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Saturday, June 24, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Stephen Colbert tells a funny joke has a world exclusive that changes everything!

Stephen Colbert has told a funny joke!

A late-night scold who lectures nightly on CBS on correct thought, Colbert ventured into comedy while on a tour of Russia.

A neo-Cold Warrior who privately longs for the days of communism, Colbert's visit surprised critics and mindless followers alike.

From "Stephen Colbert announces 2020 presidential bid on Russian TV after a few vodkas."

A thorough investigation of the web site revealed that it indeed is the international propaganda outlet of the Russian government, lending great credence to the report.

Meanwhile, fellow late-night harridan John Oliver said: “Do it. Do it. Look at me. Do it. I will personally write you a campaign check now on behalf of this country which does not want you to be president but which badly wants you to run.”

No, wait, that is what Oliver said about Donald Trump on August 5, 2013, when he hinted he would run for president.

He does not drink.

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  1. I think Ed Schultz, Larry King and Jesse Ventura are among RTs fair and balanced on air talent.

    How dare Colbert go to Russia. And if that passes for humor I am johnny Carson.

    1. Lardmaster,
      Even dead, Carson's funnier than Colbert!

      Of course, it's such a low bar that most Pet Rocks™ easily make it over!

      – mfm

  2. Colbert would be a lot funnier in a gulag.

  3. Colbert tells a funny joke...for a really lame value of "funny".

  4. What was the size of the check oliver sent to Trump? Or is he another lefty gutless lying liar...let me guess.

  5. Colbert's running for President of Russia?

  6. Please clarify your closing line: Who doesn't drink?