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Friday, May 05, 2017

The Wall would save lives

Lured by lax enforcement of the 1986 immigration reform law, thousands of illegal aliens have crossed the border only to die on their way to promised land.

According to the New York Times, 6,063 illegal aliens died from October 2000 to September 2016 -- twice as many people as died in the 9/11 attack, as the liberal newspaper put it.

This is a gruesome legacy of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, who neglected their duty to protect our borders. The carnage exceeds that killed by rifles (or as Marxists call them "assault weapons").

In 2012 alone, border patrol found 129 dead bodies.

From the New York Times:
Local officials and immigrant advocates said the frequency of the deaths amounts to a humanitarian crisis. No other Texas county has discovered more migrant bodies than Brooks County. One day in February 2015, deputies found the bodies of four migrants near a lake called Laguna Salada, their skeletal remains spread across a one-mile area. The four people died separately over the span of months. They just happened to be discovered on the same day. But there are other counties where bodies turn up with stunning regularity, in both Texas and Arizona, the two states with the most deaths.
“If this were any other context, if these were deaths as a result of a mass flood or an earthquake or a major plane crash, people would be talking about this as being a mass disaster,” said Daniel E. Martinez, an assistant professor of sociology at George Washington University and the lead author of a Binational Migration Institute report on migrant deaths in Arizona.
Such reporting makes the case for closing the border, if only to spare the lives of border jumpers.

Consider this grizzly tale from the story:
Ryan Weatherston was on the way to check a windmill on a ranch here last year. He stopped when he noticed the buzzards.
Mr. Weatherston saw the body of a man in the grass. The man was on his back, his head resting on a tree branch and his right arm touching a water jug. He carried religious beads and a vehicle registration card from El Salvador for a 1979 beige Datsun.
Mr. Weatherston, 35, manages the 8,600-acre ranch in Brooks County. Eight bodies or sets of remains have been found on the ranch in the last five years. Mr. Weatherston recalled the body that appeared to be standing up, because it had been propped up against a tree, and the one they spotted from a helicopter during a game survey.
“It’s not what I signed up for,” he said.
Please, for the sake of humanity, President Trump, end this travesty and build the Wall.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. The border isn't for snowflakes.

  2. I expect it's not for women and children, either.

  3. There's a reason why Mexico entered into empresario contracts in the colonization of what's now the western half of Texas between 1825 and 1835 (which includes Brooks county)--No one wanted to homestead there, and Mexico needed placeholders for American expansion. Essentially, Mexico couldn't keep their own warm bodies there. Some crazy farmers from the eastern coastal states (that had some of my DNA) took them up on the land grant deal(s), and some federal soldiers were duped by Texas land grants as payment for service, but when those diehards ran low because of typhus or indian harassment, they generally migrated north to a milder Canadian territory (OK). Mexico even tried to import Germans and other Europeans to no avail.

    Going westward, add in a good chunk of the white sands deserts in NM (there's a reason we tested A bombs there), and the Sonoran Desert in AZ (which is an excellent bombing range), and you definitely have a kill box for unknowing migrants from tropical and subtropical zones.

    Anon above is right--no part of the sunbelt border desert is to be messed around with. People still don't want to live there, so, you know it sucks.

    1. "People still don't want to live there, so, you know it sucks."

      Ahhh, but the Israelis could turn the desert into fruited gardens. See? The problem is the wrong immigrants.

  4. The number of people who suffer because of that border is hard to imagine. Approx 70% of women who come in from places other than Mexico are forced into prostitution or raped. For Mexican women the number is around 40% or slightly higher.
    I met one young man who crossed as a tween. He was sodomized. You wold think the place was run by Anthony Wiener or worthless Willie.

  5. Excuse me, Leftists. Would you mind moving your Rainbow picnics a few yards to the right? You're sitting on some graves.

  6. There are many more corpses that are found throughout the brushland of south Texas which are never reported. By law the county has to pay for the autopsy or trying to identify the bones and pay for a burial and/or transport back to Mexico. These counties cannot afford it. So it goes unreported and the bones eventually disappear as do animal remains. If found in a prominent place or by a person who doesn't understand how much it costs the taxpayers of those counties then the authorities are notified. But the overwhelming majority are ignored. And no one talks about it to outsiders.

    I worked in these counties doing mineral leasing for twenty years. Unless you have been there you have no idea the vastness, emptiness or how dangerous it is. Millions of acres of brush, heat, sandy soil, snakes, and nothing else. I never went down there without a full kit in case of vehicle breakdown. More times than I can count I went over land on horseback with owners/agents who didn't trust a vehicle in that sandy and barren flatland. You get lost. Hundreds of miles of the same nothing. The criminal coyotes take people out into this hell and do not care if they die because they have already been paid. The media stories never mention these monsters who terrorize the scattered residents. Most have abandoned these out ranches because they have been robbed, rustled and killed by Mexican, and now Central American, thugs for a century or longer.

    After the defeat of Santa Anna the Mexican army died by the thousands (and most of their horses) in this brushland trying to get back to Mexico. THAT is no longer taught in schools and cartels don't care.

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  9. Shows how much the Lefties really care about people.