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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Hush up about Islamophobia, liberals

Three terrorists shouting Allah slammed a van into people on a bridge in London. There are stabbings and attacks elsewhere in the city.

The lectures from liberals began immediately on Twitter about how we didn't "know" it was terrorism and how we didn't "know" it was Muslims.

But it was, and the times has come for these insane people to hush. Just hush. Grown-ups are talking.

Why did London elect as mayor a Muslim apologist for terrorism?

It is not a phobia if the fear is real.

Quit calling me names -- especially before the facts are in.

Dead bodies are a more sickening site.

Pray for the dead, help the wounded, and otherwise...


Liberals need to be quiet.

Let the grown-ups speak about what changes we must make to end this misery.
Speak up, man, speak up.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. The usual "official" "nobody knows who or why" reports and the "no damned Islamophobia allowed" statements are released. Clearly, once again, it must be pissed-off Presbies or loony Lutherans or mad Mormons or crazed Catholics, or a group to be named never.

  2. The biggest failing of our times is the inability of some to recognize a wolf in wolf's clothing.

  3. Replies
    1. Islamophilia and Islamophiliacs are the correct things to call them.

  4. Don, I've got to admit I really don't care what happens to England. They voted for what's happening. And, what's worse, if someone tries to fight back, they're thrown in prison. You can't help a society that's commiting suicide. Not one drop of American blood for that mess. Best thing we can do is refuse British visas. Trump is surely right.

    1. Yes, I agree, the UK now needs to be added to Trump's travel ban until appropriate extreme vetting procedures can be put into place.

    2. This is how Revolutions start. When wishes, safety and well-being of the populace are ignored, even disdained.

      The English need a George Washington, before they wind up with another Oliver Cromwell.

      Perhaps Prince William may one day hook up with some military leaders and impose the sort of solution Kratman described. After all, he'll be the one they swore allegiance to.

      "I swear by God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty".

  5. The Brits I know have become passive and fatalistic.( Too late, they say) One told me the cops don't even want to carry guns. Too provocative. As Mr Whacko says above, they deserve their fate. Still, Some think this will go away like the IRA bombings, but of course it won't. They say a rabbit will stay still before a predator because it thinks by not moving it can't be seen. The Brit politicians have been preaching Rabittism for some time. The spectre is still there.
    Another thing I noticed recently was that London really is hardly a British city any more, bizarrely, less so in December than even in September when I was also there. I walked a couple of miles in the West part of the city two weeks before Christmas and didn't hear a single word of English on the street. One can do the same thing in New York of course but only during tourist season in the summer Most people I saw looked like they lived there.
    I lived in a South London slum near the scene of this disaster in the late 60s for awhile. The city is definitely not the same place now and The term Londonistan is not a frivolous epithet. The country towns are still 100% old school and it is they who voted brexit, garnering only contempt from the city dwellers. Tonight on Fox the Brit correspondent was very concerned the plague would involve the financial district near London bridge. The bodies on the bridge were on no concern.
    Let the city dwellers get blown up, run over and stabbed and have their endless and pios candle vigils and free concerts, I don't care no more. But Let us not make the same errors here and be like rabbits. Islam is a political movement, not a religion and it should be treated as such. Just as it became an arm of the socialists in Britain, it will perform Jihad at the polls for the Democrats here, at least until it takes political and military power through them, as they in fact plan it to do some day. Hussein knew what he was doing and so even do the judges he appointed. They agree with the plan. Then there will be no USA, which they all despise, except in the "countryside" like say Texas, a state I happen to admire, but it may not matter by then.

    1. I reckon the best of the English genetics died in the two wars. Like Germany as well. You see, the Human Genome is only interested in producing the next generation. The birthrate is the only thing that matters. Look real hard at western women. Look at what's happened to intact family units.

      Abortion is a pox upon western civilization. I'm a small c christian. God isn't one to be mocked. Islam has been called the scourge of God. Isn't that interesting?

      Personally, I don't believe that any Nation that practices abortion will survive, much less one that permits the sale of baby parts.

      As for the outright insanity and perversion that we are witnessing, I truly believe it is going to get much worse. How many folks understand what happened during and after the Crusades?

      I never thought I would ever see things that are happening today. Islam is bad, no doubt....but Planned Parenthood is much, much worse. The Bible makes reference to how God makes the heart of a people despondent and weak. Look at the state of English society....

  6. Islamophobia _ A rational fear of Islam. GOC