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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Internet would have stopped Watergate

Bless the Daily Caller, which Tucker Carlson launched on January 11, 2010, as a means of holding liberals and the media accountable. Seven years later, he is tucking liberal losers in on his Fox News show, and the Daily Caller continues bringing light to the darkness that wants to kill democracy.

Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller threw shade on Jeff Bezos -- the richest man in the world -- with "What Is the Washington Post Hiding About Its Jared Kushner Story?"

Holding the richest man in the world and his publication accountable is an important thing.

The power he yields is like Walmart owning the largest newspaper in the nation's capital -- except he is twice as big.

Enter Pollock, who wrote:
The Washington Post editors refuse to publicly release the smoking gun “anonymous letter” that serves as the foundation of their sensational charge that White House advisor Jared Kushner sought a secret, back-channel to Russian officials.
The “anonymous letter” was part of a front-page article claiming the president’s son-in-law sought to set up a private communications channel to Russian officials during a discussion with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The piece was published Sunday and received high profile coverage throughout the long Memorial Day weekend.
Show me, Pollock is saying.

If you have evidence of corruption, then the public is entitled to know.

He wrote:
To date, there has been no independent verification the letter is real or that WaPo’s description of its contents is accurate. The Washington Post editors also never explain why they withheld the letter.
The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group contacted The Post’s national desk over the weekend, seeking a copy of the letter and an explanation why their editors withheld it from the public. WaPo did not reply to either TheDCNF’s email or phone inquiries.
The question is, what is The Washington Post hiding?
This ain't the 1970s, Bezos.

This ain't 44 years ago when there were just two newspapers, a few radio news shows, and three major TV stations in town. While Bezos has been able to shut down chains of stores and local mom-and-pop stores around the country with online retailing, online news gathering has increased exponentially.

Those outlets want to know who Deep Throat is this time.

The Democratic Party -- led by Ben Bradlee and the Post -- got away with a coup in the summer of 1974 by hiding the identity and of the man who orchestrated the Watergate scandal.

His name was Mark Felt. He was J. Edgar Hoover's right hand man. Nixon correctly passed him over when Hoover died, as Nixon knew the FBI could not be a fiefdom or a bureaucratic dynasty. Watergate was Felt's revenge. I fell for it because I was young and foolishly believed what I read in newspapers.

We no longer do.

If the Washington Post wants us to believe it has a letter, show it.

Come on.

It's not that difficult.

You scan it into the computer, post it online. Quit throwing shade on democracy.

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  1. Are we even certain there "is" a letter?
    What happened to "two sources" for authentication of a story?

    And who believes anything from the Washington Post anymore? (Answer: the pink-hatted-anti-two-scoops brigade)
    ~Carolina Kat

  2. We are witnessIng a soft attempt at a coup d'etat.

  3. They probably got the letter from Dan Rather.

  4. There is no new propaganda. When I was home sick as a kid I was turning the dial on our little black and white TV looking for Flash Gordon when I came on the Army-Mcarthy hearings. McCarthy was holding some papers saying they held the names of Communists in the government. It was boring. I could not find Flash so I went back to bed. Now we have McCarthy version 2017 personfied in the WaPo saying they have a paper they will not show claiming it reveals the Russians are taking over the government. How lame is this. Too bad Flash, Dale, Ming and Dr Zarkhov are not there for relief any more.

  5. I never believed at the time or now Watergate was anything to get excited about - it was then as it is now, a two-bit story cooked up to ruin certainly not the worst president we'd had by then.

    And then we got..... Obama, the "Manchurian Candidate" who became by orders of magnitude the worst president. Ever.

    1. I always say that Watergate was the elites picking on each other. Barry weaponized the IRS to pick on the little guy - - you and me. So who's the crook now?

  6. NYT, CNN, MSNBC and WaPo FAKE NEWS!!!

  7. I'm sure the WaPo will print that letter just as soon as the LA Times releases that secret videotape of Obama's speech.

  8. Don,
    The Net didn't stop Barky

  9. Covfefe'd Russell G.June 1, 2017 at 6:46 AM

    Because FISA is now running on the journos/leakers, let's watch the pin action.

    Good move.

    (Watergate was covered at about 6:20; Vietnam was at the top of the hour)

  10. Great piece, straight to the point. I've been asking the same questions for too long now. If the establishment media wants to be taken seriously any more, they're going to have to start producing evidence. Their refusal to do so, while repeating Democrat talking points, is decimating their credibility. Yet they're too proud to see it.

    My wife and I will be passing through your area on our way to Tennessee for an autism screening for our son, in July. Any chance I could get you to autograph your book for me in person, and maybe get a photo? We can meet at your favorite diner, or wherever you like.