Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Explaining a Cleveland Browns move

The NFL draft saw the Browns shock the football world by making 10 rational draft picks. They did not Browns it up. For the benefit of non-NFL fans, Brownsing is not a good thing.

NFL experts saw one bad exception to an exceptionally sane draft: Caleb Brantley. The social justice warriors in the press box vilified the Browns for drafting him.

Not so fast. This could be the best pick they made.

Football is a violent sport, and the knocks to the head can result in off-the-field violence. The NFL has tried to confront this, especially after videos emerged showing players whacking women.

Here is when it is OK for a man to hit a woman: Never.

Caleb Brantley, a defensive tackle from Florida State, apparently did -- knocking a woman's tooth out.

Or so she claims.

Police are investigating a bar altercation. The NFL press said this incident dropped him from a first or second round pick in this year's draft to obscurity.

The Browns drafted him in the sixth round.

This seems like the team was Brownsing it up. Drafting a guy who hit -- or may have hit -- a woman is bad PR that hardly seems worth it.

But there are $4 million reasons the team did this. The Browns paid defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah $4.4 million in guaranteed money after they drafted him in the second round last year.

As a sixth rounder, Brantley can expect $141,000 guaranteed.

Are the Browns really giving him a second chance?

Will Miles of SEC Country -- which covers Southeastern Conference football -- pointed out Brantley would be better off as an undrafted free agent.

As a drafted player, the Browns control Miles for four years. As an undrafted player, whoever hired him would control him for only three years.

From Will Miles:
In the sixth round of the 2013 draft (181st overall), the Raiders selected running back Latavius Murray. Murray signed a four-year contract that paid him $2.2 million, and he made the Pro Bowl in 2015. This off-season, he signed a contract with the Vikings that guarantees him $3.4 million, for a total of $5.6 million guaranteed.
After that same draft, C.J. Anderson was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Broncos. For the same four years, Anderson has made $7.6 million. He has more total money guaranteed to him than Murray ($9.3 million). He made the Pro Bowl in 2014.
The discrepancy in pay for the two players exists because Anderson became eligible for a new contract after three years. In a league where the average career is 3.3 years, this is a big deal.
Of course, the guaranteed money is the thing. Undrafted free agents can expect very little. Miles said as little as $3,500.

But the difference between the second round $4.4 million guaranteed and the sixth round $141,000 far  outstrips that. And of course, the pay for second-rounders is higher than the pay for sixth-rounders.

Miles made a pretty good point that in Brantley's case, he would have been better off undrafted.

Far from rewarding him by drafting him, the Browns are punishing him -- or at least taking advantage of a situation. They get second-round talent at a sixth-round price.

The risk may be overstated. Police have not filed a charge. Complaints like this have been known to disappear. Any sanctions by the league would need the union's approval. Perhaps the loss of $4 million in guaranteed money is punishment enough.

I liked being a Browns fan better when I was a kid and did not know these things.

Also it helped that they went to the playoffs every year.

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  1. I don't know anything about this incident, and I agree it's never okay for a man to hit a woman, but when did it become okay for a woman to smack a man?

  2. It is never acceptable for a man to hit a lady. A woman who physically attacks a man is no lady, and fully deserves the natural consequences of her actions.

  3. Joe Mixon punched out a woman, that I saw video of and it was brutal. Then there was another case where D'Andre Johnson clobbered some woman. Now it's this guy.

    There's a common thread here, besides the fact that none of these guys are gentlemen. You'll have to figure it out yourselves, as it would be raciss for me to hint at what that commonality is.

    Seems to me that football these days is all about glorifying thugs, and giving them huge amounts of money for being irresponsible assholes. No thanks!