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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Paper tries to portray illegals as victims. Fails

Ryan Lillis is the "immigration and diversity reporter at the Sacramento Bee." Like any good little liberal, he favors both.

His effort to show Trump is not giving illegal aliens a chance fell like the cake after the boys ran through the kitchen 11 times.

From his story:
One man was arrested 19 times; others once. All of them face deportation in Trump’s America
Emaud Azer Boctor has been charged with crimes 19 times in Sacramento County, most recently for trying to escape an ankle monitor, court records show. He was sentenced to five years in state prison in 1997 for receiving stolen property and has been jailed on more than a dozen other separate occasions.
Nineteen times?

You get to commit 19 crimes and stay even though you are here illegally?
Somephone Siackasorn is scheduled to go on trial in Sacramento this week to face an allegation he was driving a stolen Acura when he led sheriff’s deputies on a car chase last year. If found guilty, it will be the fourth time Siackasorn has been convicted of a serious crime in Northern California, records show.
Boctor, 53, and Siackasorn, 42, were among the 123 suspects held on April 24 at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center near Elk Grove by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE. More than a dozen of those inmates have at least five arrests on their criminal records, according to a Sacramento Bee analysis of an inmate roster obtained through the state’s Public Records Act.
Wow, the scandal is that California allows career criminals to stay crime after crime, instead of deporting them.

But he is ignoring that. He wants to make law enforcement the criminal. It's a journalistic trick.
While federal authorities were under orders in the past to focus on serious criminals for deportation, ICE is operating under a new set of guidelines that permits agents to apprehend anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. The new guidelines also state that those merely suspected of a crime – but not convicted – are targets for deportation.
Guess what, ace? If you are here illegally, you get deported. That's the law. And appellate courts have held you are not entitled to a lawyer.
ICE agents arrested more than 30,000 convicted criminals around the nation during Trump’s first 100 days in office, the agency reported earlier this month. That number represented a 16 percent jump over last year and was the highest total for the time period since 2014.
At the same time, arrests of suspected undocumented immigrants nationwide without criminal convictions exploded, more than doubling since last year.

Illegal aliens do not have to commit another crime to get deported. Being here illegally is crime enough.
Of the ICE inmates at the facility on April 24, more than 50 had arrest records in Sacramento County, records show. Those with criminal backgrounds had faced a wide range of charges, from trespassing to attempted murder. Boctor and another man were charged with crimes 19 times. A third suspect faced local charges 18 times.
Far from making me sympathetic, his story makes me wonder why California does not deport criminals after they serve their sentences.

His story was incomplete.
However, most of the suspects held at the Rio Cosumnes do not have criminal records in Sacramento County. It’s unclear how many of those have been arrested elsewhere since there is no publicly available statewide database for criminal records. It is also unclear how many of those with arrest records in Sacramento County may have faced additional charges in other parts of the state or country.
There is no statewide database because state officials do not want one because it would show illegal aliens commit more crimes than California officials want the public to know.

Instead we get this mealy-mouthed story about the deportation of people before they comit another crime.
Appearing at a brief pretrial hearing in Sacramento Superior Court on Thursday, Siackasorn sat quietly next to his attorney. He helped Judge Michael P. Kenny with the pronunciation of his first name and confirmed he was pleading not guilty. His trial is expected to begin this week.
Still, Sacramento immigration attorney Kristina McKibben said the data analyzed by The Bee shows that Sacramento is not just detaining felons in its ICE cells. She said Jones’ statement that only dangerous criminals should be worried about immigration enforcement is “an empty promise.”
“Most of my clients come to me with no criminal history or minimal criminal history,” she said.
Being here illegally is a crime.

The Sacramento Bee should replace its "immigration and diversity reporter" with a just-the-facts reporter.

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  1. Don't forget in Southern California, where a 15 time DEPORTED illegal continued his criminal train-wreck lifestyle.

    Their refusal to cooperate is telling. When laws aren't enforced by the legal system, lynchings are on the horizon.

  2. I always enjoy reading the reader comments after these stories; they almost always run completely counter to the narrative in the story. This one was no exception. It appears that a great many readers of this newspaper have had it with illegals. My wife asked me the other night if reporters ever read the comments on their stories. I told her I tend to doubt it, as self-awareness isn't their strong suit.

  3. I went ahead and read all 66 comments to the story. All 66 were in favor of deporting every illegal that could be found. Multiple comments called out the reporter and the paper for their bias. And these are from the people still reading the paper. What about the ones who gave up on their local paper? Like I did? The bubble in which the reporters and editors at these papers live in is astonishing. How can one reporter be right and 66 readers all be wrong??

    1. I wanted to say that I've wondered the same thing about comments and whether the writer tries to get what responders/commenters think. The only thing I ever saw was (I'm from Ohio) a sports columnist at The Cleveland Plain Dealer writing in a column that the newspaper requires the writers to read through the comments. That sounded good to me (and 66 comments seems doable), but then I noticed that some sports stories in the PD have between 2000 and 3000 comments. I can't imagine anyone reading all of them?!?

      Don Surber has written in a column that he likes his commenters' comments -- but I sure wonder if others pay attention.

    2. When it comes to readers, I go for quality, not quantity.

    3. Thank you for doing this. I like reading comments as well. Washington post, nytimes, the hill and politico readers are as deranged as the reporters.

  4. Deportation should be done by priority:

    First we need to deport the !@#$! politicans that allow and encourage this illegality;

    THEN we can deport the illegals.

    Just deporting the illegals accomplishes nothing, since there are always lots more waiting in the wings for our thrice-damned political class to import them into a 'sancturary city.' Gotta do it by numbers!

  5. Now... c'mon, guys!

    Somephone Siackasorn actually "Sat quietly next to his attorney" and "helped the Judge with the pronunciation of his first name".

    What a warm, wonderful guy!

    He actually HELPED the Judge pronounce his very likely made-up alias.

    How could one deport such a humanitarian?


  6. According to Google,The guy who owns the paper is gay and doesn't live in CA. His CEO has an IVY pedigree. Sacramento is 30 miles from where I lived while in the Air Force. The area is heavily agricultural so is basically a northern province of Mexico. There is no way the Bee is ever going to approve any sanction of any illegal given it's progressive mindset. It is another WaPo, owned by a rich absentee conglomerate landlord who doesn't care about it's readers comments. Don may get some high dugeon from commenters using this or other CA egrigious actions but nothing is going to change at the Bee. It is a lib outhouse and will never have a working toilet.Maybe if Sessions actually helps to cut funds to CA some little things may happen but to the locals losing a few people to murder or traffic accidents in a state with 30 million inhabitants only 300 thousand of whom pay for 60% of everything is of no concern and never will be. Cheap food, a shack to live in and gas are all you need in CA.

    1. Well, I won't be reading the Bee, or any paper like it. That includes my hometown Austin American-Statesman. Worthless piece of liberal dreck. Couple of years ago they hired a reporter who had come directly (drums roll please) from the Obama campaign. My wife calls refers to them as Pravda, Central-Texas style.

  7. One strike and you are out. And the strike was coming here ILLEGALLY.

  8. Gov. Moonbeam has infected his state.

    1. He's DESTROYING "His" State - MY state, and I'm too old to move!

    2. He's DESTROYING "His" State - MY state, and I'm too old to move!

  9. Someone in law school once argued that deportation laws was facially unconstitutional because they discriminated against non-citizens and non-Americans, and therefore were racist and discriminated against national origin.

    1. Sounds like a politician

  10. Why don't liberals understand the meaning of the word "illegal"?