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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Why Twitter suspended a teeny bopper's account

The tweets may be difficult to read, but on February 1 and February 2, the young Brit was excited to attend a Refugees Welcome rally.

Then came the nail-bombing of the Ariana Grande concert by the son of a refugee accused of terrorism.

I believe she became what the Marxists call this "woke."

Evidently this got her suspended.

The thing about reality is that you can deny it all to heck, but it is still out there. And it is real. The billionaires think their denial protects them. It does not.

Anyway, this is where we stand this Memorial Day weekend with grown men with fancy degrees and tons of money unable to face the fact that they cannot protect little girls at a pop music concert -- and so these cowards lash out at critics.

Remember our troops and pray that we will not have to add to the list of names on our War on Terrorists wall in the coming year.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Well @jack off needs to get hacked. In the neck. With a jihadist's sword. That will clear his mind.

  2. Sorry, Don, but I can't find the story line in order to follow it. Can't understand vanderleun's comment either.

    1. She was for immigration before she saw what it did.

    2. Hadn't been reading the local or European news, then.

  3. Nothing like a dose of reality to open ones eyes. Too bad they are so painful. Every generation must learn for itself that the stove is hot. Amazing how the learned in Europe are studiously ignoring that lesson. Liberal Americans aint learning it either.

    1. Once you grasp these simple facts everything makes sense.

      1: The "liberal left" of Europe and the Anglosphere has been trying to destroy western civilization for over 100 years.

      2: Islam and the "liberal left" have been allies since the 1930's. Their goals are the same -- the destruction of western civilization, the installation of a global government where they hold ultimate power and everyone else is their slave. Both Islam and the "left" desire to kill off billions of people. Islam=Kill all the Infidels. The "left" has used many "reasons" to justify their desire over the years. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, the Kim's of North Korea, the Chavezistas of Venezuela all have used different "reasons" why people must be killed. The most recent has been the "Humans are killing Gaia so 90% of them must die" bullcrap we've been hearing out of the Goreists.

      3: The globalist totalitarian oligarchy behind the "left" and the Islamic oligarchy behind Islamic Jihad both think they will, in the end, destroy the other when they achieve their mutual goal. The "left" will lose that fight. Why? Because they don't like getting their hands dirty. They've used Islamic Jihad as their proxy army for decades to do their dirty work.