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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Britain wins the worst political party contest

Americans like to think they are superior to the world in everything, including political incompetence. We have not just one clueless political parties, but two.

But Britain beats us badly with just one of its parties. Labour.

From the Sun:
Labour Diane Abbott has been mocked mercilessly online after her disastrous round of interview today.
The Shadow Home Secretary was humiliated when she got the maths wrong on Labour’s key policing policy – and suggesting paying cops just £30 per year.
Now to put that in perspective, that would be about $40 a year. That is too dumb even for Baltimorons who hate police officers (and wonder why their murder rate is rising as their police force shrinks).

She dug the hole deeper in a follow up interview:
The Shadow Home Secretary was ridiculed after claiming Jeremy Corbyn’s promise to recruit 10,000 extra police officers would cost about £300,000 – equal to a salary £30 a year.
Challenged by LBC’s Nick Ferrari, she then stumbled and said “they will cost…it will cost…£80 million” – rather than the £300 million briefed out by Labour overnight.
She went on to say a Labour government would hire 25,000 officers a year between 2017-2018 and 2021-2022 rather than 2,500.
And she capped an excruciating four minutes by contradicting herself again by saying Labour planned to recruit a staggering 250,000 cops in “year one”.
There are only 124,000 police officers employed across England and Wales.
And she went on to be humiliated by Good Morning Britain’s presenter Piers Morgan over Labour’s stance on nuclear weapons.
Ah but with Barack Obama on the loose there is hope for the Democratic Party to out-dunce its British counterparts.

After Jimmy Kimmel made public his young son's open heart surgery, Dumb Bunny Obama politicized the moment, tweeting: "Well said, Jimmy. That's exactly why we fought so hard for the ACA, and why we need to protect it for kids like Billy. And congratulations!"
Gee, I did not know Obamacare subsidized the health insurance of multi-millionaires like Jimmy Kimmel.

By the way, because his father was Kenyan when it was still a British colony, Dumb Bunny Obama could have claimed British citizenship when he turned 21.

So Labour, you dodged a bullet there.

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  1. THIS was FUNNY! Out-clowning Barry is the Cherry On Top.

  2. The Marxists infiltrated the Labour Party before they infiltrated the Democrat Party. Labour and Democrats are basically two peas in a Marxist pod. And Obama is a Marxist. Remember his mentor (and quite possibly his father), Frank Marshall Davis? A card-carrying member of the Communist Party.

  3. Land of Hope and Glory
    Island of the Brave
    Four years of Chaos Corbyn,
    And they'll be back in the cave...

  4. For a second, I thought that pic was Barry, Joe, Harry, and Pelosi celebrating IdiotCare.