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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump unbowed in the Middle East

The Islamic civil war pits Iran against the House of Saud for control of Mecca. It is a cold war played among surrogates who never let battles tarnish their soil. Think of Syria as Korea.

As with the Iraq-Iran War in the 1980s, a protracted war in which both sides collapse is preferable, but given the Iranian government's support of terrorism and its opposition to Israel gives us no choice but to back the Saudis.

Obama gave Iran $170 billion and the green light to go nuclear.

Under President Trump, America is sane again.

We just sold the Saudis some military ware, and they agreed to invest more money in US busineses.

Yes, the House of Saud is a terrible and backward regime. But the rule of the world is to respect borders. I don't like what is happening in Venezuela, but it is not our place to depose its rulers. Ditto Saudi Arabia. And ditto Iran for that matter.

Look, we backed the Soviet Union -- slaughterers of oh, 50 million or so people -- in World War II.

We need to end the Islamic State and we need to stop Iranian-backed terrorist groups. Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Turkey can help. Just as they helped us defeat the Nazis.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Hmmmm. Why do we have to go on backing Israel forever? Isn't that a little like starting a war in which millions die over Poland, which ended up being subjugated anyway, after the war that was to free her had played out? The true statesman will be the one who can back out of the situation without destabilizing it. We don't have the resources to go on being Team America World Police forever.

    1. Israel is the 21st Century equivalent of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Middle East is the battleground where the surrogates of the world's superpowers have at it while the struggle of East versus West continues unabated. Unfortunately, Obama upset the long-standing political stalemate in the Middle East with his reckless foreign policy that green lighted Iran's drive to acquire nuclear weapons. It's not clear how the world is going to recover from that catastrophic misjudgement.

    2. Maybe because Israel is the only outpost of Western values until you hit Inja (thanks to the Raj).

      They did an awful lot of fighting for us over the years. We owe them.

      Not to mention the fact the crazies want to bring back the Good Old Days of Heydrich and Eichmann.

  2. Teapartydoc: Yes, you have to pick your battles, but as with reality, the consequences cannot be usually envisioned. Who would have expected France to fold like a cheap tent. In Korea, to have China attack when we had atomic bombs; but we lost around 50,000 Americans because of that decision. The threat of the bomb got Russia out of Iran after WWII and no war.

  3. Q: What do Steven Colbert and Donald Trump have in common?

    A: They both pull out their swords and dance with men in robes on the weekend.

  4. I saw Trump's speech in SA today. One of his better ones, right to the point with solid religious overtones appropriate for its time and place that was well received inspite of the AP weak attempt to trash it. He certainty changed the tone from that of Obama's apology tour.
    The Middle East is a tough place to work out deals between neighbors. Every one must hate everyone else has been the operative mode for it's entire known history, something Trump will not change. But his willingness to deal with everyone , except perhaps the Iranians, with an eye to everyone's​ individual interest, may be useful, at least for awhile. Israel is not going to be dumped now or ever, nor should it be. It is a western Outpost with some Oriental trappings that must be supported to make the Muslim world envious and so find it worthy of emulation for its innovation and economic success. Now envy produces only hatred but if Trump is successful in promoting his message of industrial and intellectual development to enhance or even replace oil revenue, that envy will give way to dealing for personal gain. In fact this almost happened with Iran early in Obama's 8 years of disaster but he was too cowardly to help rebellious Iranian youth who wanted to be free of the mullahs. He wanted to give their masters the bomb, not them freedom.
    I hope Trump can slip the noose of lies the Democrats and their rino allies are preparing for him. He may very well be able to make a better world.

  5. You were doing great tell you got to this part,I bet you can rewrite this,
    "I hope Trump can slip the noose of lies the Democrats and their rino allies are preparing for him. He may very well be able to make a better world."

  6. write what you want to say. I said my piece

  7. The Saudis are not our friends and the Iranians are not our enemies.