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Friday, June 23, 2017

Baltimore is a no-go zone

Londonistan is pock marked with areas police fear to tread. Politicians made it plain that police are not allowed to treat all people the same. A Muslim mayor puts Muslims above the law.

Democrats are doing the British one better. According to police, Baltimore is one big no go zone.

First, the facts.

In 2011, Baltimore suffered 196 homicides, its lowest in a half-century.

In 2015, Baltimore suffered 344 homicides, its second highest -- after 353 homicides in 1993. Adjusted for population -- it lost 100,000 people in the intervening 22 years -- the homicide rate set a record.

In 2016, Baltimore suffered 318 homicides, its second-highest homicide rate.

Through the first 172 days of 2017, Baltimore suffered 161 homicides as the killing is ahead of the same point in previous years.

Make no mistake. This is Democratic Party policy.

Following the death of career criminal Freddie Gray while in police custody, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered police to stand down during a riot.

She is no run-of-the-mill Democrat, having served as secretary of the DNC. She was one of the party's rising stars.

Another Democrat, Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, brought bogus homicide and homicide-related charges against six officers. Juries rejected them.

But the prosecution bled the Fraternal Order of Police funds, and hundreds of officers retired or simply quit. The number of recruits also dropped.

From Fox Baltimore:
In a release issued on Wednesday, the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police was critical of the police department saying it is critically understaffed and that it has no long term plan of action to fight crime.
FOP president Gene Ryan says the department cannot hire enough officers to catch up with attrition, and says the city has failed to properly manage the agency.
“I really have a problem with elected officials being silent with what’s going on in the streets of Baltimore right now,” Ryan said. “I mean we have bodies dropping on a daily basis.”
And of course, it is summer, which is when crimes rise.
Police Commissioner Kevin Davis canceled leave last weekend and placed officers on mandatory 12 hour shifts in an effort to curb the violence. The order came after eight people were shot, six fatally overnight last week.
“This, however, is merely a stopgap measure and not a long term plan of action, a plan to fight crime that the Baltimore Police Department still doesn't have in place,” Ryan said in a release.
I don't know what the aim of the Democratic Party is, but I do know the party is turning crime up in cities. Deliberately. No one could be this incompetent. No one.

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  1. We should encourage all up and coming Democrats to run for mayor of vibrant Democrat cities, and vote for them.

  2. Dems KNOW they are smarter than the average person, so it MUST be deliberate.

  3. It's just an effort by the progressives(?) to prevent the earth from becoming over populated. It's simple, more people=more air conditioning=more planet killing global warming. It's to the point now that it would be almost impossible to eliminate green house gases like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere without massive government action.

  4. The revolution will be televised.

  5. When you attack and punish cops for doing their jobs you get anarchy. Welcome to anarchy, Baltimore.

  6. Cops to Baltimore, let us know when you want us back.

    1. No sane Policeman or Woman would go back. Sessions has cut Federal funding over sanctuary City policy, right? If so, hello Detroit! Mosby and Blake were the best the Dems had to offer? Wow!

    2. The local governments of sanctuary cities CHOSE to abdicate federal funds rather than comply with immigration law. That's on them, not Sessions,and so are their cities' higher crime rates.

  7. "No one could be this incompetent."

    Democrats: "Here, hold my beer."

  8. This is how you get more Detroits.

  9. They are trying to be "The Chicago of the East"

  10. Don, only one of the officers had a jury trial, the others who were tried had bench trials. Mosby's case was so poorly constructed that a liberal activist judge had no choice but to find them not guilty.
    I personally believe that the officers had some responsibility in his death because they did not strap him in. It would be like me taking my grand daughter for a rid, not putting her in her car seat and having to stop suddenly causing her to fall and suffer serious injury. It wouldn't be murder, but it would be my fault.
    My gut on this one is that Mosby intentionally blew the case. Politically for the Black lies matter movement, it is better to have cops walk than to have them convicted. A conviction means the system works.

    1. "It would be like me taking my grand daughter for a rid, not putting her in her car seat and having to stop suddenly causing her to fall and suffer serious injury."

      The difference is that your granddaughter wouldn't body slam/head slam themselves repeatedly with maximum force, after being cuffed, with the intentions of later feigning all injuries by police brutality (for a court settlement).

      In Fredos case, it just turned out that the court ruled correctly with a different outcome.

      The Howard-spawned BRA prevails again.

  11. In other Charm City news, Baltimore businesses damaged in the riots are suing the city officials for failing to do their duty to control the rioters.


  12. Fun discussion: if a State goes bankrupt, let it lose state status and become a US Territory. Of course, the devil is in the details, but working those out can be an inter sting discussion.

  13. Andre Braugher, call your agent.

  14. "No one could be this incompetent. No one." Are you sure? Look at all of the cities run by black Dimocrats. Detoilet. Birmingham. Memphis. Baltimore. Newark. Gary. East St. Louis. All cesspools. GOC

  15. Cue Randy Newman's "Baltimore." And let us not forget who was once the mayor before becoming governor of the People's Republic of Maryland: Marty "The Fixer" O'Malley, presidential candidate and the only guy who gave Hill a run in terms of cumulative sleaze. The Woods, WV, has a pretty fair share of former Baltimoreans. They got out while the gettin' was good. Next mayor? How's about Ray Lewis? Hell, he couldn't do any worse.

  16. Fancy that. Cops are walking out on a city where cops are despised.
    No doubt the BLM militia will provide a perfectly acceptable substitute and enforce the law without fear or favour.
    Yeah, right.