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Friday, June 30, 2017

Hope for Europe

Patrick Buchanan, the last of the Monroe Doctrinists (we'll stay in our hemisphere, you stay in yours, Europe), had an interesting take on the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France.

In electing Macron, the French rebuked Marine Le Pen's nationalism, but that does not mean French nationalism is dead, according to Buchanan.

From Buchanan:
For the first time in the history of De Gaulle’s Fifth Republic, neither the center-left Socialists nor center-right Republicans, the parties that have ruled France for 60 years, made it into the finals in a presidential election.
And while the first round of that election saw the ruling Socialist Party’s candidate run fifth, with 6 percent, the votes of the rightist Le Pen and far left-Communist Jean-Luc Melenchon together topped 40 percent. It is the flanks of European politics that seem still to be hard and growing, and the center that seems shaky and imperiled.
Moreover, Macron faces daunting problems. Unemployment is nearly 10 percent, with youth unemployment twice that. Terrorist attacks from within Muslim communities continue to rise, as do the number of boats of Third Worlders migrating from across the Med.
Can anyone believe that, as these trends continue, Europeans will continue to back centrist policies and moderate politicians to deal with them?
Dream on. That is not the history of Europe.
What I know of French politics is less than you do.

But history, ah history. France putzes around for a few centuries getting kicked around, until a Charles Martel or Joan d'Arc shows up and rallies the troops.

People who do not belong in France are over-running the place. How odd that Muslims who are not supposed to even look at alcohol are migrating to the historic wine capital of the world.

Notre Dame will either be a cathedral or a mosque in 50 years. My heart wants to bet on the former, but my head says the odds favor the latter.

Still history favors a savior for France. The last two were called the United States. But France is not fighting German armies this time, but rather Muslim infiltrators. I doubt Macron is Martel, but the nation needs one, and all of Europe needs France to have one. Or at least a Joan d'Arc.

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  1. France may of had a Joan d'Arc in Marine Le Pen but this time burned her at the ballot box.
    The trouble with France in the past as now is that in the long run, you can't save stupid.

    A harsh assessment perhaps but probably accurate.

    1. Being stupid is similar to being dead. When you're dead, you don't know it, but everyone around you does and has to deal with it. Likewise, when you're stupid, you don't know it, but everyone around you does and has to deal with it. And they don't call the French surrender monkeys for nothing. - Elric

    2. That's "cheese-eating surrender monkeys", Elric. And that's only because they got run over by the Germans in WWII. Well, also 1870 or so by the Prussians.

    3. "the wine capital of the world"

      The Swiss had better not lose the "bank of the world" thing. I mean, how butch can one's army be when one's army knife has a wine opener on it?

  2. Forget Europe. Gonna be a bloody massacre. No American blood for France!

    1. No MORE American blood..........

  3. The Monroe Doctrine died when Wilson pushed us into our unnecessary participation in World War I.

  4. 10% unemployment is a joke. Europeans always lie with their statistics to a much greater degree than we do. They've had more practice at it. Any European will tell you that just about anyone in their country who wants a job has one. That's the key. They only count people who are looking for work, and there is a huge proportion that does not. We have access to numbers of people who have dropped out of the workforce. They have entire generations who are outside the working system, or are given make work "jobs" that require no productivity.

  5. Notre Dame will be a mosque and it won't take 50 years. The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower will be destroyed. When they didn't vote in Le Pen, I checked the no longer give a damn box.

    1. True enough. Given the history of the French....well, let them rot. Same for England. As has been pointed out, you can't save the suicidally stupid. Feminism. Oh well.

    2. Things have come to a pretty pass when the only hope of a nation is a military coup.

  6. The French constitution, if it can be labelled as such, is not so much a document as a periodical. I'm mean, monarchy, anarchy, Committee of Public Safety, Bonaparte dictatorship, yada-yada, up to the FIFTH Republic.

    It's like Duck Dodgers following Planets A through W to reach Planet X.