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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's avoid a Year of Five Presidents

In the 20th century, I would not have to write this. But Stalin's seeds of division were planted in the universities before I was born (three months after his death) and have come to fruition -- Venus flytraps that eat the minds of students.

A professor had to go into hiding for fear of his students and colleagues who objected to his presence on campus on a day when No Whiteys Were Allowed.

An actor as Commodus

The power of the over-educated crowd frightens me.

So much now that I must explain what should already be ingrained in our psyche: political terrorism will murder a society.

The Left is going there as it whitewashes Muslim terrorism -- Washington Post reported the anniversary Muslim attack that killed 49 gay people at a nightclub in Orlando without using "Muslim" or any form of "terror" in its 1,045 words. Instead, the revisionist history became it was just a man who bought guns to kill people.

The Left is going there as Antifa fascists throw rocks and fists at conservative speakers.

And the Left is going there as it depicts President Trump as a person who must be decapitated.

Which brings me to the production of "Julius Caesar" in New York's Shakespeare in the Park. Just about all plays, movies, and TV shows  are lefty agit-prop theater. In this one, an actor portraying Trump is Julius Caesar.

From Variety:
The ever-present threat of dictatorship is visualized by set designer David Rockwell in the brutalist architecture of giant, grinding wheels of government. Kenneth Posner’s aggressive lighting and Jessica Paz’s discordant sound effects provide no comfort from the din of the mob. And lest we miss the message, the spotless white togas normally worn by the intellectual elite like Cicero the orator (Edward James Hyland) are all but eclipsed by the black trenchcoats of the conspirators and the intimidating black military uniforms worn by the ever-present army.
Call it a populist democracy, but don’t underestimate the muscle of a mob that can erupt into violence and claim the lives of honest men like Cinna the Poet (a brief but moving appearance by Yusef Bulos), sadly mistaken by a wild-eyed mob for Cinna the conspirator (Christopher Livingston).
The review ends:
The most dangerous villain in the piece, though, is the rampaging Roman mob, its allegiances flapping like a weathervane, its hatreds quickly stoked, its rages easily redirected to perceived enemies. Although no one among the rabble actually chants “Lock her up!” or “Trump that b—!” or “Kick him out!,” the echo of mobs past hangs in the air.
Thus the Democrats (Cassius, Marc Antony, and Brutus is particular) had no choice but to take him out.

'Tis one play, right? They did Obama five years ago. Except the crowd then was not those beguiled by his Cult of Personality, but rather the Tea Party.

And this was pretty much a stand alone at the end of his first term. It did not come as the press reviled him as Hitler and his supporters as Nazis.

The ease at which the media talks of assassination and impeachment trouble me because politically I am an American first, a Trump supporter second. Sure there was talk of impeaching Obama, but not this early and certainly not this intense.

Discarding a president without ever giving him a chance has consequences. Our warning comes from 1,824 years ago with the assassination of Roman Emperor Commodus when his wrestling partner, Narcissus, strangled him on New Year's Eve 192.

(Beware of Vince McMahon, Mister President.)

This ended the 15-year reign by Commodus, which had followed the reign of the Five Good Emperors, which included his father. Dio Cassius described the reign of Commodus as the descent "from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust."

Oh, things went downhill from there. Pertinax became emperor and died after an assassination on May 28.

Didius Julianus became emperor until his execution on June 1. That led to a disputed emperorship.

Pescennius Niger declared himself an emperor, which sparked a two-year civil war, which Niger lost.

Clodius Albinus and Septimius Severus signed a treaty -- they had been rivals -- which made the former the emperor in order to get his aid on the side of Severus in the civil war.

Septimius Severus had the backing of the Senate after the death of Pertinax. Severus also was behind the execution of Julianus. Albinus never had the power of emperor.

But he had the title.

The warning of Julius Caesar is about populism -- as authored by a writer 1,500 or so years later (albeit the playwright was Shakespeare).

The warning of the Year of Five Emperors is a warning about politicians.

The way to avoid a Year of Five Emperors is to not concentrate as much power in one man.

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  1. "The way to avoid a Year of Five Emperors is to not concentrate as much power in one man." Which Obama had, and Trump does not.

