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Saturday, April 15, 2017

No one cares about White House visitor logs

We now have two reasons to thank Judge Merrick Garland. The first is he failed to make it to the Supreme Court.

The new reason to give thanks is his 2013 ruling that Barack Obama sought to make White House visitor logs private. Perhaps that got Garland the nomination.

We do know, President Trump does not have to disclose who visits the White House.

The dumb bunny media immediately attacked President Trump for (spins dial) hypocrisy. Ah, that's a liberal favorite from Rules for Radicals. Hold the enemy to his own standards while ignoring them yourself.

From Media-ite:
The White House announced today that it will not be disclosing visitor logs of people who visit, but CNN’s Erin Burnett tonight pointed out that the president “sure sounds like a hypocrite.”
In addition to criticism Trump has received from many, including Judicial Watch, people took note of the following tweets of the president’s back when Barack Obama was still in office.
Trump's tweets blasted Obama's lack of transparency.

Neither Media-ite nor CNN mentioned Obama had repealed the public disclosure of visitors log.

Instead Media-ite said:
And on CNN tonight, Erin Burnett played clips of Trump hammering his predecessor on the very issue of transparency.
She also pointed out to former Trump campaign senior communications advisor Jason Miller that the Trump campaign “benefitted from” information that came out thanks to visitor logs. Miller brought up the security issue the White House raised, but David Gergen called that “total BS.”
The report itself was transparently partisan and anti-President Trump. The media is looking for another way to harass President Trump -- a way they never harassed Obama.

President Trump was open about who visited him at Trump Tower. In fact, Americans got to watch live who went on and who came off the Golden Elevator.

Most of the critics failed to mention Obama and Garland set this precedent, with the New York Daily News editorial was so misleading, I thought it was one of the paper's news stories:
President Obama initiated a healthy practice: posting online the logs of visitors to the White House. Important information that shines light on access and influence in the corridors of power.
Friday, President Trump ended the practice, claiming “grave national security risks and privacy concerns.”
Which is total baloney, because the Obama policy allowed for sensitive or personal visitors’ names to be withheld.
But U.S. News and World Report played it straight:
President Donald Trump's White House won't be publishing visitor logs, officials announced on Friday afternoon.
The decision makes use of an anti-transparency ruling sought by the Obama administration and written in 2013 by Judge Merrick Garland, a federal appeals court judge later nominated unsuccessfully to the Supreme Court by President Barack Obama.
Transparency advocates say Garland bent over backwards to overturn a lower-court ruling on visitor log access and expressed concern at the time about how the finding would be used by future administrations.
The Obama administration lied about transparency, and the press seldom called Barack Obama on it.

Besides, the logs were worthless. Visitors began signing their names as Bill Ayers. N'yuck, n'yuck, n'yuck. Such a bunch of cards.

No one cares about White House visitor logs. President Trump's refusal to live by their rules is laudable. His grandchildren should not have to register as lobbyists just to visit grandpa at work.

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  1. If those kids start lobbying zeyde (grandpa) for free ponies, they need to register with the feds.

  2. NYT Hoist On Own Petard! Film at 11.

    1. This story is really-run daily. Ground Hog Day.

  3. Trump challenging all comers to a log roll. I'd pay to see that.

  4. "Besides, the logs were worthless. Visitors began signing their names as Bill Ayers. N'yuck, n'yuck, n'yuck. Such a bunch of cards."

    Or just meeting outdoors on the WH lawn for a beer summit. Under the old rules, did guests to the Executive Residence have to sign in? If not, how many visitors were invited "unofficially" over the years to join the president for lunch or dinner at the E.R. in order to keep their names off the official logs? I'll join the call for more transparency from Trump when Obama releases his college grades.

    1. He did, that is why he is called zero.

  5. Nobody cares about the White House Visitor Logs? We surely did back in 1996 when the Clintons took illegal contributions from foreigners.

    Who can forget visitors, "Charlie" Trie, Johnny Chung, John Huang, and James Riady - to name a few. The Clinton Trailer Park and Whorehouse was headquartered in the Lincoln Bedroom.

  6. Trump challenging all comers to a log roll. I'd pay to see that.

  7. Keep your eyes on the birdie. The Republic is facing a financial Armageddon. Yet the Deep State Uniparty has the public entranced on cave shadows that "sure do look like the Russians." I chit you not. Better have your affairs in order. The eMocrat establishment didn't want to be in the presidency when the shy.te hits the fan and it will during this first term of DJT. He will handle it though. Not many Americans will survive it financially though. >>> Word to the wise is sufficient. Don't get taken in by the petty drama. POTUS isn't. The Left is shadow boxing.

  8. So now we know why Judge Garland was nominated to be a Supreme.