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Monday, May 01, 2017

Does NYT now admit illegal aliens include rapists?

A petard is a small explosive that when you accidentally set it off, hoists you in the air.

Has the New York Times hoisted itself on its own petard?

In an effort to make a hysterical and baseless claim about President Trump's call to enforce immigration law, the New York Times wrote:
Too Scared to Report Sexual Abuse. The Fear: Deportation.
Cristina’s husband had hit and threatened her repeatedly for years, she said, but it wasn’t until last year that she began to fear for the safety of her young children, too. Reluctantly, she reported him and filed a police report.
Cristina, an immigrant from Mexico who arrived in the United States as a teenager in the 1980s, began to apply for a special visa for victims of abuse that would set her on a path to citizenship and her own freedom. Then last month, she told her lawyer that she no longer wanted to apply. She was too fearful, she said, not of her husband, but of the government.
“I am scared they will find me,” Cristina, who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles, said in an interview, asking that her last name not be used.
Domestic violence has always been a notoriously difficult crime to prosecute. It often takes victims years to seek help, and they frequently have to be persuaded to testify against their assailants. And for many undocumented victims, taking that step has become exceedingly difficult because of fears that the government will detain and deport them if they press charges, according to law enforcement officials, lawyers and advocates from across the country.
Since the presidential election, there has been a sharp downturn in reports of sexual assault and domestic violence among Latinos throughout the country, and many experts attribute the decline to fears of deportation. Law enforcement officials in several large cities, including Los Angeles, Houston and Denver, say the most dangerous fallout of changes in policy and of harsh statements on immigration is that fewer immigrants are willing to go to the police.
Wait a second.

Didn't the New York Times and all those Pulitzer-winning "fact checkers" assure us that there were no rapists or criminals among those kind sweet illegal aliens?

Now suddenly they are wife-beaters who may molest their children.

Suddenly they are all rapists.

Small wonder conservatives and independents no longer trust the media.

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  1. Open borders and sanctuary churches in the past and now sanctuary cities have given us MS-13 which makes the home grown Crips and Bloods look like humanitarians in comparison.

  2. Open borders and sanctuary churches in the past and now sanctuary cities have given us MS-13 which makes the home grown Crips and Bloods look like humanitarians in comparison.

  3. The only way to "solve" this conundrum is to end the flow of illegal immigrants into the country. Any other attempt to address the legal and moral rights of these people will be a half-measure that fails either them or us. In the near term, if the local police could reach an unofficial accommodation with the Feds to report the abusive spouse to ICE for immediate deportation without revealing the identity or location of the abuse victim, that might be of some help, but it's not going to happen in so-called "sanctuary" jurisdictions. If you are emboldened enough to declare yourself a "sanctuary city" for illegals, don't be surprised if you attract more, not less, attention from federal immigration authorities and thereby jeopardize the lives and safety of the illegals you shelter.

    Of course, there's also the Baltimore "solution," which is for local authorities to ignore crimes like spouse abuse in order to avoid bringing the unwanted attention of the Feds....

  4. Much as I loathe the NYT, and loath as I am to defend them, unless the article states that this woman's husband and the other assailants are also illegal--excuse me, undocumented--how does it contradict their position? The assailants could be native or documented citizens so reporting them would only put the victim at risk of deportation, not the assailant. (Although, if her husband was a legal citizen, wouldn't she be able to get citizenship easily, too? Hmm.)

  5. So illegal foreigners are willing to put up with daily beatings in order to remain in America. I suggest we apply the same treatment to liberals and see if they stay. Have a controlled experiment.

  6. Really, these victimized women should work with the President--they should run and report their undocumented assailants and get them kicked out as dangerous criminals: Report to Deport!

  7. So the mediaites are able to spin their stories on the points of needles.

  8. In the case of the NYT, the petard is accidentally set off by blowhard retards.

  9. But wait, I thought rape was a privileged white man asking a woman out for a date on collage campus or old white males making off comments to lose women on fox news? I confused.