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Sunday, May 21, 2017

More free content I won't give Twitter

Twitter does not like conservatives. So why give Twitter free content? I just use it to promote my blog (usually). Here are some more tweets I did not send.

Lincoln had the same problem. Democrats did not go the impeachment route to remove him.

I should have such problems.

Well, he cannot play me. I have hair.

How much was a color TV? Air conditioner? Laptop?

Perhaps it will dawn on you after you down that second $10 bottle of beer.

Not only does Waffle House pay better than journalism, it also has armed waitresses.

Tip generously.

Or else.

No free content for a Twitter that hates you, ya twits.

Beat you for imitating Jon Lovitz. Yea, that's the ticket.

Hey guys, Russia has Storm Troopers.

Harleys and Hamburgers. That's the name of my next book!

If they went with the real headline, who would read it?

Yes, working with Russia to end the Islamic State is so terrible...

I don't believe in evolution, but devolution is a very good possibility.

You left off "prom coverage by a Goth."

Yes, beating the PIAPS.

They thought Jerry Ford was too dumb to impeach.

Kizer is shorter than I thought -- and what is he doing in a Dallas uniform?

Never mess with a gunny.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. At twelve seconds President Trump's attention span would be 11.9 seconds longer than Barry's.
    But really, twelve seconds is not his attention span, that is the longest it has taken the man to solve the various "problems" which "all my Children" err Congress and the press have thrown at him.
    Seriously, If Roger Maris had been able to hit the way President Trump does, the movie would be titled 601*.
    GOD, Bless President Trump. May we be a nation worthy of what you have given us.

    1. Whoever plays the game better, gets to play it again.

      That's the case in harm's way, and in the Beltway.

      God speed, President Trump.

  2. That's not Andrew Johnson, that's Tommy Lee Jones.

  3. The Media Madness is festering.

    1. Festering?

      Well, at least they're not short of light.