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Monday, May 22, 2017

CNN's imaginary "Ivanka Fund"

Ana Navarro of CNN was among the journalists spreading the Fake News that there is an "Ivanka Fund" -- falsely comparing it to the Clinton Foundation's slush fund in which as secretary of state, Hillary shook down foreign governments for millions in illegal campaign contributions laundered through a fake charity.

President Trump rightly protested this sin.

But after ignoring Hilary's corruption, CNN reporters made up an imaginary "Ivanka Fund."

There is no "Ivanka Fund."

The United Nations is putting together a women's entrepreneurial fund that Ivanka Trump promotes. The World Bank will run it. Ivanka will have nothing else to do with it. She is a busy woman with other interests including her family and her country.

Nevertheless, Jim Sciutto of CNN tweeted: "This is virtually identical to what Trump and others in GOP criticized Clinton Foundation for."

Sohrab Ahmari of the Wall Street Journal corrected him: "No, it's not. It's not 'Ivanka's fund.' Read the story: This is a World Bank initiative that Ivanka is championing."

CNN's Sciutto never apologized, never deleted the tweet, and never corrected his Fake News.

To be fair, Rebecca Ballhaus of the Wall Street Journal is another big, fat stinky liar. She tweeted: "Trump pilloried Clinton for such donations to the Clinton Foundation on the campaign trail."

Rebecca Ballhaus got 7,500 retweets of her lie. Jim Sciutto got 12,000. Ana Navarro got 44,000.

Why do Ana Navarro, Jim Sciutto, Rebecca Ballhaus, and their colleagues hate the UN?

Why do Ana Navarro, Jim Sciutto, Rebecca Ballhaus, and their colleagues hate women?

Why do Ana Navarro, Jim Sciutto, Rebecca Ballhaus, and their colleagues hate the idea of the UN helping women to start businesses?

After all, by lying about the fund, they are soiling its reputation which will make it harder for the fund to raise money to help women.

But CNN has a Narrative to push. The truth and the damage of CNN's lie be damned.

From CNN:
Just two days into President Donald Trump debut foreign trip, a member of his inner-circle has already reaped benefits to the tune of $100 million.
In a sunlit ballroom Sunday morning at the Tuwaiq Palace in Saudi Arabia, Ivanka Trump's proposed Women Entrepreneurs Fund -- a concept she first shared during her own inaugural international trip as first daughter last month to Berlin, Germany -- was promised a combined $100 million by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates specifically to help women in the Middle East.
That is a lie.

She reaped no benefit at all.


As Nancy Sinatra asked when CNN pretended she wanted to ban the singing of "My Way" at Trump's Inauguration -- why do you lie, CNN?

Does CNN lie to defend Hillary for laundering bribes through a fake charity?

Or does CNN lie out of habit?

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  1. Habit. They do not know how to tell the truth any more. -- BJ54

  2. Why not have the world bank or a class action of poor but entrepreneurial women sue CNN for libel or damages? See where it goes. Damages could be claimed for drying up investment in the fund and libel for claiming the WB didn't control it.
    Without making these oligarchs of the lie pay serious coin, this endless willful fabrication justified as free speech will go on forever. Another good SC justice or two could change things for the better in a couple of years and make the case worthwhile. A fantasy I guess but at least it is mine, not that of CNN.

  3. Like their master, satan, when they lie they are speaking their natural language.

  4. "Does CNN lie to defend Hillary for laundering bribes through a fake charity?

    Or does CNN lie out of habit?"

    What sort of habit, Don? Weed might explain the paranoia, but for that totally psycho la-la land stuff, I'm figuring LSD.

  5. "Does CNN lie to defend Hillary for laundering bribes through a fake charity?

    Or does CNN lie out of habit?"

    YES to BOTH. Embrace the power of AND.

  6. Ann Navarro puts the ACK!!! in hack.

  7. So tell us why Trump donated $100K to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. I haven't seen any comment as to why the maoney was sent that way. Obviously, there was quid pro quo involved.

  8. The Concocted News Network seems to have outdone itself this time.

  9. CNN is finally achieving the bat crap far-left craziness of its founder. Talk about someone completely whoring themselves out for ratings.

  10. I have seen this Anna Navarro person on some clips from the view when the old broilers were running Ann Coulter through the mud. Boy does that little lady have some serious anger issues. She never says anything that is analytical or provides information, it is 100% about race and hatred. She might as well wear a "I hate white people" t-shirt or hat or maybe both.

  11. It's the Clinton News Network. They have to support Crooked Cankles. GOC