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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump has Saudis loving a Jewish woman

President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia was a success the minute a Trump walked off Air Force One.

Oh not him. Ivanka.

From Arab News:
US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has taken Saudi Arabia by storm ever since she disembarked from Air Force One in Riyadh Saturday morning.
The hashtag #Trump’s_daughter, in Arabic, is the top trending hashtag in the country as Twitter fans heaped praise on the first daughter.
Ivanka, who is set to take part in roundtable discussions during the president’s first official visit abroad, wore a long navy dress as she arrived in Saudi Arabia as part of the US delegation.
Rest assured they know her religion. And her participation in the talks gets noticed by Saudi women, as the official press (as well as Arab News) went all-in on praising Trump's visit.

They also love Melania.

Diplomacy is more than words, and meetings, and state visits. It is visual. It is non-verbal communication. It is protocol and nuance and breaking convention.

Families matter in Saudi Arabia, as they do in most parts of the world. Trump's ability to present himself as the patriarch of a family of successful people, including strong women, enhances his esteem, which gives him an authority that Obama lacked.

Trump can deliver the message Saudis need to hear because he is the real deal.

And he did.

From Arab News:
The US President Donald Trump said the fight against extremism is “a battle between good and evil,” calling on Muslim nations to take a lead in stamping out terror. 
“The path to peace begins right here,” he said. 
The president, who is on his first foreign tour since taking office, was addressing leaders of Muslim-majority countries at the Arab Islamic US Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 
He said that every nation must shoulder the burden of rooting our terrorism from their countries. 
“Every nation has an absolute duty to ensure that terrorists find no quarter on their soil,” he said.  
Trump said terrorist groups “do nothing to inspire but kill.” 
He said all countries must work together to “honestly” confront “the crisis of Islamist extremism and the Islamist terror groups it inspires.” 
The fight against terrorism “is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations. This is a battle between those who seek to obliterate human life and those who seek to protect it.”
When he says all faiths, he means it. The Saudis are well aware that his stops on this nine-day trip include the Vatican and Israel.

President Trump made real progress in the War on Terrorists. That may not get much press at home, but his actions, pageantry, and speech are making the world safer.

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  1. The Saudi rulers love their monarchy, Don. But that is about it when it comes to politics.

  2. That piece deserves a guest editorial in the NYT tomorrow, Big D. VERY well written. I even chuckled seeing that clip of Ivanka talking to the Saudi Prince. The look on his face was like, man I'm glad she didn't cover her head, because her hair is spun gold. It doesn't hurt that she's smart as a whip, but let's face it: That girl is flat-out FINE. Best looking First Daughter ever. And all those haggy-lookin Liberal wonder we won. We have more talent.

    1. No wonder libstains are so nasty, they are eternally jealous of the strong smart hard working beautiful women.
      That's why Sara Palin was attacked so unmercilesly for suggesting that the Russians are a national security concern.
      Of course, we now know libs can think of nothing other than the Russians

  3. Hey,
    Obama had a nuanced, non-verval style that gave off a message, too:
    It said, "girlie nan, pushover, I wear a kick me sign, feel free to tread on me and my nation, take our money, keep the change, can I pay your mortgage for life?, apology tourist, yada yada yada

  4. Excellent post. The Trump's and Tillerson have been giant on this trip. SO much for the press and Obama exes expecting and predicting a failure.

  5. And Trump did not bow to the Saudi leader. The Saudi leader bowed to Trump. GOC

  6. President Trump is approaching all three Abrahamic religions in a coordinated front for peace. Sadly, I believe the one he will have the most trouble out of will be the pope. - Elric