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Monday, April 03, 2017

The real reason Trump made an issue of Hillary's health

Last August, Donald Trump made a big deal about Hillary's health. Then she had a seizure at the 9/11 commemoration, so bad that she had to be lifted into a van and driven away.

Trump promptly wished her a swift recovery and dropped the subject.


Thanks to Mike Cernovich, I now can answer that question.

First, a recap of the situation. Team Trump raised questions about the health of Hillary because Trump was holding large rallies daily while Hillary attended a few small gatherings with rich people to solicit bribes in the form of campaign donations.

The media went into overdrive to defend her.

The headline on CNN news story on August 22, 2016 pretended it was a fact that she was in good health: The new birthers: Debunking the Hillary Clinton health conspiracy.

NPR too pretended this was just a conspiracy theory: Trump Adds Fuel To Conspiracy Theories Questioning Clinton's Health.

How dare you knaves question the health of the queen?

Then she collapsed, and The Donald dropped the subject.

Cernovich, an independent journalist, has debunked many mass media myths -- including the "Virginia gang rape" that now is costing Rolling Stone millions in libel lawsuits after publishing the myth as the truth.

He went on "60 Minutes" and had this exchange with CBS anchor Scott Pelley:
Scott Pelley: You wrote in August a story about Hillary Clinton’s medical condition the headlines said, “Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. Position confirms.” That’s quite a headline.
Mike Cernovich: Yeah, Dr. Ted Noel had se-sent a story to me anonymously, that I checked out, analyzing her medical condition. And -
Scott Pelley: It isn’t true.
Mike Cernovich: How do you know?
Scott Pelley: Well, she doesn’t seem to have any signs of Parkinson’s disease.
Mike Cernovich: She had a seizure and froze up walking into her motorcade that day caught by a citizen journalist.
Scott Pelley: Did you, well, she had pneumonia. I mean -
Mike Cernovich: How do you know?
Scott Pelley: Well, because that’s what was reported.
Mike Cernovich: By whom? Who told you that?
Scott Pelley: Well, the campaign told us that.
Mike Cernovich: Why would you trust a campaign? Why would you trust the Hillary Clinton flacks?
Scott Pelley: Why would you trust this doctor nobody every heard of?
Mike Cernovich: Why would you trust the doctors that go on CNN? Right because nobody’s every heard of him. And that’s the issue, one of legitimacy and social constructs and social statuses. Dr Ted Noel, board certified physician, he reached an analysis based on logic and reason that could be attacked using logic and reason.
The cat is out of the bag.

Cernovich had Pelley and the mass media dead to rights.

The media believed Hillary's campaign when its said she had pneumonia, even though she showed no signs of pneumonia. As Cernovich said later in the interview:
And it was public. Well, okay. He had recovered completely. People wanted his medical records. But then when Hillary Clinton is having you, coughing fits, well it’s allergies. Hillary Clinton seizes up, oh, it’s pneumonia. Right? So that’s what I mean. We’re willing, the confirmation bias says that you’re willing to take the Hillary Clinton campaign on their word. But that kind of benefit of the doubt would not be given to say, Donald Trump. If Donald Trump had some kind of seizure, and he said oh, it’s pneumonia, people would say oh, that’s alternative fact. And people wouldn’t accept that as true.
Which was part of Donald Trump's strategy. He ran against the press because the press overwhelmingly supported Hillary. He raised questions about her health. The press went ballistic. She had a seizure,

The press tried to ignore it; none of the crews at the 9/11 event (one of the few that featured both candidates) bothered to follow her as she abruptly left the event.

Her seizure only became news after a citizen, Zdenek Gazda, caught the stiff lifting into the van on his cellphone.

Once that hit Twitter, this became news and even then the press merely repeated her campaign's various spins (first it was the heat, then pneumonia).

Trump proved his point that the media lies.

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  1. Look closely at that exchange between Pelley and Cernovich.

    The interrogator rapidly become the interrogatee.

    Talk about your JVs.

  2. When all you have are lies, you are Scott Pelley.

  3. Trump plays the media like a Stradivarius (or maybe like a Stratocaster). That's how he got elected as you have pointed out in your two books.

    Cernovich made Pelley look like a booger eatin' moh-ron, even in the edited version of the interview. He's one of the few people who are capable of doing this. Go Mike! Now if only he could prove the pedophile assertions all hell would break loose.

    1. He plays them like a stratofortress. Every time he opens up, they get blasted and run for cover.
      Just think what eight years of him will do to the press. Loving. Every. Minute. Of. It.

    2. "The Best Eight Years of Our Lives" by Don Surber. To be published on February 14, 2025.

  4. Don, you are THIS -->| |<-- close to the right answer.

    The reason Trump did what he did was to inoculate himself against criticism by the press. Everyone---and I mean EVERYONE---could see she was very ill and it was obvious to everyone the press was lying to cover her a@@. When the press next went after Trump, he could claim it was all lies...that NO ONE should ever believe the lying press. He could say, "Look how they tried to cover up her illness by lying to people. Why should you trust them when they say bad things about me?" Trump found it easy to undermine the credibility of the press because they we're anxious to throw their reputations and integrity down the toilet in support of a losing candidate, one whom they tried to push across the finish line on a gurney.

  5. Dianne Feinstein&#39;s Russian IT guy Russell G.April 4, 2017 at 7:23 AM

    She has organic brain damage, but not where Noel implies (he suggests the "front" when it is most likely at the "back"). Her "van incident" also had fairly clear symptoms resulting from her probable maintenance medications.

    That's not the point. It's the thesis of cover up at all costs by the campaign and the advancement of a perceived entitled candidate over any other viable person; any warm body wearing a D in a blue circle.

    Not one word during the incident about the previous "fall" and it's effect on the FBI testimony where she "couldn't remember" about thirty-ish times.

    The overwhelming point is that the legacy media failed in plain sight owing to an underwashed guy that posts Periscope videos of his push-ups. The Fox reporter that broke the Rice story got it straight out of a conservative website's research in comment sections.

    The alphabet media might as well show cartoons all day long and fund it off of cereal commercials and chocolate syrup mixes.

  6. Best comment on this by Ace on Hillary's people at his web site: '"Hello," they lied.' Wins the Internet and it's still early. -- BJ54

  7. Hillary's seizure was very telling. Not of any specific condition, nor "pneumonia".

    What was telling was
    a. Her staff and security detail were completely unsurprised by the seizure, i.e., it was not an emergent condition.
    a.1 No one reacted with sudden concern
    a.2 They didn't take her to a staffed and equipped facility

    b. She "recovered" remarkably quickly and they felt the need to stage a public appearance (very Soviet, that latter)

    This seen, but unremarked, part of the seizure episode spoke volumes. The MSM trying to push the campaign dissembling was just sad.