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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More tweets not sent

Here are the tweets I did not send today because Twitter doesn't pay me to write for it.

Now you know why the press hates him. Too many political reporters today hate the truth.

From "Trump the Establishment":
Cultural appropriation is the successor to multicultural diversity, which holds that newcomers bring new customs that we should incorporate into our nation. Cultural appropriation admonishes us for incorporating new customs. Liberalism is not supposed to make sense.

Left out of the full story: 14 million of them do not want or need health insurance. Now you know what the story is full of.

Wasn't this in a "Jeopardy" skit on SNL with Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery?

Technically, none of them were president when they visited the wall, so maybe someday she will become the first woman president. Or maybe Ruth Adelson. Sarah Goldstein. Sophie Davenport...

Shines. What's next for NBC? A re-boot of "Amos n Andy"?

If it weren't for Fake News, they'd have no news at all.

Worry Kim Jong-Un. Worry.

Maybe they meant loan wolf. Maybe al-Qaida loaned one of its wolves to ISIS.

Aha! The son was a loaner.

The media not being smug is like asking the ocean not to be salty.

But if CNN started reporting real news, the Truth would come out.

Not news. Democrat privilege.

I didn't have to read the list to know Omar's name was on it. :)

Co-exist for thee, not she.

Sure, you know who else started with just seat belts? Hitler! Where does it end?

Remember when climate change was going to shut down the ski indistry?

What were they going to call it? "Springtime for Michael Mann"?

But Michelle pouted in six.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. I was hoping for a finger check on AnalTech - instead of "AnalTech faces problem", wish it was "AnalTech feces problem".

  2. Id CNN reported real news, no one in America wold buy it.

  3. Why should I watch CNN, when all it would do is make me dumb? Nope; ain't goin' there.

    Good funnies today, Don!

  4. 23 million uninsured...

    What they mean is 23 million who will have to foot their own bills for health insurance, God forbid. Sounds like a good thing to me.