratic propaganda of FDR's "Fireside Chats".

    But now that Trump is skipping the MSM filter, it is tragedy. But then Trump isn't slipping into the homes of a naive public but rather provoking discussion of topics many wish to remain unspoken.

    "What all these publicity efforts had in common was an assumption that form and content needn’t be an either/or proposition, that aesthetic image and material reality might be complementary, and that publicity could be used to include, not distract, the American people. New Deal publicity spoke to the emotions but also fed the mind. As public relations historian Stuart Ewen argues, “Unspoken, but evident, was a determined and unaccustomed faith in ordinary people’s ability to make sense of things.” It was propaganda, but it was propaganda in tune with democracy."
    --Stephen Duncombe, The Nation, Mar 20, 2008

    BTW, I was unable to find any contemporary opinion of FDR's radio broadcasts. Of course, the New Dealers were known for going after those journalists who weren't onboard with their program

  7. Fox business may be slightly better than Fox News, but not by much.
    Cavuto is as bad as Kelly, & OReilly.
    There are few left on Fox business News I can stand watching.
    If I want fake conservative fake news, I have no short list to choose from.
    Bloomberg is globalist fake conservative.
    Wall street Journal is elitist open borders, sell Americans down the river to help global elites, traitorous scum.

    1. I watch Lou Dobbs religiously, and Tucker Carlson occasionally, but that's about it.

  8. I don't watch news on TV, and I don't read the news on paper. The media be lyin' to me.

    1. Well, they're tryin' to, but I ain't listnin".

    2. I don't "Watch" any of 'em - have no idea who most of 'em are, which - incidentally - makes these series of "Tweets" Don loves to list basically a bunch of Ancient Greek, full of "Hashtags" which apparently have to be added at the beginning of everything for some unknown reason. Never "watched" The Apprentice, either. I'd heard of Trump but couldn't have picked him from a lineup until about a week after he announced - and I've been a "MAGA" guy ever since.

  9. Surprising since Cavuto has always come across as a pretty Conservative guy and has had Trump on his show many times.

    1. Agreed. Admire him for his battles with cancer and MS too. But this is disturbing.

  10. Trump has NEVER appeared on Cavuto's show - and Cavuto admits Trump repeatedly declines. You can see why.

    Trump has been interviewed on several Fox and Fox Business shows. He's also gone into the lion's den to be interviewed by openly hostile interviewers.

    Cavuto does that passive/aggressive thing: I'm your buddy. My undermining you is only because I have your best interests at heart.

    Cavuto's favorite go-to guy is neverTrumper Charlie Last Gasparino. He brags that he knows Trump well and is a trusted insider of wealthy and powerful people but got every story about Trump's candidacy wrong.

    Lou Dobbs, an early Trump supporter who argued forcefully with Gasparino during campaign panel discussions NEVER allows a Gasparino report on his show and Varney (a fair weather Trump supporter) rarely allows a Gasparino appearance.

  11. Cavuto's a sanctimonious pearl clutcher trying to push an agenda. He pouts when he can't get a guest to agree with his narrative. I never watch him, if I can help it. But at least he's smarter than Shepherd Smith, although not by much, and not nearly as hormonal.