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Saturday, May 27, 2017

That white supremacist killer is yours, Democrats

Police in Portland, Oregon -- as blue as territory gets in America -- arrested and charged Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, with the murder of two men who tried to protect two girls from Christian's anti-Muslim rants.

In last year's primary elect, Christian voted for Bernie Sanders, the liberal HuffPost reported

This latest hate crime comes after anti-Muslim and other hate crimes soared during the last two years of Democrat Obama's administration, HuffPost also reported.

Mr. Christian, following an emerging trend of possible mental distress combined with “blended extremism,” called himself an “Anarcho-Nihilist and registered Libertarian, who happened to vote for only Bernie in the primary then switched back.” He further wrote of anti-Semitism as well, “In short I sympathize with both Commies and Nazis because of Semitic Patriarchal Monethesism.”
Some violent homicidal extremists construct ad hoc idiosyncratic amalgams of hatred in part from a buffet found on social media, while others, like the recent Florida convert, skip from one extremism to another. These prejudices and stereotypes then direct where their violent sociopathic tendencies are targeted. Mr. Christian further wrote Antifa would “be X’d out of Portland soon” and stated, “I’m gonna stab some masked up bitches.”
Christian faces a judge Tuesday in connection with the killings amid a national outcry about rising hate crime and incivility.
Antifa is a fascist arm of the Democratic Party that dons hoods to intimidate and even attack conservatives. Unlike the earlier Ku Klux Klan enforcers for the Democrats, when the party opposed integration and the acceptance of Jews and Catholics, these goons wear black.

HuffPost also reported in that article a sharp increase in hate crimes in general and anti-Muslim hate crimes particularly under Obama in 2015 and 2016.

Most of these crimes occur in states under the control of Democrats. From HuffPost:
Recently, ProPublica and Buzzfeed found Oregon had the highest per capita number of hate incidents collected in a non-governmental national data collection effort. The FBI indicated Oregon had 65 hate crimes in 2015. The states with the largest number of hate crimes overall in 2015 were California, 837; New York, 500; Ohio, 416; Massachusetts, 411; New Jersey, 330; and Michigan, 309. Maryland, whose separate 2015 state hate crime report released in September showed 203 hate crimes in the state, only showed 41 in the FBI figures. Many areas do not adequately report hate crime, however.
Five of the seven most hateful states voted for Hillary in 2016. Texas, the second-largest state in the nation, Florida, the third-largest, and Pennsylvania, the fourth-largest, did not make the Top Seven list. All three were carried by Trump.

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  1. Just another nutcase Keeping Portland Weird, though nuttier and weirder than most.

  2. "Five of the seven most hateful states voted for Hillary in 2016." Not surprised, but pretty powerful evidence of leftist behavior.

    1. Being hateful and voting for Killary go together without saying, you know what I mean?

  3. The compulsively Russianophobic democrats are just fine co-opting a 50 year old international communist front group, Antifa, to do their bidding. The 20 something useful idiots that are bored with Fallout 4 get fooled again when a few seconds on google would enlighten them on their mission...or maybe not.

    LaVoy Finicum reminds me that it's not just Oregon's undermedicated socialists that misbehave. The Oregon State Police, and the FBI, under the direction/pressure of a zelot democrat lesbian governor, tend to overreact a lot in a first degree homicide sort of way.

    Brian Terry also reminds me that it was the words of democrat crusader General Eric Holder, who classified those known and unknown "right wing" Nyberg militia members (ca. 1 million) as "America's greatest threat." Funny how they've remained silent by not chambering rounds.

    Meanwhile, guns from "Fast and Furious" continue to be a Mexican gift that keeps on giving. Democrats Lanny A. Breuer, Kenneth E. Melson, and none other than Robert Mueller also receive participation trophies for their great insight into death by Mexican practitioners of spray and pray.

    Did you see that name Robert Mueller above? I leave you with the LA times:

    "Robert Mueller is incorruptible. He's the perfect person to ..."

  4. I don't see what this has to do with Melania costing us a billion dollars every five minutes to keep her son in the school he was in when his dad was elected. Dammit, keep the real issues in the eye of the public, Don.