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Monday, April 17, 2017

White men are guilty as charged

From Campus Reform:
White privilege ‘shapes the world,’ says dorm display

The story went on to say:
Another “white privilege” board discovered at Indiana University declares that privilege “shapes the world in which we live.”
According to a photo of the board obtained by Campus Reform, white privilege is not necessarily defined as something that white people “do, create, or enjoy on purpose,” but rather as a “transparent preference for whiteness that saturates our society.”
We stand accused.

We plead guilty as charged.

In fact, we are quite proud of how we shaped the world. We made it a better place where people are better food, live longer, and enjoy freedoms only African kings and Chinese emperors enjoyed.

The Internet? That's ours.

The computer? That's ours.

The electricity? That's ours.

The internal combustion engine? That's ours.

The automobile? That's ours.

The airplane? That's ours.

The steamship? That's ours.

The rocket ship? That's ours.

Movable type? That's ours.

The telegram? That's ours.

The radio? That's ours.

The television? That's ours.

Vaccinations? That's ours.

Penicillin? That's ours.

Democracy? That's ours. Ancient Greeks came up with it.

Aluminum? Steel? Plastic? Ours, ours, ours.

The discovery of the Americas, Australia, and Antarctica? That's ours.

Sure, people lived in the first two places but they had no contact with the rest of the world. We made the world global.

Suddenly different cultures interacted. We welcomed multicultural diversity, so others could enjoy our success. Now some people are calling it cultural appropriation.

Fine. Stop speaking English. Stop free speech. Stop using our buses, our electric light, and out iTunes.

Not everything was invented by white males. Industrial sugar refining which led to the chemical industry came from a black man. Modern dry cleaning too. In antebellum America, when their rights were restricted. And yet as free men they enjoyed enough rights to invent and develop their inventions.

Sure, we came up with the nuclear bomb. We also came up with nuclear power.

But we did not invent slavery. That dates back to ancient Egypt.

We did invent modern abolition. 600,000 men died in the battle to free 6 million Americans. It was a holy crusade. Listen to the words of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" sometime.

I get that people are racist against me, and women are sexist against me. That's fine. If all you see is my race and my sex, then that shows your ignorance, not mine.

For all these inventions are today's white males entitled to anything?


I didn't do these things. Not my place to take credit for them. My point is de-riding me for the past actions of a few white males is also wrong. I didn't do it.

Black people in America have much to be proud of. Enduring slavery. Enduring 100 years of second-class citizenship. Inventing genres of music, and dances.

But the idea that non-white or non-male people are entitled to rights while restricting mine are baloney, and I will call you on that.

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  1. First, it provides white people with ‘perks’ that we do not earn and that people of color do not enjoy .... including being able to “assume” that “the school’s bandaids will be the same tone as your skin.

    Ummm, I'm a Caucasian and I've never seen in my entire life even one band-aid whose color matched the tone of my skin. What are these morons talking about? Are they aliens from another world? Earth to students. Earth to students. Helllloo?

  2. I didn't ASK to be born white. I didn't ASK to be born of white parents. I'm not responsible for that; I'm just responsible for myself and my children. You be responsible for yours.