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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No passports for pedophiles

Democrat Anthony Weiner should never be allowed to leave the country. Democrat Mel Reynolds too. Republican Dennis Hastert. All are pedophiles -- adults who had or tried to have sex with a minor. Their passports should be revoked. Permanently.

That is what Australia may do.

From Breitbart News:
The Australian government is planning to revoke the passports of child sex offenders as part of a new law aimed at cracking down on pedophiles who engage in child sex tourism.
The proposed law, which was unveiled by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Tuesday, would affect approximately 20,000 registered sex offenders who already served their sentences but must periodically report to authorities if they are still under supervision, NPR reported.
The Associated Press reports 2,500 newly convicted pedophiles are estimated to be added to the sex offender registry every year and would be required to forfeit their passports.
Approximately 3,200 serious offenders would be banned from travel outside the country for life, but less serious offenders would be able to get themselves off the registry if they report to the authorities regularly and comply with the law for several years and renew their passport.
The United States merely marks the passports of our pedophiles.

That's not good enough. Revoke them.

Third World countries are vulnerable because they often are run by corrupt crooks. We cannot change that, but we can reduce the number of kids molested by Americans overseas by making our pedophiles stay home.

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  1. I have a friend in his 20's who met a lass online who said she was 18. She looked it. Relationship developed offline and then the parents said she was 15 and reported him. The lying girl got no punishment, he got 3 years jail, and marked a paedophile for life.

    1. 15 will get you 20 in some states.

  2. Mark their passports "Exit Only"

  3. Not high on my priority list. What happens in Thailand can stay in Thailand. I'm more concerned about the jihadists who travel abroad for training and then return home awaiting the call to action.

  4. What happens in Thailand is a symptom of what is happening here on another level. Throw them in the bog. They won't need passports there.

    1. Recommend you read at Don's link about which passports get marked by the DoS:

      Prosecutors have been seeking sex offender registration under child pornography charges against teens who sext, building registry cases against peeping toms, and overall unevenly applying state-by-state standards to something that now may have global impact.

      In at least ten states, you can earn sex offender designation from innocuous forms of indecency like streaking, mooning, or urinating in public. None of the registries provide any factual details of the offenses, just the names of the crimes, and sometimes not even that. So if a registry lists the offense of indecent exposure, for example, the passport people have no way of distinguishing a high school prankster who streaks a football game from a creep who heads off to a playground to flash children for sexual gratification.

      Many registries also contain numerous purely statutory offenders who are often also minors at the time of the offense, such as an 18-year-old who engages in consensual sexual activity with his 16-year-old girlfriend. In many jurisdictions, this would be labeled “sexual assault against a minor.”

    2. I'm not familiar with the vagaries of the laws on this. Thanks for the update. I have, however, experience taking care of some folks who do unconscionable things while on vacation in Asia and have had to take care of them unable to act on extremely strong suspicions given high degrees of circumstantial evidence. I've known some highly reputable people who go to these places with little or no normal reason to do so. I've known doctors that go to these places to do "missionary work" simply for the purpose of engaging in unmisssionary-like activities. While I know that the impulses I have can lead to witch hunt like results if acted on too strongly, it is obvious that with tweaking of the categories you describe there could be a little more justice injected into whatever system of offenses crimes and punishments are involved. In other words what you describe is something that is fixable.
      The pediatricians are always wanting to ask kids if there are guns in the home so they can get a back door gun registry started. If they are ever successful in doing that or anything like it, I say that docs should be allowed to report sex tourists to the govt, too. A bunch of the pediatricians would end up in jail. Tit for tat.