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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Jonathan Bernstein, loser of the day

Jonathan Bernstein, a Bloomberg columnist, issued a proclamation, "Trump’s Know-Nothing Tour de Force. The president is winging it, even on an issue that risks his entire presidency."

What a laugh. If anyone is a know-nothing, it is Bernsteinm who taught political science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University.

Because when you read people who say the End Is Near for President Trump, you must look at their track record.

On September 9, 2015, Bernstein wrote:
Rick Perry is out of money, has been laying off staff, sits at about 1 percent in national polls, and probably won’t survive the month as an active Republican presidential candidate. Donald Trump is leading the polls in the GOP race and has all the money he needs.
But I believe the former Texas governor has a better chance of winning the nomination than Trump does. Let me explain.
His students at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University should demand a refund.

Wait. It gets better.
I still think the Republican nominee will be one of the nine candidates who have conventional qualifications for the job and whose positions on the issues are within the party's mainstream.  There's the first tier (in no particular order) of Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush; a second tier of John Kasich and Mike Huckabee, and a long-shot third group consisting of Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie and Perry. This leaves the other candidates -- Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and the rest -- with smaller chances.
As the Jolly Green Giant says, Ho Ho Ho.

Two of those five named longer than long-shots were the finalists.

Read the final paragraph in his column in Brainy Smurf's voice:
As Nate Silver reminded us on Wednesday, Trump has “profound potential differences with the Republican orthodoxy on major issues ranging from taxation to health care to reproductive rights.” The closer he comes to winning, the more organized Republicans will fight back against him. And given that almost all of his support is weak to begin with -- as it is for most candidates at this point in the process -- it won’t take much for his polling lead to dissipate.
Papa Smurf says.

OK, so Bernstein got the nomination wrong. But surely he got the general election right.

A win by 77 Electoral College votes is difficult to miss.

From May 4, 2016: "Trump Is on Track to Be the Next McGovern. We haven't seen such a weak presumptive nominee since 1972."

Young man, I voted for McGovern. I voted for Trump. Let me just say, Donald John Trump is nothing like McGovern.

So a year later, after missing the nomination and the general election, Bernstein still has a job.

Well, they all do, don't they?

Bernstein latest punditry:
Look: We have known this since the campaign, but every once in a while it's worth stopping and saying it. On issue after issue, Trump sounds like a student who vaguely recognizes a few phrases and is repeating them until the next student is called upon. 
Presidents don't need to know details, although it usually helps. But they certainly should have a pretty good grasp of the broad outlines of multiple policy areas. And they should also have a good sense of what they don't know -- so they're not overly influenced by what one deck officer or one foreign leader or, even, what one cabinet secretary tells them.  
It's absolutely terrifying that the President of the United States may not have that knowledge base. But it's worse if we pretend our way around it.
Bernstein never will learn. He's uneducable. Hopeless. Lame.

In other words, just like every pundit in Washington.

On November 8, 2016, the American people said, "Trump the Establishment!"

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  1. Don, I love you, but you lost me at Bloomberg.
    Fake conservative media I detest more than liberal fake media (at least the libs are more up front about their globalist, anti American yearnings

  2. Horrifying, Jon? I'll tell you what's horrifying, Jon. For 8 years we had a President who thought there were 57 states in the Union, Jon. And you didn't say a goddamned thing about that, did you Jon? GTFO, Jon.

  3. His audience of NYC bLoomgergers, 92% of whom supported HC, want to hear these negative opinions, and more importantly, as the smarty-pants posse, from an "expert". As the present Mayor of Chicago has said about his own liberal species "They would rather be right than win".
    The attacks on Trump will go on until well after he dies in the hope of making people believe his enemies ( them)were correct about his unsuitability for the presidency. When you are creating a narrative lie today, what happened in reality yesterday to oppose it is never mentioned because the people for whom the lie is being constructed do not care about what was, only what might be, a pleasure in the next second, the feeling of righteousness, or right itself. If you give a rat a lever to push that electrically jolts the pleasure center in his brain or releases a sip of cocaine for him to drink, with his favorite food in a cup nearby,he will press the lever repeatedly until he dies from starvation. So modern liberalism has become, a system of levers, triggering itself over and over, hoping for that right feeling of superiority from which they get so high.

  4. McNamara had that stupid I'm so much smarter than you attitude that he never listened to any the people who actually knew what was happening in Vietnam. That attitude isn't new to the dimorats.

  5. It strikes me that the John in DJT reminds me of this:

    Jimmy Dean's "Big Bad John"

  6. "Young man, I voted for McGovern. I voted for Trump. Let me just say, Donald John Trump is nothing like McGovern." If I recall McGovern lost even worse than Hillary! did. Didn't even carry his home state. That's how much Trump is NOT like McGovern. McGovern was in the mold of John Kerry and Barak Obama, coming up with European style socialist "solutions" to every problem. If Nixon hadn't won we would have been much further down the road to tyranny than we are now. -- BJ54

  7. So, the default major for those (*.gov loan endowed) undeclared warm bodies that are starting at a 4 year institution starts with "Humanities"; next it moves to "Psychology"; and guess where it goes then? Starts with: Political Science.

    When you're accustomed to lecturing people who can't make it through HUM and PSY courses, you have to admit to being either a professional bottom scraper and/or a Bloomberg writer for those that never enrolled.

  8. I have a word for people who will never learn, who are uneducable, hopeless, and lame: retarded. And not shockingly, the Left is comprised primarily of retards.

  9. Those ass-pundits oughta hold a Mardi Gras.

  10. I didn't read the article. Just wanted to say you shouldn't give LOSERS like this guy attention.