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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Shucks, I wanted sage grouse fricassee

The lefty narrative is confusing. Consider the lefties who convinced a federal judge to stop a wind project to protect the sage grouse.

From the Washington Times:
The U.S. District Court in Portland on Wednesday killed a major wind-energy project slated for southeast Oregon over concerns about its impact on a local sage grouse population in a victory for environmental groups, which had fought the proposal for years.
The 104-megawatt project, which would have spread up to 70 wind turbines and a transmission line across 10,500 acres in rural Harney County, was decried by environmentalists as an “industrial scale wind development” that would have disrupted sage-grouse habitat.
“Such a development would have severed a unique habitat corridor that is essential to the survival of neighboring populations of Greater sage-grouse and destroyed the bird’s nearby winter concentration areas,” said a statement by the Oregon Natural Desert Association and Audubon Society of Portland.
It's a winner for me. I don't like windmills.

But don't those anti-windmill birdbrains realize that the sage grouse will die from the heat from the carbon dioxide man is making?

The climate will change and we will all die from heat prostration.

The story said the Obama regime sided against the sage grouse:
The Fish and Wildlife Service ruled in 2015 that the greater sage grouse “does not warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act,” finding that the chicken-sized bird remains “relatively abundant and well-distributed across the species’ 173-million acre range.”
I trust the Trump administration will let the windustry battle the enviros without taking sides. President Trump will have enough on his hands fighting the enviros as he builds something far more important to America's survival as a nation.

The Wall.

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  1. WIN! WIN! I sure do like me some grouse. I like it in a pepper sauce like hasenpfeffer. And the sage is already there! - Elric

  2. I live in Eastern Oregon. I love this! For years the Wind projects have shredded bats and birds. In NE Oregon the locals here have fought big wind tooth and nail. what happens is the Wind
    People come in and wave money under the noses of big Ranch owners(usually absentee) to lease the land with the wind Turbines.
    smaller Ranches and Family farms get screwed. So Do the birds.
    In Harney County there isn't just Sage Grouse but migratory birds and water fowl. Bald Eagles (which 0 conveniently dropped from the endangered species list-so they could be chopped)...
    I am glad for the Prairie Chicken
    oops Sage Grouse-that is the preferred name. Oregon and the
    impeding deserved death of wind
    I' out the Door for Church, but will write more later..
    TG McCoy

  3. If the birds had survived the building of the windmills, they could then be killed by the windmils themselves.
    They are called bird blenders.
    About time the same business killing regulations are applied to renewable energy

  4. Here in Kansas the Prairie chickens were becoming endangered. After they built the wind farm, they made an amazing comeback, a real one, not political hype. They like to live close to the turbines.
    Why? the turbines kill eagles and hawks who feed on the young chickens. Or at least drive them away.
    What would happen if we ended the subsidies for wind? Some places the farms are truly profitable, those would survive. The rest would go the way of the steam locomotive and the honest politician.
    OK, honest politicians are a myth, but you get my drift.

    1. In Oregon they were close to extinction and the blenders
      didn't help. I know Fish and Wildlife people that were told to shut up about bird and bat kills.
      TG McCoy

    2. It is not bird kills that are the problem, it is their natural instinct to avoid tall structures where predators would perch. Concern is that the grouse would avoid the area all together if the farm is built.
      As for raptor kills, in my area, Kansas, from what I see, we have too many eagles and hawks now for the population of small game.

  5. I'm no friend of wind farms/factories, but if the Fish and Wildlife Service ruled that the sage grouse was not endangered and did not warrant protection, why did some judge rule otherwise? This strikes me as another case of judicial activism. Now maybe the FWS sometimes overreaches, but there's an administrative solution for that: Congress or the Executive Branch can rein the agency in. However, where is the deference the judicial branch is supposed to give the other branches of government when it comes to enforcing the Protected Species Act? If the sage grouse is not on the list of protected species, who gave the court the right to put it on the list? At minimum, the status of the sage grouse should have been subjected to broad public comment, not unilaterally decided by a single judge ruling in a lawsuit with no input from the general public.

    1. No the Fish and Wildlife people were folloing orders from
      Headquarters-0's "clean power initiative." ditto eliminating the Bald Eagle from the endangered list..
      TG McCoy

    2. I am not questioning whether the FWS policy is properly science-based or the result mainly of politics. I question whether the judge had the right under the ESA to enlist a species that's not already on it, in particular without giving the public an opportunity to comment on the listing. Under other circumstances, if the sage grouse WERE listed, but the FWS acted in such a way to ignore that fact, I can accept the judge would be entitled to stop the development. But the bird wasn't on the regulatory list that would have entitled it to the special protection the judge gave it.

  6. How are you set for umbrella stands, Don?

    Cos if she has the same success at shutting down this trade as she did the coal trade...

  7. Ah, the JOY of watching Green on Green fighting.

  8. And they are ugly as hell....the turbines not the eagles.

  9. I have a conflict here. I despise the wind scam, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and judges who legislate from the bench.