    1. IN 2009 the communists said the presidency was too big for one man, that one man being Barry. We had eight years of president incompetent.

  2. Good timing. Some Democrat just tried to take out a bunch of Republicans at a ball practice. Remember. There was a civil war after Caesar was murdered and the co called heroes of the play get their asses handed to them. Taking out Trump may not be the great idea these dopes think.

  3. Yesterday we were one mag dump away from it going hot. It sounds like we had four mag dumps today. We're lucky (if you want to fall on the side of optimism) that the shooter couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 20 yards.

    If the narrative of partisan targeting survives, we'll have some unpleasantness going forward.

    One party better understand what's going on here and that they've fired the first shots.

  4. I am in my 24-hour wait mode on the shooting.

    1. Trump seems to be applying something of the Surber Rule himself. Nothing much beyond consolations for the injured.

  5. At some point, some of the democrats and never-Trumpers will wake up. Is this the point?

    I hope so.

    If not, TPDoc and RussellG are on target.

  6. Basically, the Media (a cabal of a few wealthy men) is pushing assassination of the president while offering it's protection for doing so. They are no different than Osama who told his followers they we're bound for heaven for hijacking planes. (Later he was filmed laughing at their stupidity because "the brothers", as he called them, were never told what was the purpose of the planes was to be.)
    The cabalists, selfish and personal cowards, are promoting the idea of glory as the reward for murder. They say in effect it is the killing of a tyrant,( words actually used by John W Booth) a tyrant to them because the greedy pliant slave they had paid to buy on the election block last year proved defective.
    When Caesar visited a quaking Cicero at his country home to discuss literature a few months before his death, he arrived with a bodyguard of several thousand troops with whom he had fought personally for many years in successful and profitable wars. In the Senate he entered alone, in spite of warnings from his mother, to show his bona fides to the Senate. The only man that might have saved him with his fearless sword fighting skills, Anthony, was waylaid on purpose outside the building. Caesar died from 21 stab wounds, all from Senators he knew personally, many who owed him their lives because he had pardoned them during the just concluded Civil War.
    Nut jobs are everywhere as we see today in Virginia. They can be triggered and ignited. The media want this for Trump. I feel it. He should have some Seals or Delta guys with him at all times now.
    After his murder Anthony waved the bloody toga of Caesar before the mob. The Senate house was attacked, it's wooden benches sized to burn the body, eventually engulfing the building itself in the flames. The assassins we're not greeted as liberators as expected but forced to flee. Civil war followed, ending in complete dictatorship. The powerful rich we're reduced to political and financial servitude. The aristocracy became grateful bureaucrats, pale images of their glorious ancestors.
    The media is truly playing with the fire now. Media delenda est!

    1. Media Delenda Est! Right on,right on, right on. Ya done good, there, Anon.

  7. Mexican history has a couple of moments like that, too.

  8. Warning Yellow, weapons tight.

    1. Be safe and buy more ammo.

  9. Assassination attempt in the park. It looks like the DEMOCRATS got what they wanted. That didn't take long, did it?

  10. If the Antifa Fascists expand their attacks, the now peaceful TEA Partiers will become like the Minutemen of old. It took about 10 years for the conversion in colonial days.

  11. If the Antifa Fascists expand their attacks, the now peaceful TEA Partiers will become like the Minutemen of old. It took about 10 years for the conversion in colonial days.

  12. Someone shot Franz Ferdinand in Bosnia and started WWI. That was arguably never resolved resulting in WWII a generation later.

    America is a world super power. The assassination of our President or decapitation of our government is very dangerous business, not just for our country, but for the stability of peace in the world. You'd think the globalists would get that, but they are too busy protecting the Honey Pot.

    1. Here's a guy with a lousy sense of timing:

  13. A lot of Leftist poseurs and other Democrat aligned advocates of violence are now like cockroaches when the light goes on.

    The instructions currently going out from the DNC consist of one word: "BACKPEDAL!"

  14. After this, Kathy Griffin won't be able to get a job as a gofer for a cleaning lady, not in the media she won't.

  15. Some members of Congress are now calling for a law allowing themselves -- and only themselves -- to be able to have CC. The peasants, I assume, can hide, run, or get shot. Hypocrites.