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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Carrie Fisher story is why people hate the media

Carrie Fisher's death on a flight home on December 23 was a drug overdose, according to news reports.

I really did not want to know this. She was a druggie. I knew that. Why rub it in?

But my beef with the media goes beyond that.

Last October, the media allowed Carrie Fisher to smear now-President Trump as a cokehead just like her.


During a presidential debate, Trump had the sniffles.

From the New York Daily News:
“Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher accused Donald Trump of being addicted to cocaine after a fan asked about the Republican presidential candidate’s sniffles during the second debate.
“Tell me something about that sniffle...coke head or no?” asked Amy R in a now-deleted tweet.
“I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY,” Fisher responded.
The story had zero merit, and no comment from Trump or his campaign staff.

Instead, the paper quoted Howard Dean as saying the same thing.

This was dishonest reporting by Kate Feldman.

And the Hill.

And Esquire.

And President Obama's official taxpayer-paid spokesman.

By the way, that scene in "Shampoo" is one of my all-time favorites.

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  1. I agree that the liklehood of Trump being a cokehead was a stretch.

    If Don Surber wants to be considered a serious journalist and sell books, he needs to improve his writing skills first

    1. Show your work.

      It should be found in your vita under "Publications". Or, is it under that "Internet Posts" section?

    2. Just my opinion, you are very sensitive. Its not even your book

    3. Ding Dong: Please provide your CV.

    4. Who the fuck are you to request such a thing; the fucking stazi! This is America bitch go fuck yourself!

  2. If Ding Dong wants to be considered a serious commenter and share his thoughts, he needs to improve his presentation skills first.


    1. I have no desire to be a paid commentator. Just my opnion

    2. Don doesn't pay commenters, so you're good there. It's mainly that you're new here, not known to we who've been here awhile, and your first comment requires expansion. Tell us why.

    3. The paid comment was because it was unclear what a serious commentator is supposed to be? Am I supposed to form part of the echo chamber.

      The first article I read was the CNN Acosta which read real clunky. Reading a few others it's strikes he strikes me as someone who spends all day searching for what he considers the worst of the left and then getting outraged by it. There's a big wide world out there, so easy to be angered by it, especially when you seek it out

  3. I do not recall that story during the campaign. I will likely forget it by tomorrow.

  4. It went a tad bit beyond "recreational drug abuse."

    The vets out here used to call her final serum toxicology "dog kill."

    Never shatter the words of the Princess and the Rebel Obama alliance.

  5. Is this a supposition with more substance?

    Credit Where It Is Due: This is a blogsite, not a book proposal site, and so doesn't have the luxury of much time for proofreading and rewriting. Nonetheless the articles are well-written and reasonably free of error.

  6. I thought Leia had kicked the Bolivian Marching Powder...guess not. The problem was the up/down mixture. Like these guys doing Jaeger Bombs - JaegerMeister and Red Bull. Of course your heart is gonna get confused and just bag it.

  7. I loved her role in Blues Brothers