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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Turning on Trump

Once loyal Trump supporters, many of the 400,000-plus subscribers to Reddit_The_Donald suddenly have turned their back on the president.

They gave their reasons why:

"Guys, I was a staunch Trump supporter, until John Oliver called him, 'Drumpf,' and I thought that was a really compelling point."

"For me it was the ice cream debacle. How DARE he get 2 scoops."

"Or the steak thing! No one should be allowed to choose how their steak is done or what condiments they wish to put on it!"

"My turning point was when his wife wore a white dress."

"For me, CNN really convinced me with their 'who eats fried chicken with a fork' story (actual headline). Vital journalism, and compelling case against Drumpf."

"Honestly though, Colbert told me to boo him. How can I not boo him?"

"I'm still disappointed that he has some sort of skin condition that he covers up with spray tan. The leader of the free world should be at least as healthy as a cybernetically enhanced side of beef."

"Taco bowlgate."

"For me it was when Liberals got in my face and called me a Nazi. I realized I was a Nazi and stopped supporting Trump."

"The tipping point for me was when I was educated on 45's small hands. I refuse to say President and Trump in the same sentence. Oh wait."

"For me, it was all of the Cheet-o references. Who could argue with that?"

"I was a trump supporter until Hillary referenced my favorite video game Pokemon Go"

"I gave up hope on him when JK Rowling compared him to Lord Voldemort."

"Oh but there are so many great nicknames for this guy. I particularly like Orange Overlord. Such wit definitely swayed my opinion of the President."

"I was off the Drumpf Drain when they pointed out how small his hands were and how in all probability his penis would reflect that. It was too compelling an argument to ignore."

"I was, until someone thought his chin looked like Pepe - now all his credibility is gone."

"For me it was when he had a sandwich with Russian dressing. The Russian collusion became so evident."

And finally, they agreed, "Impeachment of President Trump scheduled for January 18, 2025."

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. I am zo amusssssed by zis. A zensssss off humor on ze right. Hillary, she iss not funny!

  2. Whoa, that headline almost scared me off the article. Glad I read it but their reasoning almost swayed me, too!

  3. I'm surprised that a right-wing racist would emphasize how shallow Trump supporters are. Let's hope they're also as fickle as the above post indicates.

    1. A swing and a miss, dumbass. You best get back to that gay midget porn.

    2. It's obvious that we not only have to drain the swamp on the Potomac but also have to drain the shallow end of the gene pool of mentally deranged leftards like "Unknown".

  4. Drumpf Drain, that's the best bit.

  5. LOL! I had heard somewhere that reddit's the_donald had been entirely banned, and didn't exist any more.

    I'm very glad to find that was just more #FakeNews from the #LyingMedia!

  6. Hard to argue with any of that! My turning point was when the media ran with stories like "Comey's friend phoned a reporter and you won't believe what happened next!".

  7. @FloridaGuy267, who is sorta an enigma but damn good at demo stats and Intel, (because it is apparently his job) (before, during and after the Great Schlonging) is showing that the Dimms are bleeding registrants nation wise at about 0.17% per month. In some states it's much much higher. That trend better be noticed, at least by the GOPe/uniparty who are obstructing as much as the Dimms.

    We need to encourage these raving lunatics of the left/press/media as much as we can. Aunt Marge and Uncle Jim have pretty much turned them off.

  8. This is interesting. Very humorous, but none of the items address the very serious charges that are out there, such as the nepotism, the collusion, or the use of government for personal enrichment. Leaving aside the impact the health care bill and budget would have on many Trump supporters. I'm disappointed not to see a fuller discussion of possible reasons for supporters turning away.