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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Get help, Democrats

How sick is the Democratic Party?
Portland Police Chief Says Antifa Protesters Used Slingshot to Launch Urine and Feces-Filled Balloons at Riot Cops
The Fascist Wing has taken over the Party of Andrew Jackson.

From Willamette Week:
Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman said today that riot cops pushed [fascist] and anarchist protesters out of downtown parks June 4 after the protesters used slingshots to launch balloons filled with urine, feces and unknown chemicals into police ranks.
This fascism reflects the leadership of the party which refuses to denounce the rioting and efforts to shut down conservative voices.

The language of dog-whistle violence flows from the top.

From the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee who raised a record $1.2 billion to be the most expensive failure in political history, this tweet about the Republican health insurance bill:
Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they're the death party.
OK, America. It has been eight months. It is time for a national intervention.

Hillary needs to get help. So does her party.

She is showing signs of an emotional breakdown because she cannot -- will not -- get over losing in such a spectacular fashion last November, collapsing at the polls like she did at the 9/11 commemoration last fall.

Hilary is old and embittered -- angry and unreasonable.

So are many of her geriatric friends.

Nancy Pelosi cannot remember who the president is. She thinks it is George Bush. I'm not really sure which George Bush, either.

Maxine Waters tweeted, bizarrely:
Instead of disabled people in wheelchairs, the only person who should be dragged anywhere is Trump -- down the hall, to impeachment.
The party clanks on. Old. Out of touch. Bitter.

Is there an assisted living facility that can handle about 100 lifer liberals? They all have money thanks to a lifetime of "public service."

They lost and they still cannot handle it. They lost to someone they spent two years mocking. They lost to people they wrote off as losers -- white, male, no college education. They lost despite having oodles of money and a far superior computer program and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I want to tell them: Democrats you lost. Get over it or get some help.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Why would one be surprised that it's "darts envenomed" they are hurling?

  2. Sick ba$tards. the national guard is going to be activated to address rioting and disorder (see Chicago this weekend) and it is time to order more ammo.

    1. Midway USA, baby. Great prices, outstanding selection, fast delivery. Every purchase I've made has exceeded expectations.

  3. Looks like Chief Marshmann needs to round up those Antifa people and get them into some jail cells. I've read there's a big jail somewhere around Portland that's completely empty.

  4. Police departments were ordered to stand down in Berkeley and other cities in order to let antifa thugs attack Trump supporters with impunity.

    This is their thanks? Huh.

    Stupid AND feral is no way to go through life, losers. The last person on the planet you want to piss off is an urban cop.

    These little pissants are in for a world of well-deserved hurt. I hope they get it.

  5. Yeah, man. We really stuck it to The System this time, man. Power to the People, man. Didja see that pig we hit with the balloon, man? It was awesome, man!

    Wait, what?



  6. "The Fascist Wing has taken over the Party of Andrew Jackson."

    That would be the Party of Slavery that brought you the Civil War in order to preserve their right to own people. The Democratic Party has not 'devolved'. Its has always been built on its own insatiable thirst for power. Everything else is just details.