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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I don't care about press access

From the Hill:
Senate Republicans crack down on press access
From Politico:
Reporters protest restrictions on TV interviews in Capitol
From McClatchy:
Reporters complain they were blocked from interviewing senators on camera

I am supposed to stand up for their First Amendment rights to film senators in the hallways.

Somehow, the Second Amendment only applies to flintlocks but the First Amendment means President Trump cannot block you from Twitter.

(People are suing the president because he blocked them on Twitter. Hey, call it a Muslim Twitter Ban and the 9th Circuit will issue you a temporary restraining order forcing him to let you see his tweets.)

OK, so the Senate doesn't want reporters blocking the halls with cameras like political paparazzi hounding the senators.

And I am supposed to protest because everyone has a duty to stand up for a free press any time the press howls foul.

The American Civil Liberties Union ordered me to do so:
"Preventing the press from informing the public about the workings of their own government goes against the core values of our democracy. For decades, the Capitol building has been open for recorded interviews, which provide a critical window into the legislative process."

Just no.

Not this time.

I am not falling for this nonsense again.

I am not lifting a finger to aid liberal Marxists who hate me because I supported -- and still support -- President Trump.

Lucian Wintrich -- White House correspondent for Gateway Pundit -- laid out my reasons.

These reporters are the same people denying access to the Senate by Gateway Pundit.

They had a Star Chamber deny Gateway Pundit, the conservative news site run by blogger Jim Hoft. He has broken quite a few news stories over the years, occasionally embarrassing the Fake News media.

From Lucian Wintrich:
So all of the sudden, these journalists AND the ACLU have a problem with restricted access (still full access, just restrictions on filming in the Capitol without permission) – but at the same time – these are the same people who are working to keep Conservative press from being granted ANY ACCESS WHAT SO EVER. Process that for a second.
As previously reported by the Gateway Pundit:
We went into the hearing on Monday with good faith and with the expectation that we would be treated fairly and that the committee would listen to our arguments.
But we were told by Lloyd Grove at The Daily Beast that the committee rejected our appeal the minute we left the room.
The committee could not block our access due to our funding like they did with other news organizations.  They accused us not reporting enough original content. Have they even read their own websites?
Screw ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Univision, and any other television outlets who demand access.

When we get an unbiased press, I will support it. Right now, we do not.

At least the paparazzi don't have the decency to stay outside the building and not block fire exits.

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  1. Our U.S. Representatives and Senators are being paid handsomely to conduct business for and in the name of the Citizens of the United States. If the press has a question for them they should present it in writing and expect a written reply. If they want an interview they should make a request for one. If our Representative or Senator has time in his/her busy schedule, perhaps they will grant it. They are not obliged or obligated to cater to the press. They work for US. As for cluttering up the U.S. Capitol hallways, I would bet that the Fire Marshall would have some suggestions. - Elric

  2. Chuck Schumer and John McCain may have withdrawal symptoms.

    Screw the press. hahahahahahahahaha

  3. I am very perturbed by this restriction of the press. How will I now find out what the Senators think of Ivanka "inaccurately" calling Judaism one of world's "largest" religions, instead of one of the "major" ones?
    Maybe if the press begins to conduct themselves like professional and respectable adults they will be allowed privileges. Otherwise they should look for real jobs that actually benefit humanity.

  4. "Preventing the press from informing the public about the workings of their own government goes against the core values of our democracy. For decades, the Capitol building has been open for recorded interviews, which provide a critical window into the legislative process."
    Given that the press is already keeping the truth from us, and lying to us, all I got to say is "...them and the jackasses they rode in on".

  5. Freedom of the press means you don't have to buy a Dillon 650 if you don't want to?

    1. The company says it's progressive. 800 rounds and hour is the kind of progressivism I can get into.

  6. "I don't care about press access"

    Hey, don't be hasty. Ain't there SOME Mainstream Media person you'd like to put through a printing press?

    Or a currency one. It's all about the Benjamins, baby. You just know they'll look like a million bucks afterwards.