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Friday, May 05, 2017

How a newspaper reports a smuggler's sentencing

The headline in the Los Angeles Times was somewhat straightforward:
San Diego woman gets 3 years in prison for hiding immigrants in her home
The reporting by Kristina Davis was a first class example of a Marxist pushing The Narrative rather than giving just the facts, ma'am.

After reading the story three times, I re-wrote it:
U.S. District Court Judge William Hayes sentenced Dania Olivero, 51, of Otay Mesa, California, a suburb of San Diego, to three years and one month in federal prison for her role in a ring that smuggled illegal aliens into the country.
A legal resident of the United States from Cuba, Olivero's criminal history includes misdemeanor convictions for spousal abuse and theft.
The essential facts came from Paragraphs 4 and 13 in a 13-paragraph story.

Instead of simply giving the public the facts, Davis wrote a meandering prose poem that told only the criminal's side of the story:
Fog rolled into Otay Mesa in the early morning hours of Nov. 6, shrouding the hole someone had cut in the U.S.-Mexico border fence. The conditions were ripe to move a large group of immigrants through, and the smugglers took advantage.
In the City Heights neighborhood, Dania Olivero had agreed to have her small rented house used as a temporary staging point for the border crossers. She said she thought only a handful of people would be brought to her, as had happened previous times. But wave after wave showed up. She protested at first, but took the extra money offered to her, she told investigators.
When San Diego police arrived, after two neighbors had reported seeing suspicious activity, they found 44 people in her house, the backyard and a shed.
She hid 44 people? It is not until Paragraph 11 that Davis divulged she received $50 a head for putting the illegal aliens up for the night. Those 44 people were worth $2,200.

Not too shabby.

And it was money that was off the books, allowing her to continue to collect welfare money from programs like food stamps.

Human trafficking pays well. But you have to read Davis's Ode to Otay Mesa's Olivero three times and do the math to figure that out.

Oh, and happy Cinco de Mayo.

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  1. This woman works for the international drug cartels who run the coyotes in the human trafficking trade. And having that many people in a house, apartment, trailer, whatever (and human trafficker woman sentenced to three years knows this) blows the plumbing on property SHE DOES NOT OWN and is probably being paid for by federal funds from Sec. 8 of HUD from the US taxpayer.

    1. She placed the house she rented in jeopardy of civil forfeiture. Because the house was used in the commission of a federal crime, the feds could have seized it even if the owner was unaware of how it was being used by their renter.

  2. Revoke her residency and deport her. - Elric

  3. The LAT considers Mexico and Los Angeles to be the same place. To them this hag committed no crime, she was just unlucky to get 'reported" by her neighbors, all of whom are racists. Neither the paper nor its readers care anymore about the idea of borders. They want to be like the EU. The story was probably written to warn other smugglers to be more discreet and less greedy until the next Democrat dirtbag is elected President, or more preferable to them, Trump is eliminated.

  4. It's in the LA Times; who would expect truth in or from it.

  5. "Cinco de Mayo"

    The trash is the place for expired mayonnaise, not the sink.

    Though why everybody's expired today is beyond me. What is this, some sort of Horses' Birthday vibe?

  6. Surprised she wasn't compared to the Righteous who hid Jews from the Narzis.