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Thursday, June 15, 2017

CBS spelled Obama T-R-U-M-P

When last we looked, several Arab nations were pissed at Qatar.

CBS decided to capitalize on this with a Fake News headline:
Trump sells Qatar $12 billion of U.S. weapons days after accusing it of funding terrorism

A-ooga! A-ooga!

Fake News Alert!

Paragraph 10 read:
The full arms sale, of over $20 billion for 72 F-15QA fighter jets, was notified in November 2016. This means it had already been authorized by Congress and the executive branch, when President Obama was in office, before the Trump administration came into office. During Mr. Trump's recent visit to Riyadh, he made a point of telling reporters during a photo spray with the Qatari emir that he was going to sell Qatar "big beautiful weapons." In the wake of the diplomatic crisis -- and Mr. Trump's public statements raising concern about alleged Qatari funding of terrorism -- there were questions about whether the arms deal would go through. However, on Wednesday, in Washington, Defense Secretary James Mattis formally signed the letter of offer and acceptance for the purchase.
(I have no idea what "a photo spray" is. Photo op?)

So Obama -- not Trump -- made this deal. President Trump did not sell the stuff. Barack Obama did.

Congress approved it when Obama was in the White House.

CBS reporters Margaret Brennan and Kylie Atwood -- who wrote this mess -- are Fake News artists.

Instead of informing the public, they twisted the story to make President Trump look bad.

CBS should just release them from their contracts so they can join The Resistance.

Hat tip: Reddit_The_Donald.

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  1. They couldn't tell the truth if they tried. If I were accused of a crime I didn't commit and a NYT reporter was the only exculpatory witness I had, I would forgo that and throw myself at the mercy of the court.

  2. They couldn't lie straight in coffins, either. Well, they won't be able to when their times come.

  3. From the gang who said 9/11 occurred in 2011, another foray into journalistic excellence. That old adage about monkeys and typewriters and Shakespeare is getting more and more apt. Is Lancelot Link looking for work?

  4. The Brennan woman is one of the "squirmy drama queens" in the first couple of rows of the WH pressers. Always a kick to watch her animated righteous outrage/confusion. She's clearly been in a Megyn phase for a while.

    I'm wondering...Is she related to the lying John Brennan we all know and love?

  5. The truth is kryptonite to Lefties.

  6. This is like blaming the first trillion dollar deficit on Bush 43 when it was passed by a Dimocrat Congress and signed by Obungler but that didn't stop the Fake News Media on assigning it to Bush 43 because he was prez when the fiscal year started. GOC