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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

High wages, low unemployment bother globalists

Remember when the globalists insisted illegal aliens were not taking jobs from Americans?

Remember when they said

Now that The Donald has spooked millions of these invaders to go back where they came from, the truth is coming out.
From Bloomberg:
Fed Officials Sharpen Concerns Over Trump’s Immigration Policy
Federal Reserve officials are beginning to worry out loud that President Donald Trump’s immigration policies are depriving U.S. companies of a scarce resource: workers.
Patrick Harker, president of the Philadelphia Fed, became the latest policy maker to call attention to the struggles of companies in finding low-skilled labor.
“I’m hearing this more and more and more,” Harker said Friday during remarks to the Pennsylvania Economic Association. “We’re feeling real tightness and part of this is related to immigration policy.”
Employers in many U.S. regions have for months been reporting difficulty in filling skilled positions. Now, with the Trump administration clamping down on illegal immigration just as unemployment hits its lowest level since 2001, more companies are also scrambling to find basic laborers.
Then there is this from USA Today:
Trump’s crackdown on both illegal and legal immigration is likely to reduce net immigration to the U.S from about 1 million to about 750,000 annually, estimates Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics. He says that will hurt the economy chiefly by limiting the size of the workforce, as well as by hindering consumption and productivity. Many immigrants, he says, are risk-takers who launch new businesses, which tend to be more innovative and productive than average firms.
Low unemployment.

High wages.

Record levels in stock prices.

Donald Trump is Making America Great Again.

If that bothers you, move.

No, I mean it, go live in some failed Third World state because that is what you want America to be.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. And maybe some will get back into the workforce and start looking/working, especially if food stamps and welfare dry up.

    1. The complaint is no people for the jobs, but we do have a very high rate of unemployment in the inner city; that is unless the progressives are lying. However, since my son supervises a group of them, they actually have never been taught, learned or don't care about our American work ethic. They come in late, leave early or just don't come in and expect that there will be no consequences. And that to some degree is correct, since his management is 'afraid' to fire them because of bad PR or worse. He has to deal with it. I saw this lack of common work rules in the 1970s and my middle class co-workers didn't know what the problem was. Having lived with foster parents in what would be considered poverty, I recognized the problem and corrected it myself; but it has gotten far worse with our 'I/they deserve better' and welfare dependent society.

  2. Thar be a lot (LOT) of foot-shooting in the press. Puts a smile (BIG OLD S M I L E) on my face.

  3. Low "unemployment" means low U3, but not necessarily low U6. A record number of working-age adults remain outside the economy. Real wages have been stagnant for a decade. It's time to reward average Americans who have stood on the sidelines while the ultra-rich Friends of Barack have profited from government policies that have disfavored middle class Americans. Gee, higher wages to attract some of those un- and under-employed people who fall under U6 (excluding those who are retired and on Soc Sec) might mean higher inflation. Oh, the humanity! The Federal Reserve might have to do something to counteract "good" wage inflation, one that will benefit moderate and low income Americans.

    1. What happened to Quantitative Easing? And who got all the money that was created to shift into the stock market?

  4. Many immigrants, he says, are risk-takers who launch new businesses
    Yes, every neighborhood needs a pharmacy with a direct link to Mexico.....

    1. And taco trucks who move everyday to avoid health inspectors, construction "labor" who get no permits, etc, et al. I'm seeing a few young black guys working on big building sites which is a very good thing and used to be the norm.

  5. A lot of things can possibly work together. Rising wages for low end work will attract some who didn't have any other incentive to get a job. Requiring a job to receive food stamps (under many conditions -- I guess not all, not sure) as Clinton and Gingrich agreed upon once will get others to seek work. And once people are working again, whether they gave up once or never had the opportunity because of hiring illegals under the table, a culture and work ethic will change.

    If Congress gets to work on a business oriented tax plan and the schools get some competition so that young people can learn basic skills again, more will change. Maybe even the cities will change!

    1. 22 states now require some form of working for food stamps. In Alabama a drop of 85% from the rolls has supposedly occurred.

    2. 22 states now require some form of working for food stamps. In Alabama a drop of 85% from the rolls has supposedly occurred.

  6. Why haven't we imported more Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Russians to read us the news? All of the CNN, MSNBC, and the other media lunatics look to be about 90% white and not an immigrant to be seen. I would like to see all native citizens from these groups fired and replaced w immigrants. Rachel MAddow? Gone, here comes a Mexican to take your job. Anderson Cooper? Gone, here comes a Brazilian. and so forth until every last rat has been replaced. Hypocrites!