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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Never apologize again, conservatives

Stephen Colbert of CBS used a homophobic slur against President Trump.

The Left is not calling for his head.

Fine. Conservatives should never again apologize for anything they say that "offends" a liberal.

The days of liberal fascism are over.

No more, Mister Nice Guy.

The days of not lowering ourselves to their level are through. This is about survival. Liberals can pick us off one by one playing this game where they can do no wrong, and one slip of the tongue fouls us out forever.

Colbert -- an unfunny comedian -- called President Trump a cock holster for Putin.

That is a homophobic slur.

His tirade against Trump was not funny -- nor was it meant to be.

Contrast Colbert's angry and profane diatribe last night against Trump to this Washington Post story on October 30, 2010:
WASHINGTON — Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the founding fathers of fake news, drew throngs of exuberant supporters to Washington on Saturday for a joint rally.
With midterm elections looming and Democrats bracing for a historic thumping, the two comedians reined in their three-hour “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” to nonpartisan bits, musical entertainment and gentle ribbing of the purported enemies of incivility. The denizens of the Capitol, visible behind the stage, escaped their usual excoriation.
Their rally was a slam at the Tea Party, not a call for anything non-partisan.

They wanted the Left to remain in power, and thought by pretending the Tea Party was fear-mongering they could stop it from winning the 2010 mid-terms.

Comedy Central was OK with their politicking, just as CBS is OK with Colbert's anti-Trump tantrums.

There are no late-night comics, only bitter and nasty liberals who hate America for electing Donald John Trump president.

Their "comedy" died on November 8, when they lost the election, and that patina of humor that covered their inner hatred and loathing.

They see us as deplorable.

Why in the hell would we ever care about their feelings, or try to live by their rotten and frankly sociopathic values? Abortion is a right? Really?

The Left -- including "gay rights activists" -- are cool with Colbert's homophobic slur because he is a liberal.

No intelligent person would ever apologize to them for calling a person a queer (as Alec Baldwin did without losing his Capital One spokesman gig) or any other slur.

The gloves are off. The rulebook is out, because it was written by a Marxist anyway.

Sure, I would like to live in a polite society but we will not have one until the Left learns two can play that game -- and conservatives are very good at that.

Just a reminder, CBS took no action against David Letterman when he implied Sarah Palin's then 14-year-old daughter was a whore.

The story on Cock Holster Colbert is here.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Liberal bastards, but I repeat myself.

  2. This is why I choked when I saw Hillary Clinton using the line 'when they go low, we go high' in the second Presidential debate. Yeah...sure, Hil.

  3. I've said for a long time that the only two conservatives who realize we're fighting a guerilla war, not a conventional one, are Limbaugh and Coulter.

  4. Call CBS to complain: 212-975-4321
    Also, call the Colbert show: 212-975-3700

    For a list of CBS advertisers, you can go to I'm going to contact the advertisers and ask they consider pulling ads from Colbert's show.

    This shall not stand.

    1. I hope more people follow suit, and I will post this on the Group. Boycott Poliwood!

  5. There are two unacknowledged wars going on in the world, everywhere in the West. The war against infidels by islam, and the war on civilization by left, green, communists who all want global governments and institutions running the world, with no borders. Americans are strangely ignorant that what is going on in America is being replicated all over the world. America is just the biggest free country to take down. It's why so many ordinary people world wide have taken an interest in the US election. This is the reason the Uniparty backed by globalists all over the world, is ignoring the wars and refusing to engage. CD

    1. The best book on exactly this topic is Still the Best Hope, by Dennis Prager. He sees the situation exactly as you do.

  6. Instapundit linked to this at 10:01PM.

  7. Can we please stop validating "homophobia" as a thing? Do we really want to further empower lefties to criticize us with accusations of "homophobic slurs" when people criticize the LGBT agenda with any kind of wit, whatsoever? Because that's what's happening. I can hardly believe my eyes. It was vulgar and obscene and in violation of FCC rules. That should really be enough without us validating the lefty trope of "homophobic slurs."

    1. Yes. But don't use the word "trope" in that sentence.

    2. Unfortunately none of those reasons will be recognized by the left. Only this revealed disloyalty to their pet cause gets a reaction from them. But, that reaction may be enough to bring them down. Think Al Capone getting busted for taxes.

  8. John Dickerson was the incompetent, partisan hack who advised Barack Obama to go for the throat and wipe out the Republican Party. All while he was getting paid to be a "fair-minded journalist."

    If that's Colbert's idea of fair-minded, then he is even less informed, and dumber than I thought.

  9. Welcome to the party, pal. I've been calling these cocksuckers cocksuckers since shortly after 2000. And the fag lobby can go die in a fire as well. Fuckin' queers, voting for their own eventual destruction. No reason to be civil to t6hese assholes.-

    1. Well reasoned. Well said except that while they do indeed vote for their own destruction they are bent on OUR destruction first. Do unto others as they would do unto you but it is much preferable to do it first.

  10. Trump showed the way during the election. Every time they thought they had him and begain calling for him to step down, he quietly gave them the finger and kept on going. The only proper response when a Lib goes all hypothetical on you is "F-off!"

  11. Push back, sorely lacking in the GOP, which should take full advantage of Trump's free online courses in how to infuriate masses of leftists & reduce them to their true state.

  12. Welcome aboard, fellow babies! You are all now where I have been for thirty years. The Democrats lost all semblance of decency when they applauded and lauded (and re-elected) our nation's most prominent serial rapist, Bill Clinton. From that day on and every day forward we must treat our wayward citizens (if they are) with All Due Respect. Which is none. Enjoy! I have.

  13. It's why they lost and will continue to do so

  14. I prefer homophonic slurs.

    "Hey, what a lovely pear!"

  15. From a strategic military perspective, the Second Civil War would be over in a matter of days, not weeks. Pin down the two coasts, cutting off rail supplies. They don't have much wheat or beef or chickens (well, maybe the latter) in Manhattan. Let them eat stock certificates. The Eastern campaign will be largely constituted of Sotherners eager to avenge. Your typical metrosexual will provide no resistance, especially after hearing that Rebel Yell. Out West, where they have a few guns (ha), the inland residents of CA/OR/WA will quickly conscript with us. The Navy will begin Tomahawking the major population centers while the Air Force pitches in with tactical support for a line of troops stretching from the Canadian to the Mexican borders, marching towards the Pacific. Maybe a MOAB on San Fran/Oakland just for good measure, which could induce the San Andreas fault to rupture. Leaders of "The Resistance" (I'm talkin to you, McKesson) will be captured and publicly hanged as traitors. A month, tops.

    1. Tomahawks? MOABs? For those leftard punks?

      Steel-cap boots and a roll of quarters, tops.

    2. Hahaha! You're probably right, Dave!

  16. In Vox Day's SJWs Always Lie he write that one should never, ever apologize. The SJWs interpret that as weakness and pile on. GOC