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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Three years later, #bringbackourgirls has not brought the girls back

Friday marks the third anniversary of the #bringbackourgirls campaign on Twitter.

The campaign shows words mean more to community organizers than action.

Now, with a chief executive officer in charge of our government, actions speak louder than words again.

Imagine if instead of taking out Syria's air base, President Trump had Melania Trump start a #StopGassingOurGirls hashtag.

That's right, two more villages would be gassed by now.

If you are going to do something, then do something. If not, shut the heck up.

Remember how the kidnapping went down? On April 15, 2014, the Marxist-Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram group srole 276 girls from a school in Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria.

The terrorists turned the teenage girls into sex slaves, and reports are at least some girls were married off. All were forced to convert.

Barack Obama responded with the hashtag campaign. Doing nothing would have been better than this because the sappy virtue signaling only underscored the incompetence and impotence of the Obama regime.

So far, 81 girls have escaped. At this rate, all will be freed by 2024 -- when all will be in their 20s.

From Christopher W. Holton:
Can there be anything more symbolic of the Obama administration’s failure to combat the global Jihad than Boko Haram’s kidnapping of hundreds of Christian school girls in Nigeria three years ago? Especially given the fact that Boko Haram subsequently became an Islamic State affiliate.
From the Premium Times in Nigeria:
The BringBackOurGirls (BBOG) group on Friday began its Global Week of Action at the Unity Fountain, Abuja.
There was a low turnout of its members at the opening session of the scheduled seven day of activities to mark three years of the abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls.
About 195 of the girls are still believed to be in the custody of the Boko Haram.
The BBOG group is demanding transparency and accountability from the Nigerian government about the status of the effort to rescue the girls.
It also claimed that the federal government was handling the case of the remaining missing girls with laxity.
What should the Obamas have done?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Instead they did this. They looked lame, and shamed our country by showing we have pouty faced people with hand-written signs running the country.

Now we have grown-ups in charge.

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  1. Dan Rather's link to the Borg Queen seems to be down.

    HuffPost: "Dan Rather Slams Journalists Who Hailed Donald Trump's Bombs As 'Presidential'".

    CNN: "Hillary Clinton: US should 'take out' Assad's air fields"

  2. Bunkered Russell G.April 9, 2017 at 4:59 PM

    (Muslim) Africa has quietly seen a change in ROE while everyone was watching squirrels and Russians.

    "The new approach to Somalia is in line with increasingly aggressive policies the administration has already adopted in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen...

    News of the signed (Trump's) authorization was revealed in national newspapers this week...

    Experts fear the so-called Somalia campaign carries enormous risks—including more American casualties..."

    "Private contractors" = CIA = prepare for more unpleasantness.

    Cervonich and Coulter won't like it one bit, but you can't have it both ways when it exists from Syria to The Cape of Good Hope, and your mission statement involves something about National Security.

    A whole week reads Arcs of the Crescent.

  3. So, Michelle doesn't know where Malia and Sasha are and is asking for their return? Hey! Michelle! If I see them at a rave party, and they're not stoked, I'll let them know you want them to call home.

  4. "Three years later, #bringbackourgirls has not brought the girls back"

    Did anyone think it would? #hashtagsareworthless

  5. If only Boko Haram stood for Make America Great Again While Keeping Women Barefoot and Pregnant. Then the media might actually pay attention.

  6. That moment when Eli Wallach says, "If you're going to shoot, shoot! Don't talk!"

    1. I preferred the movie, "The Man Who Hashtagged Liberty Valance."

    2. Gooooooooooooooooooooood one!

    3. My fave Western is the old Beastwood Classic, Hashtag Em High.

    4. What I like about Trump as a leader is, he doesn't follow any "code". He fights to win, with minimum casualties to his own people.

      "Fair" is for schmucks.

    5. "The Hashtags of Navarone", that was a great movie.

  7. I'm an old coot and every demorat president in my lifetime has been a wuss except JFK. The Cuban Missile Crisis took balls.

  8. When I first saw that photo I assumed it was someone protesting against the inactivity of the US government.

  9. Who cleans out the Oval Office trash basket anyway?

    Reckon as the cleaning lady could tell you that little placard went into the trash about five seconds after the photo opportunity.

  10. Well they were just Christian after all. So Hussein couldn't be bothered.


  11. THE FAILURE OF HASHTAG DIPLOMACY: Three years later, #bringbackourgirls has not brought the girls back.
    Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 7:20 am

  12. Hashtags never did anything. I see that President Trump is pushing forward the sale of high-tech attack planes to Nigeria for the fight against Boko Haram. That's doing something. - Elric

  13. Isn't saying #our girls suggesting the US has ownership over the girls? Why, because they are Christian? Surprising the anti-Christian left didn't call them on that.

  14. Apparently the girls were thought to be African-American.