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Monday, May 08, 2017

Speaking of losers, Miss Dowd

Zell Miller is no fan of Maureen Dowd, saying of her a dozen years ago: “You can see horns just sprouting up through that Technicolor hair.”

Like most redheads of a certain age, it comes out of a bottle.

And I hope her opinions do too, because nobody should write what she does sober.

Her March 25 column was an open letter to Donald Trump in which she berated him as an outsider whom Washington was chewing up and spitting out.

Technicolor wrote:
You knew that Paul Ryan’s vaunted reputation as a policy wonk was fake news. Republicans have been running on repealing and replacing Obamacare for years and they never even bothered to come up with a valid alternative.
And neither did you, despite all your promises to replace Obamacare with “something terrific” because you wanted everyone to be covered.
Instead, you sold the D.O.A. bill the Irish undertaker gave you as though it were a luxury condo, ignoring the fact that it was a cruel flimflam, a huge tax cut for the rich disguised as a health care bill. You were so concerned with the “win” that you forgot your “forgotten” Americans, the older, poorer people in rural areas who would be hurt by the bill.
Of course, Medicare covers us old people and Medicaid covers the poor, but what are facts when you grew up and live in the center of the universe known as D.C.?

Technicolor also said:
You were humiliated right out of the chute by the establishment guys who hooked you into their agenda — a massive transfer of wealth to rich people — and drew you away from your own.
You sold yourself as the businessman who could shake things up and make Washington work again. Instead, you got worked over by the Republican leadership and the business community, who set you up to do their bidding.
That’s why they’re putting up with all your craziness about Russia and wiretapping and unending lies and rattling our allies.
They’re counting on you being a delusional dupe who didn’t even know what was in the bill because you’re sitting around in a bathrobe getting your information from wackadoodles on Fox News and then, as The Post reported, peppering aides with the query, “Is this really a good bill?”
You got played.
Six weeks later, the repeal and replacement of Obamacare passed the House -- a little over three months into his term.

To put that in perspective, eight years ago, Obamacare had not been drafted. It would be 11 months into his presidency before it passed either house of Congress.

But Technicolor continued her hate of President Trump, trying to turn his first big win in Washington into a loss.

On Sunday, Technicolor wrote:
The president feted his fake-news “win” in the Rose Garden, sprinkling flimflam dust to deflect from his ludicrous legislation. Paul Ryan slobbered over Trump’s leadership even as the Senate made plans to shred the House bill and start over.
“Hey, I’m president,” Trump told his sycophants, or in this case, sickophants. “Can you believe it, right?”
No, I can’t.
"Sycophants, or in this case, sickophants" -- I hate that girly thing women columnists do with spelling. Ellen Goodman, Kathleen Parker, Jennifer Rubin.

I suppose some male columnists do that too. It's still girly.

But what do you expect? She has no case to argue.

Instead she quoted the discredited Cook Report that said 20 Republicans are now in trouble because they voted to do what they promised to do in the last four elections.

I do not see horns sprouting from her head. I see steam. She still is angry over November's election in which the Forgotten Americans rose and gave Hillary and her Technicolor Crowd a whupping they will never forget.

Rather than learn her lesson, Technicolor stews and spews. When Trump loses a vote, he is a loser. When he wins a vote, he is still a loser.

I think that is called projection.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. MoDo only gets soggy for Lefties.

  2. I quit reading Dowd a very long time ago. She's just not worth the aggravation.

  3. Don, lay off she's been a test pilot for Stolichnaya for years.
    TG McCoy

  4. MoDumb, being a MoLib and a MoLeftie.

  5. Modo was the first or interview Trump a long time ago obsessing on his fetish for beautiful women and sex. She made it seem like that was all he thought about day and night. Perhaps there was some personal pain therein. She once complained about men she "dated" not calling her the next day. Boo hoo. Now she gets to sit by her boss at Trump meetings, hiss at the red troll, like a cat on his lap.

  6. She's trying to stay relevant with the bitter wine-and-croissant crowd on the NY social scene. Outside the cocoon, the rest of us merely laugh at her TDS (for which there is no apparent cure).