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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Media cries for CNN

CNN's retracted story last week was a national embarrassment to journalists.

Sadly, the grown-ups of the trade have not stood up for the truth and spoken up against this nefarious spread of Fake News, once again, by CNN.

Instead, the journalists pat the network on the head and praise it -- yes, praise it -- for retracting and apologizing for Fake News.


The network committed malpractice.

A doctor who saws of the wrong leg does not get praise for admitting the obvious.

He pays compensatory and punitive damages to the victim, and maybe loses his license.

Three employees departed?

Big deal.

I want real contrition. I want Jeff Zucker replaced. Let his head be placed figuratively on the pike as a warning to all other news executives.

The media should lean on CNN to finally stop spreading Fake News -- which is not the N-word, Mister Cuomo, but rather a euphemism for lying to spare the feelings of touchy, touchy journos.

Instead, the Washington Post sobbed for CNN: "CNN’s Russia story debacle came at the worst possible time for the network."

What about Anthony Scaramucci, the actual victim of CNN's Fake News?

CNN smeared him.

The Post wrote:
The sequence of events led Trump to take a kind of victory lap on Tuesday. He turned to Twitter to bash CNN and other media outlets (including The Washington Post) that have aggressively reported on his associates’ connections to Russian officials during the 2016 campaign and pre-inaugural period.

The Post means falsely

There is no connection!

Of course he called CNN out.

The media's Russians stories are lies. All lies. Not one damned accusation by the media has come true.

Not one. There is not a smidgen of evidence. The media makes this crud up, and attributes it to an anonymous source, and people's lives are ruined because the media refuses to accept that we elected Trump president.

The media is out of control, like a two year old throwing a tantrum.

That's going to have to change. Now. We need the elders to call these liars and their lying news organizations out.

As we approach the nine-month mark since the American people proved the news media experts all wrong by electing Donald John Trump president, the nation's news media has by and large failed to accept the results.

Instead, they have dug in and become an opposition party -- something they never, ever were intended to be. Their terrible reporting and unfairness even on those occasions when they defy the odds and get a story right cast shade upon a democratic republic.

"Democracy dies in darkness!" is the battle cry of legions of insipid, insolent juveniles suffering from arrested development.

Journalists are not the opposition. They hold no one accountable. They simply tell the truth. They report stories.

Before filing a story on Trump, let his people respond and include that in the story, as high up as practical.

That rule applies to everyone.

If a terrorist strikes, name him. The job is to inform people, not to prevent Islamophobia. Or to promote the climate change theory, gay rights, abortion rights, gender equality. sex equality, race equality, or even the First Amendment.

Report. Inform. Be fair.

The American people are not all fools. They do not need to be led around by a bunch of cub reporters.

I should not have to tell journalists how to do their job.

There should be some grownups in the trade willing to stand up and fight for the truth.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback

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  1. The media is the only private organization to have direct Constitutional protection and since 1931 everywhere in the US after incorporation under the 14th Amendment by the SCOTUS. The SCOTUS expanded the word press in the Constitution to cover just about all forms of media. Yet this honor bestowed on the press by the Founders is being dishonored.
    Since government cannot legally interfere with the 1st Amendment, President Trump is using his power of selectivity to show his contempt of their fake news. Good for him.
    I am a news/political junkie and there is so much fake news being presented that at times I am not sure which is which, so I KNOW that regular folks are taken in by the fake news; I see it with friends to back up this belief.
    Palin suing the NYT because of their reissuing of a debunked fake news story is a start.

  2. Great post, Don, once again. You speak for me 100%.

    We all know media bias has been an issue for a long time, but I literally had NO idea the media was capable of this level of hatred and dismissal of the American people and their choices. Its important to know who your enemies are. Noted.

  3. The best part is that AT&T is, yet again, trying to intrude in your life (and your thoughts) with the Turner/Time Warner deal. They'll go along with everything because it spells profit.

    There's no Tracfone/Dish/SatComm that can get around the metastatic cancer that is AT&T and their media.

    1. You mean, unlike Comcast/Universal/NBC?

  4. When they bring in basic training camp for journalists, I think we all know who we want there reaming out the boots.

  5. T says:

    The NY Post headline: "CNN The Most Busted Name In News." Kinda says it all.

    1. Drudge had a good one today: "Wolf Turns Sheepish".

  6. Your plea is falling on the deaf Don. Today's NY Post though has a 2 watt bulb flickering in the darkness for you. ATT is apparently run by people who are in with Trump. If they take over Time Warner (CNN) Zucker may lose his job.
    But so what? Cable has only few viewers compared to say NBC which may be even worse than CNN because of its insidious nature , or ABC owned by Disney, a major Hollywood player, or CBS controlled by a willful man in his 90s who has no conservative thoughts except steak and sex, or the NYT owned by a liberal family as fanatic as any Ayatollah. Bezos is never going to give up the WaPo as a tool to keep his company from being broken up. Besides all of DC hates Trump.He is threatening their livelihood of directing government money into their own saddlebags to pay for all those nice homes in leafy Potomac, surrounded by large green lawns right next to a handy Senator jogging by, elite private schools that promise a 90% chance of Ivy admission.
    The only adults in journalism are those who want more power, not less. What they have now is thanks to the courts and constitution as we have discussed on these electropages 1000 times and massive income unrelated to their media arm. Only a change in law will really change anything. Jamais, Don, Jamais. Yet their greed and hate give you a platform for your own excellence in posting, so all is not lost.
    Besides reality of achievement has a way of staying alive in the mind longer than a fantasy of failure. Truman said politics was the art of getting people to do what they really do not want to do. If Trump can meet that standard, and he promoted himself as being such a man, he will enter the kingdom of political heaven in raiments unstained by the muddy feet of his tormentors. Something to hope for.

  7. I read that the three "journalists" that resigned will have their contracts honored.

    Some penalty. Full pay and hero status among their peers. I am sure another low life fake-news organization will hire them once the noise dies down.

  8. "Democracy dies in darkness!" is the battle cry of legions of insipid, insolent juveniles suffering from arrested development.
    Yes, and that darkness in in the media's hearts and minds.

  9. I do not believe "journalists" feel anymore embarrassment than the clintons when they get caught. The "journalists" just move on to the next lie like the clintons move on to the next criminal scheme. There are NO consequences for either.