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Monday, May 22, 2017

Democrats freed 564 illegal alien sex offenders in 2015 alone

The Party of Anthony Weiner, Jeffrey Epstein, and and Bill Clinton apparently never met a sex offender it did not like. (Epstein's the billionaire convicted pedophile who was a major Democratic Party donor.) A new report shows that when Democrats ran the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, they released 564 illegal aliens who were sex offenders in the year ending September 30, 2015.


From the Washington Examiner:
ICE said that a total of 564 illegal sex criminals were let go for legal reasons in the latest accounting period, fiscal 2015.
Of those, ICE was forced to release 151 because their native nations would not accept them. Under a 2001 Supreme Court case, the government can't indefinitely jail illegals ordered deported if their home countries won't take them back.
The documents, obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute under the Freedom of Information Act, do not give names or locations of the illegals, but do provide a general classification of the sex crimes. They are:
  • 95 convicted of "commercialized sexual offense."
  • 275 convicted of "other sexual offenses."
  • 194 convicted of "sexual assault."
Of the total, 218 were granted bond by an immigration judge and 12 released due to "prosecutorial discretion," including consideration under DACA, or deferred action for childhood arrivals.
I guess we do not have enough perverts and rapists in the eyes of Democrats.

Besides a few bloggers, the only other media outlet I could find that reported it is LifeZette.

Maybe Matt Drudge can make this story go national.

Meanwhile, President Trump's administration is tossing the pervs and the rest of the illegals out.

Undocumented immigrant arrests up 20 percent in NJ; deportations up 30 percent
Immigration arrests are up 20 percent and deportations have increased 30 percent in New Jersey over the past year as enforcement officers nationwide work to fulfill the president’s promise to crack down on illegal immigration.
But John Tsoukaris, the head of immigration enforcement in New Jersey, said most undocumented immigrants in the state don't need to be afraid because his officers are focusing on those who have committed serious crimes or have deportation orders against them.
“We have been directed to primarily focus on people involved in public safety concerns, public safety crimes, criminal aliens, gang members, they are still our number one priority,” said Tsoukaris, field office director for enforcement and removal operations for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Newark,
Nationally, more than 41,300 undocumented immigrants have been taken into custody since President Donald Trump took office and expanded the power of immigration officials to decide who should be held for deportation. Some 400 immigrants are arrested each day now – a 38 percent jump from the previous year.
An illegal aliens are fighting back.

From the Daily Mail:
Illegal immigrant who went to UConn is arrested for 103 counts of anti-Trump vandalism around the school
Build the wall so they do not come back.

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  1. "Out, damned spot!"

    More blood on Dem hands.

    Democrats are the party of Death. And they are going insane, as Lady Macbeth did.

    We need more rooms at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

  2. Glad to know that ICE is on the job!

  3. "Of those, ICE was forced to release 151 because their native nations would not accept them."

    OK, Fine - stop their native nation's "Foreign Aid" money and see how fast that changes.

    1. Usually cutting education visas and "shopping" or medical treatment visas for their elites will do the trick too. Miami and Houston may empty out a little with fewer wealthy tourists but who cares. And they can go get their heart surgery somewhere else.

  4. "Democrats freed 564 illegal alien sex offenders in 2015 alone."

    I'm okay with that. That is, as long as they were spayed or neutered before their release. - Elric

  5. You get the feeling Barry was just offering them professional courtesy.

  6. The result of accepting the Clinton-Weiner perversions.