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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Suicide by cop was my intention."

This is a political opinion blog. But sometimes only God is the answer.

Willie Corey Godbolt, 35, of Bogue Chitto, Mississippi, on Sunday, shot and killed eight people including Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy William Durr, 36, who had responded to domestic violence call.

We cannot blame the Second Amendment. Godbolt surrendered those rights years ago when he was convicted of armed robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault, and sent to prison.

We cannot blame Black Lives Matter because domestic violence knows no race.

We cannot blame child custody laws that favor women because Godbolt was a violent man who really did not deserve custody.

Any other favorite political ax to grind?

The best explanation came from Kiyah Godbolt on Facebook:
You guys, when I looked at this man, I still seen the same man who picked me up from age 1-17. I seen a man who would always call and check on me. I see a man who was always feeding me. I seen a man who always made me laugh. I seen a man who would literally pick me up and twirl me around and tickle me. I seen a provider, a protector and a love. But all that is being overlooked by others because of his actions. This man was STILL all of those while doing this, it's just the devil won more this morning. The devil possessed him. This was NOT the Uncle Cory everyone loved and knew. He has hurt MANY..MANY...MANY families (most of all related to him) so I know what they're feeling. But for the people who know nothing and for the people going off at the mouth, do not try me. I'm willing to go back and forth or fight behind this because you DON'T KNOW.
Pray for the May Family, The Blackwell Family, The Edwards family, and The Godbolt family.
And the Durr Family.

The devil did possess him.

For many, many years.

He told a newspaper, "Suicide by cop was my intention."

Pray for him. Pray for his family and friends. Pray for the families of the victim. Pray for yourself and your family.

Longtime readers remember my Daily Scoreboard. When I began it after the 2008 election, I chose to make the calls GOOD or EVIL, instead of GOOD or BAD.

Sometimes it was silly hyperbole. The New York Yankees are not evil. Just a rival who have won too many championships by being better than everyone else.

This is not one of those times.


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  1. "The devil made me do it" always seems to be an excuse used more by certain people more than others. Probably a good idea to segregate one's self and one's family from people so easily possessed.
    Flip Wilson was on to something.

  2. Suicide by cop precludes having to hear, "Here come da judge!" - Elric

  3. "the devil won"

    More truth than many would want to admit, but hardly an excuse.

  4. A shocking and sad story. Have a friend from Bogue Chitto and area is in shock. Evil won that day. Sorry he is going to be a burden to society. Wish his dream came true. Every day we have to be on guard from the devil.

  5. Everyone of the Left and the Right should be ever wary of rationalizing their behavior on the grounds that "the ends justify the means".

    Otherwise, the last thing one might hear as one shrugs off this mortal coil is the hideous victory in Satan's laughter.

    1. Mostly the left because that is their calling cry.